I Bought $2000 Lost Luggage at an Auction and Found This…

I Bought $2000 Lost Luggage at an Auction and Found This…

– So right now, we’re
in a random hotel room in like, right on the edge of Germany, we’re almost in France, it’s like we’re somewhere in Europe, I don’t even know where we are. So we’re here in this random hotel, right, and the reason for that
is that we’re doing a luggage auction thing
again, we did one before and we had to come to
Germany for it last time, we’re doing this thing again,
we did this thing already. – It was loads of fun?
– It was awesome, honestly, what you do is, if you
didn’t see the last video, what you do is you buy random luggage, you know, luggage that got
lost from an aeroplane, that didn’t make it to the
person, they never collected it, it gets sold to people like us. – [Moon] And it’s officially owned by us, ’cause loads of people discussed
that. it is 100% legal. – It is legally ours, we have it all. If there’s cameras and stuff in there, people wipe all their old photos, so you don’t get like privacy things. But anyway, we’re gonna
do that, we’re here, the thing’s happening tomorrow morning, so we’re in this hotel room right now. I’m gonna show you around this room ’cause it’s so weird, isn’t it? – [Moon] The weirdest
hotel I’ve ever been. – I don’t understand some stuff. Let’s just show them the
room number first, come here. Alright, so I’ll start here,
you come up these stairs and then you’ve got room
number one here, room one, room two, room two here, round the corner, room three, room three is there, and then we, room 69, like what, what’s that? Alright, so once you’re in
the door, you come this way. The light, it’s like it’s
really dark in here, look, Moon, if you just turn this light off. – [Moon] What? Can’t see a thing.
– It’s really dark, and the light, every
light we’ve got is on, it’s really weird. – [Moon] You’ve got a cool
T-shirt there, Thomas. – Oh yeah, thank you, oh, mate, I’ll tell you about it in a bit, don’t, I’ll tell you.
– Look it’s Digby, is it merch?
– Wait, wait, wait, sh! – No, do it now, do it now.
– No, no, it’s secret, it’s secret, it’s secret. Alright, so you come into the room and you’ve got this, like,
bed thing, leather bed thing and I don’t know, I mean
there’s pictures every. (floor creaking) Alright, there’s pictures all over, but it’s (bleep) people,
(bleep) ladies everywhere, I don’t know why. – [Moon] Not completely (bleep), but– – No, but nearly. This is the bathroom, it’s
just a curtain, no door. – [Moon] Hey, what, when
you wanna have a poo? It’s just there.
– That’s the bathroom, this is like the living room thing, I don’t know, there’s a whip. – [Moon] Oh, that’s a horse, that thing. Oh, you look like Indiana Jones, he had a whip, don’t. Don’t, no, don’t. Don’t, you can really, that hurts people. Don’t. – We’ve got a whip and a
horse in the hotel room. – Do some gym?
– Final room, this way. (Moon neighing) This way, we’ve got a slidey
door, it’s really cool, the bedroom. That’s the only picture that’s not naked. This room that you’ve just walked through, that wall there behind you, the whole wall is one,
it’s like lady bum there. – Naked lady bent over.
– Yeah, and I mean, that’s
cool, a mirror up there, why’s there a mirror up there? – [Moon] Thomas, Thomas,
(speaking very quietly). – What?
– The (bleep) room. – It’s a what?
– (bleep) and stuff. – I didn’t book that.
– Yeah. – Right, well, we know what this room is, it was the last room available, it’s the closest hotel
to the luggage auction. – [Moon] Tell them about the shower cap. – No, don’t tell ’em about the shower cap. – [Moon] It’s not a shower cap, it don’t go on the head. (laughing) – Right, we’ve got new merch, a load of people have
been asking for new merch, Christmas is coming up, so I
thought it’s the best time. We’ve finally, we’ve
been working a long time on all these designs and stuff, we’ve had proper artists drawing stuff, ’cause I’m no good at drawing. So we’ve got this one first, wait, start here, start here. – Look, it’s a wolf.
– It’s a wolf, and it slowly evolves to a little– – Digby!
