Hi, I’m Jacek from Cumulus and today
I’m going to tell you about hydrophobic down. In our products we use only Polish
goose down, known as the best in the world. As you probably know the down is the
lightest and at the same time the most efficient heat insulator. This efficiency comes from
the high volume of down feathers which can densely fill very large spaces
thus preventing the hot air from escaping from your sleeping bag or
a jacket. The only disadvantage of down
consists in the fact that it almost completely
loses its loft in contact with moisture which I’m going to show
you right now. This jar contains our standard 850 cuin goose down
and some water. Let’s shake it a little bit. As you can see,
the down has almost completely lost its loft. This problem has been solved by using a special hydrophobic
agent which is applied to the down in the process of its washing during the
production. Because of that operation,
the down retains its loft for much longer in contact with moisture. This jar contains the same 850 cuin down which has been subjected
to hydrophobic treatment. Let’s shake it. As you can see,
the down absorbs water very weakly. In addition, let’s remember that the down
used in your jacket or a sleeping bag is not exposed to such an intensive contact
with water. It is protected by the fabric in the first place and it is mostly subjected
to steam and condensation. Hydrophobic down will be most needed in
the situation when you use your jacket or sleeping bag in high moisture
conditions, especially if you have no chance to dry your equipment easily for
many days in a row. It will ensure that your sleeping bag
retains its properties even in a small single layer tent, where the condensation might have
a strong impact on down, and even if it gets wet, it dries out
faster than the standard down. The hydrophobic treatment is PFC free and
by the way, all the down we use in our products is obtained in a humane manner,
with no life plucking. It’s important to remember that
the hydrophobic treatment does not last forever and it might be
washed away after a few washings. However, there are special
washing agents for hydrophobic down hich can delay the process
in case of sleeping bags. We strongly recommend the use of
hydrophobic down along with the highly water-resistant Pertex Quantum Pro fabric, previously known as Pertex Endurance. This really makes a huge difference,
it takes much longer for the water to reach the down because of the
highly water-resistant fabric and then, even if it gets to the down, it takes
much longer for the down to absorb the water and lose its loft. The combination of these two materials allows you to prolong the reaction time of your gear
to high stream condensation, thus allowing you to enjoy your
warm sleeping bag for longer. Such sleeping bags can
be ordered and created on our website in our sleeping bag creator,
now available. We also use hydrophobic down in our
apparel which is most commonly exposed to high moisture, like Incredilite
Endurance jacket or down trousers. In summary, hydrophobic down will help you
maintain thermal comfort even in difficult wet conditions. You will find it in many models
of our clothing and it is available in our sleeping bags upon
order. Thank you for your attention.
If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected] See you next time!

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