– a little Digby in a little onesie and it
says Evolution, Pathetic. – [Moon] I like it, it’s my favourite one. – The classic Pathetic
design, but Christmas version. Obviously we’ve got the
classic Pathetic as well, we’ve got the classic Digby
one, but with a Santa hat on. – [Moon] Digby! Quick, come on, or it
feels like a sales show. – Classic Digby, as always.
– Digby, Digby. Oh, whole family.
– The moon, ’cause of Moon, then the moon
is Moon, like girlfriend Moon, here’s me and Digby on a bike and it’s like the ET thing, I thought that was really cool as well. – Look, look, let me show it close. – So there we go, we just thought we’d quickly get that out of the way. If you wanna go buy any of that, link in the description below.
– Available in different colours, different lengths. – Different colours, different sizes, the Christmas ones are red
or there’s black and white, there’s hoodies, long sleeves– – Alright, they get it now.
– Alright, let’s go. We’re gonna go to sleep,
tomorrow auction place. Let’s go!
– I believe that you said, oh, what? – I did a really cool spin
then, did you get that? My spin?
– No, I just started, seeing you starting to speak. (laughing) My legs.
– I could do it again, but it won’t be as good.
– Go on. – I can’t, it’s not.
– We’ll pretend. – It’s not as good. – Get shower cap then.
– No, let’s not. (laughing) – Quick, get the shower cap.
– No, Moon. – [Moon] Morning. – Morning!
– Where we going? – Alright, it’s the next morning and we’re on our way to the place. So let’s talk strategy,
Moon, let’s talk strategies. – [Moon] I think don’t go straight in. – Last time, there were the mystery boxes and they got more and more
expensive as it went along. – [Moon] Towards the end,
it went to like a high. – And they like got more and
more expensive at the end, so we’re gonna get them early.
– Mystery boxes early on. – We’ll get the mystery boxes early. – I will get at least two,
– Yeah, they’re good fun them. – [Moon] Two mystery
boxes, they’re good, yeah. – And then what, like
three or four suitcases? – [Moon] Yeah, and a
backpack or something. – Well, do we get them early on or do we wait for them later? – [Moon] I would wait for them for a bit, ’cause people at the beginning
like to spend all the money. – Yeah, so we’ll get the
boxes at the beginning and we’ll get the suitcases and the bags more towards the end?
– Yeah. – Alright, strategies, oh,
we’ve done this before, we know what we’re doing.
– Yeah, we’re pros now, we’re not that excited enough,
you know, I am excited, but I’m not like nervous,
– No. – [Moon] So we can do it
with more dignity this time. – I still don’t know German numbers, so you’re gonna have to
like translate for me. – [Moon] You know Ger, oh, oh yes, you took it.
– I only know up to 11. – [Moon] Yeah, alright,
I’ll do, I’ll do, I’ll do. Bye. – Bye. Alright, so we think this is it. Where are we? – In the City Hall.
– Here we go, Moon, we’ve found it, we’ve found
it, this is it, let’s go. – [Moon] Oh, there’s the Lovitches again. – Last time. (speaking in German) Moon, Moon, Moon, box, box, 261. We need earlier boxes,
oh, number three’s a box. – [Moon] Alright, have a look. (background chattering) Concentrator. – I’m in the zone, leave me alone. Right, so we’ve got
some stuff written down, we’ve got some numbers of
some interesting things, we’ve got strategies, we’ve
got some different boxes, one of them is big, one of them is small, I’ve written notes for
while I’m bidding, you know, so it’s in my head. – [Moon] Maybe we’ll get a
completely different one though, if it goes up too high?
– Maybe, maybe, yeah, maybe it’ll go too high.
– You got your number, your bid number?
– My bid number is 48. – [Moon] Practise a bit bidding, practise. Quicker, Thomas, go, go! I would sit further back,
so you see how it goes. – You sit at the front,
I’ll sit at the back, – No.
– and then we can talk to each other on the phone, we’ll get some good communication going. – No.
– You can let me know how the front’s going.
– No. (cheerful traditional music) (speaking in German) 34. (speaking in German) – No, no, no.
– Don’t. 38.
– No, it’s only tiny.
– 46. – Why, it’s only tiny? – [Moon] 50, 52, 54. (laughing) – Mystery box, mystery box, come on. (speaking in German) – [Moon] 100, 110, get
it, 110, you’ve got it. Oh, keep up, 120, 25. You got it, 125. – Green ladies handbag. We’ll see what’s in the ladies handbag. (speaking in German) – 50.
– 50? That’s higher than my one. – 60.
– No, no, stop filming, stop filming, we’ll not get that one. Everything’s selling really high, – [Moon] I know, I know. – Everything’s going a lot more expensive than last time.
– People are going crazy. It’s all like all over 100 at the start, some things with 120,
they start with that. Just go for phoney stuff,
like handbags and stuff, we’ll just get the phoney
things, that no one else buys. – Come on, oh, God, oh, come on. (speaking in German) – [Moon] 40. Get down, 46. 46. – Oh, we’re banging it.
– A handbag. – Oh, we’re getting loads. – [Moon] 90. 90.
– What, (speaking in German). (speaking in German) We’ve got another one.
– Got it for 90. – We’ve got another one. (speaking in German) We’ve got a few things, we’ve
got a, can you walk like that? (laughing) Can we do this in one go?
– Yeah, go on. – It’s heavy, oh, God. Moon, watch out behind you, Moon. Right, we’ve got to stop filming, we’ll see you in the hotel room. – Bye.
– Bye. (dramatic music) – Alright, Moon, here we go. How many things have we got?
– Eight. – We’ve got one, two, three suitcases, three handbags and two mystery boxes. Oh, this stuff cost so much, I can’t wait to see what’s in here, let’s just, we’re not opening it yet, we’re opening it on the
bed, we’ve got a sheet down, ’cause there might be
dirty stuff in there. – [Moon] Get your gloves on. – So it could be clean stuff
on its way to a holiday or it could be dirty stuff
on the way back from holiday. – [Moon] Yeah. Purse first, work it, Thomas, work it. – This was number 46. – Ladies handbag.
– Ladies handbag. – [Moon] Hilfiger, Hilfiger. – It’s Tommy Hilfiger, let’s just go. – Alright.
– Come on. – [Moon] Okay. – Oh, thought it was–
– Jeans? – No, it’s a jacket, is
that a ladies jacket? A suit, a jacket, suit jacket. – Oh, God!
– Oh, why? – What is it?
– A baby jacket, tiny. – Aw! (laughing)
– Like newborn baby. – [Moon] Was it a family? – Maybe, and then this is a ladies– – [Moon] Oh, God, alright. – Nothing in there.
– Nothing, is that it? – That’s it.
– Alright, alright, so we’ve got some clothes.
– Right, that’s that one, right, next, mystery box,
we’ve got two mystery boxes, this is the bigger one, it’s really heavy. This was number three, which
is the first one we’ve got. Sticker thing on there,
that’s the airline, I think it’s all from Lufthansa, isn’t it? – [Moon] Lufthansa, yeah. – It’s in an Amazon
box, I don’t know what– – [Moon] Don’t mean
anything though, I think. – Okay, yeah.
– Don’t open it all, oh. – Oh, I don’t know, it just
looks like a load of rubbish. An umbrella.
– Oh, an umbrella. – Yay!
– Yay, an umbrella! – Oh, and a book.
– What is it? – Hablamos.
– Oh, it’s Spanish, Spanish course, you can learn Spanish. – Oh, oh, I’ve got a camera.
– Oh, a camera. Samsung.
– Samsung camera, quite old though. Ooh, it takes–
– Oh, is that on? Good.
– A brand new T-shirt. – [Moon] From where? Ireland, Ireland! (laughing) (speaking in foreign language) – What’s this? (speaking in foreign language) I don’t know. Key chain.
– From where? Oh, China, is it made in Japan? – Oh, look.
– Japanese key chain. – Oh, look at the tag on there. – [Moon] I think it’s from, look, it’s a Samurai sword.
– Samurai sword and stuff. – [Moon] Oh, God. – Why do they have to throw them in? A Kindle. – Alright.
– That’s cool. – [Moon] Oh, that’s really good. It looks really
– Is this on? – in a good shape.
– Is this on? – [Moon] It is on already,
you just have to swipe it. Oh no, we’ve got a bit of a broken spot. – Broken Kindle. I guess it works, but. – [Moon] Yeah, it works. – Kindle, that’s a good find. – It’s good though.
– A good find. – [Moon] Yeah. – Facial soap? What’s this, tobacco?
– Tobacco! – We’ve got tobacco! – [Moon] Oh, Snooze! (laughing) – A little wallet, but no money.
– No money in the wallet. – Empty wallet, plus a rock
space, oh, are they earphones? Oh, cool, oh!
– Woah, Bluetooth earphones! – Cool, I hope they work. Oh, what’s that? An MP3 player?
– Yeah! – What’s this? FedEx Express. – [Moon] Oh, a box, how do you call them? I love the mystery boxes.
– We’ve got another one. – Another one?
– Another one. – Yeah, a power bank.
– Power bank. – Power bank, yeah.
– Power bank, next one, and is that another power bank, free power bank.
– Oh, free power bank! – That was a good mystery box.
– Oh, I liked it. I can’t believe the
tobacco, I really can’t. – Next.
– Next. – Next. Oh, it’s the heaviest suitcase. – [Moon] It is really heavy. – Number 64, let’s see
what we’ve got, hoo hoo! Three, two, one, brand new!
– New stuff! Ordered from Tchibo, I like Tchibo stuff. – Tchibo? We’ve got a woman’s top,
we’ve got two of them. Oh, this is a ladies bag.
– Oh, go on, go on. – Like the whole thing. – [Moon] It did not look like lady though. – Oh, these look cool, Hummel. – Hummel, oh, God!
– Oh, what’s them? – [Moon] Them, oh, ’90’s. Trouser, oh, a skirt.
– Skirt. – Okay, just, oh, new one.
– Brand new, brand– – Still got the tag on.
– Yeah. – Oh! It’s a bum bag, fanny pack thing. – [Moon] Are they not
quite on trend again? I think they’re trendy again. – Some more clothes, two brand new shirts. Mickey, girl,
– Girl. – Mickey, Minnie Mouse things.
– Leggings. – Whoa, whoa, whoa! Moon! – [Moon] God, is it an IPad? – IPad. – An Apple one?
– Yeah. It probably needs charging, it won’t turn on.
– Is it broken or owt? – Don’t know, it’s got
a screen protector on. Some girl’s clothes, oh!
– Alright. Please not, bars of, oh, God, yeah, lady.
– Yeah. Ooh, little bracelet.
– I know what that is, moisturiser, new one.
– What’s this, perfume? Oh, perfume, brand new in a wrapper. – [Moon] Love Bomb, yeah. That one’s new, facial cream, what’s that? – Ugh, ugh, there’s hairs in it still. – Ugh!
– Oh, it’ got hairs in it. – It picks your hair out,
– Plucks ’em out. – [Moon] Yeah. – Dresses, more dresses, sleeping clothes. – Clothes, clothes.
– Clothes, clothes. – Oh, God.
– Clothes, clothes. Running shorts?
– Yeah. – [Thomas] Yeah, and then just underwear. – [Moon] There are side pockets, look. Probably more, I never put
anything in side pockets though. – I don’t think anybody ever uses them. So like, a lady, but why
is there brand new shirts? – Probably husband.
– Has she got like a boyfriend or something back home?
– I think husband could not come with and she
and little girl went on trip. – Right, come on then.
– Get in. – Next. Next!
– Backpack! – Backpack.
– Levis. – This is number four,
we got this really early. – [Moon] Do the front pocket first. – Oh, okay. – [Moon] Feels like clothes though. – A shirt, was it a
bit hot in the airport, so they took their shirt off? Something else in here too. – A shirt.
– A ladies. – [Moon] Shirt and shirt. – Another suit jacket.
– A suit! – I’m gonna have loads of suit jackets. – [Moon] We can go to
loads of nice occasions. No trousers with it? Yeah.
– Now, what do we know? – A little suit, oh.
– It’s like women’s. – Oh, that’s the woman with it. – M&S though.
– Marks & Spencers, yeah. – English.
– They must be English. Oh, that’s nice one. – UK XL, English.
– Alright. – Defo English and another – Oh, that’s nice.
– jacket. – [Moon] Nice jacket. – And finally a woolly–
– A jacket– – woolly thing.
– A woolly thing, that’s it.
– Oh! – [Moon] Oh! – Next!
– Better luck next time. – Next, uh!
– Biggie, another biggie. Biggie Smalls, 21.
– Alright, number 21. – [Moon] My age. – You, you.
– Oh, I wish. – Okay, we’re going!
– Yeah, go on. – Women’s.
– Woman, woman, whoa, Gucci! Oh no, it just looked like Gicci. Oh, God, she’s funky
lady, she likes it funky. Whoa, that’s a peacock.
– A peacock. – Wear it, Thomas, really funky. Oh!
– Oy, oy, oy! – Oh! – [Moon] It’s a see through nightie, look. – There’s just one strap. – [Moon] Yeah, it goes over your head, your head goes through that.
– Oh, yeah. Single lady. – [Moon] What does it say, Versace? – Is it Versace?
– Versace, yeah. – Is that expensive?
– Yeah, if it’s real, it’s expensive.
– If it’s real. Oh!
– Oh, what? Oh, oh, Thomas!
– Oh! – Emporio Armani.
– Oh, Armani? Is it real? Look at tag. – It’s got a brand new
tag, it’s got a tag. – Was she on shopping trip?
– 20. – [Moon] She was in
Turkey, that’s Turkish. – Oh, you’ve got a lot of
cheap clothes in Turkey. – Oh, I think it’s all fake.
– It’s all fake. Rolling that Gucci, baby.
– Gucci. – Oh! – [Moon] Oh, God, just get in, whoa! – How big, how big is that? Ladies clothes, ladies
clothes, more ladies clothes. – [Moon] Loads of new stuff though. – What’s that? Oh. – Phone!
– Oh, phone! I thought it was earphones,
it’s Samsung, quite old though. – Nice couture.
– Moon! – [Moon] Oh, God, what
was she doing, that woman? – [Thomas] What was she doing in Turkey? – [Moon] If you’re that
woman, Michael Kors belt. – Michael Kors belt.
– Just give me that one, it’s alright.
– It’s just clothes. – Clothes, clothes.
– I think she’s just been for all her fake clothes,
clothes, clothes, clothes. Oh, bag within bag.
– Oh, okay, okay. – Now this is makeup and stuff, isn’t it? – Yeah, yeah, go on.
– Let’s look, oh. – [Moon] Oh, God, okay, so here we go. – Toothbrush, hairbands,
– Hair clips. – Hair clips.
– Using that one. – L’Oreal.
– Oh, probably– – Mostly used, perfume. – [Moon] Dior. She’s darker skin. Oh, so she had black hair and she was a bit of a darker tone. – Darker skin,
– Yeah. – and black hair and a comb.
– And a comb. – A cent.
– One cent, oh, free money.
– Gets his money worth. – Free money. – [Moon] Next one. Now backpack.
– Backpack. – [Moon] I like backpacks,
start with front. – We’re number 44, start with front, okay. – [Moon] People have stuff
in front of backpack. – Nothing in. It’s just filled with
clothes again, I can tell. – [Moon] Oh, God. – We’ve got a hoodie. A coat, big coat. – Definitely lady.
– Ladies. – [Moon] Biker jacket. – Oh! Camera!
– Oh, another digital camera! – Another camera, quite old.
– About 500 years old. – Nothing.
– Alright, nice backpack though.
– Yeah. Uh! – [Moon] Oh, I’m looking
forward to that one. – We saw bright yellow
and we had to get it. Alright, here we go. – Men?
– It looks like a kid’s. – Or kid, yeah.
– There’s been a man been on holiday with a kid.
– It looks man though. Oh!
– Oh, it’s tiny! – [Moon] Oh, look, it’s
a little, a sports one. – Michael Jordan thing.
– Show back. – Oh, we’ve got some–
– Is it swim goggles? – Some swim goggles. Oh.
– New ones? – Oh, brand new,
– Yeah, – still got thing on.
– new swim goggle. – What’s this?
– I’m Here For the Surf. – Tiny swim shorts, what’s that? Steam power? Oh, iron.
– An iron! – Steam iron. – [Moon] That weighs loads. – That’s like half a bag. Adult stuff now. – Oh, it’s a woman as well.
– A lady. It must be a family. – [Moon] Oh, so you
think all family packed? – I think they were on
their way to holiday. – [Moon] Yeah, oh, God, what
did they do on holiday place? – They’ve got nothing there. – All bikini?
– Just bikinis. – Oh, new ones.
– Brand new. Jacket.
– Jacket. – Oh!
– Oh, a pocket knife! Is it, pocket, what is it?
– Screwdrivers. Jeans, jeans, jeans, oh, what’s this? Car charger, more clothes,
loads of white clothes. – [Moon] Undies, oh, that’s undies stuff. – Boxers.
– There, there, there, there! What’s that? – What’s that?
– Oh, that’s a– – It’s perfume.
– Yeah. Don’t, not too much.
– It smells good, it’s nice, smell, smell me. – [Moon] Go on. – Shaver.
– A shaver, Remington. – It’s got the Europe thing.
– Oh, alright. That’s it, next, next!
– Next, next, next, next! – Last one, final one.
– Final one and it’s a small mystery box. Oh-oh!
– Okay, okay. – What’s that?
– Socks. – Another power bank,
– Oh, a power bank, – [Thomas] with all
the different adaptors. – with adaptors.
– All adaptors. – No, don’t pick–
– Shaving cream. – [Moon] Oh, shaving,
menthol shaving cream. Fanny pack, fanny pack, second fanny pack!
– Oh yeah, that’s cool, I got two, oh, Moon, Moon! – [Moon] Oh, they’re
Skullcandy, is it Skullcandy? – Yeah.
– Yeah, they’re cool. John Lennon, John Lennon. A heating patch or like a–
– Oh, Moon, Moon! – Wait, wait.
– A Kindle, a Kindle again! – Another Kindle!
– Another Kindle! It’s not got a broken screen.
– Oh, that’s it, oh, there’s little, I
don’t know what it is. – Oh, it’s just, yeah, but it’s not, the other one’s a lot worse.
– Yeah, two Kindles. Ferrari!
– Oh, what is it, a wallet? – [Moon] A Ferrari wallet,
new Ferrari wallet. – [Thomas] Can’t have a Ferrari. – [Moon] But at least
you got a Ferrari wallet. – [Thomas] I’ve got a wallet, we’ve got a pen, pen,
– What pen is it, why is there a pen?
– Umbrella. – [Moon] Another one,
we’ve got two umbrellas, Hard Rock Cafe.
– And Hard Rock Cafe. – [Moon] Here’s fanny pack. – Oh, Beats!
– Beats! – Oh, we’ve got some Beats!
– Beats! – Oh, oh yeah!
– Oh, yeah! – We’ve ended it on some Beats. – Beats headphones, oh.
– That’s awesome! – [Moon] We found loads
of like much better stuff. – Two Kindles, an IPad, a couple
of phones, some ear things. – Cams, cameras.
– Cameras, oh! That was really good. Let us know in the comments,
if you’ve enjoyed this, we’ve enjoyed doing it, there’s
one more before Christmas, we could maybe squeeze another one in, if we came back.
– Yeah, do another one. – Let us know if you enjoyed
it, smash the thumbs up, thanks for watching, buy the merch, bye! – [Moon] Peace out. (dynamic upbeat music)

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  1. But did the value of the stuff they ended up with outweigh what they paid for all the items, as well as the hotel and travel to the auction?

  2. Is there anything like these auctions in the USA, or did you specifically go to Germany to bid on them? I feel like you overpaid for most of them, but the thrill of "you never know" still makes it worth the risk. A Kindle is worth about $40, those ancient cameras, maybe $50. The older ipads go for less than $200.

    Also kinda made me feel bad to see you going through the bags with the mugs, and merchandise. Someone was obviously on an amazing trip, and lost all the souvenirs they bought. Unless the auctioneers go through and remove personal items, I would have expected you to find tags in some of them identifying the original owners.

  3. just watched this in March 2019 and you and Moon are so entertaining when you have been to one of the luggage sales. I have to keep watching to see what you have bought in each item of luggage. Thanks guys for all your entertainment!

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