it was really really bad guys she was so offended so it was god it was so bad hi guys I’m are and today I know this looks a little bit different and actually in upstate New York right now and I spend a bit of time in New York City as well and I’m you guys follow me on instagram you probably know why bat wise and if not I will share a bit of that with you guys a little bit later but today I’ll share with you guys an experience I had while I was in New York City and I’ve been to York City a couple of times but I feel like I’ve never really explored New York City up until now and I thought it would be really fun to go to Chinatown because I have heard a lot of things about Chinatown and one of the biggest things I’ve heard it’s that you can get like grand stuff pretty much like fake brand stuff like blue cheese we’ll be talking now whatever you want you can get there so I wonder what that would be like now what the shopping experience will be like and what you actually got so I got myself seven Pucci I haven’t right here the back of it gave it to me and I’m just gonna share everything with you guys so if you like those videos don’t forget to get a big thumbs up and of course subscribe to my channel by clicking down there and also tap that little notification ball to drink a lot more I post new videos every Tuesday and Friday so you definitely will be subscribed to you don’t miss out and you have the new video off enough with hey guys I really want to look at this bag that wasn’t seen as soon as I bought it so let’s start it okay guys so freely chinatown experience actually went with my friend and he lives in New York so he kind of told me everything of how you once there at what to do hi guys we’re out in New York City exploring undeveloped and I figured since we’re here I’ve always wanted to go try and see what’s good – they have their I don’t know I almost feel like a quite crazy things in Chinatown so we’re gonna go to floor got to go out it’s pretty close to where we’re at right now we’re I hadn’t over there lots of people in uni like this girl walking for the bus wearing a peach backpack I wonder if she got it from there did you get your backpack I’m going to Chinatown with the hopes of getting some boutiques and I want to see how it compares to I don’t know Moochie really help you and when you got to try and town you could tell you we’re in China tell me that was a big sign that’s at Chinatown but then also all the signs were in Chinese and there were like little street vendors I really like the vibe with Chinatown I really like like that vibe for like market and street vendors I really like shopping at places like that it gets my blood pumping I really like just like negotiating the prices so I was having a lot of fun I was like okay we’re gonna get those bad it’s gonna be so fun but guys welcome to China I’m not sure you can read it because it’s I think he lights up and it’s broad daylight we’re here and trying to tell you guys he tough trying to come inside I thought so when you shop so in different things what am i everything but I didn’t really see any obvious items I have no idea guys like before so I don’t know kind of works but I will find this out for you so apparently back in the day there used to be people with like bags just like laying around you can go and buy them which is kind of like the idea I have of Chinatown from movies but that doesn’t insist anymore so there are shops but those shops just have like little souvenirs or Asian stuff but they don’t actually sell knockoff merchandise or anything like that this isn’t real it looks real it’s real its fake its fake I just can’t see the prices yeah I can’t see the presence so my friend explained to me how you would go about to get these things and it actually wasn’t hard at all I thought it was gonna be hard but it was it so I think we walked around for maybe like three five minutes we really didn’t have to walk around for a long time at all I thought it was gonna take us a little while face all the way my pants was a New Yorker it’s real is that I have to walk around and somebody feels whispers I do cheated to here which kind of a dream sounds like just me want me relevant health Dubai oh my god trying not to be so I’m just gonna walk around just like capsule somebody offers you he doesn’t think you Ethan I think you cheap okay so apparently what we’re doing is trying to walk Bish’s kind of way boys right to spot somebody Philippi will offer so good this seems really complicated I don’t know if the camera will be good or bad I don’t never go see the camera be like no or they’ll see that camera I’ll be like Oh give me your money but I don’t know we got lucky because I saw this baby I remember she was wearing a Gucci hat and I think it was a Louie Vuitton handbag so I was like okay I think this is probably the girl to ask about bags and they literally didn’t even have to ask as soon as I started like walking over there the lady came up to me or I think I mean was it another lady because it was like a group of three ladies and then there was a guy and he was like staying to the side he was wearing all black he was like smoking it kind of felt like a mafia to me or something like that but he didn’t say anything to us he was just like looking the ladies came up to me and one of them was like kind of SATA him back and I remember her say it was Spanish and I guess she could just tell where you’re from and she probably knows how to say like and a bunch of different languages but she said it to me in Spanish and I was like yes yes I am looking for a cat estate hour a bag thank you [Music] I clearly look gladdens there right so she pulls out her phone and this lady literally has a catalogue of bag that she’s like what do you want whatever you want we have it for you so she had like a bunch of different brands she had different things and you could just ask her whatever you want the picture says she was showing me in the phone more pictures of the original bags they weren’t pictures of what she was actually selling to me so you couldn’t really tell from the pictures and what she was gonna give you was gonna be good or bad you just had to see it for yourself so I just kind of went through what I thought I would want and I told her like this is what I would want but also I asked for other things and that’s kind of when another lady came in and it was really confusing I mean cuz they talked amongst themselves a language I didn’t understand so I was like really confused I feel like they weren’t really doing it where they were trying to be sneaky I mean there was a broad daylight it was they were just like there I mean they were just like showing me the back so we’re like calling somebody over oh it was just fine so the other lady comes with her phone and I her phone she’s showing me different things so I’m not sure these were like different sellers that work together okay I actually asked her for different things and that’s what we just told us to sit down they were like yeah please have a seat right here on the middle of street and we’re like oh okay so we just sat there and wait it we’re just saying you’re waiting for our orders they seemed really thanking and we waited for it I wasn’t say wait ten minutes I mean it wasn’t a really long wait but it wasn’t really short either I mean we just waited there and as we were waiting actually we saw somebody that came up and was also asking for bags and she was just like asking her like bags I don’t know if she was asking for bags to everybody if she could also kind of tell like probably these were the people to ask for the Bally I think somebody else is buying something oh yeah she’s asking she said first and they wouldn’t feels like we don’t have enough money cuz I asked for three different for the 1c so they showed me pictures of actual Gucci and they have also different but they show me the actually I don’t know what will come maybe any daughter baby I don’t really know how you know who sells these bags my friend just told me that people came up to you and offered them to you and I think that is the case because after some of the elves was offering them to us so I think it just happens really often and they were offering my friend because he’s a guy they were offering him watches so no I’ll do that for her okay so after we’re sitting there for a while a different lady I hadn’t ever seen this lady before she comes in on the scooter with a bag and she brought like three separate handbags and she brought this one that ought to show you and she brought like this model in three different colors and ended up picking the right one so this is a red bag oh I asked for another bag and it came this black bag and then it also came in like kind of like a dust bag this is what the dust bag look like it does not look very good bag so this is what it looked like and she showed me this three different colors I think it was like red black and like a tan color she said it was $80 gosh I don’t remember how much she said it was I said I would give her 30 for it and she was like okay it’s just 1 for 30 I was like ok I’ll go really low like what I thought was gonna be really low so that way I can come up a little bit but she was just like ok take it and I was like oh ok so I got this back worth $30 I’m not sure I almost wish I would have offered her like $10 but yeah so what happened after oh my god I’m so Paris that was so bad guys I don’t even remember I feel like things happens really quickly after because I had already bought this bag so I was kind of like okay I’m done I don’t want to buy anything else but at some point some other person came up to me with the other things that I asked to see and it was like what are those called like Oh like a fanny pack like a Gucci fanny pack and the supreme red bag and the supreme red bag it was like it was so pretty the way of like it was all folded up I mean it was brand spanking new it was actually really cute but I mean obviously it wasn’t like the same material as the original I felt like really plastic I opened it up and I was looking at it and the lady that was helping me she had a broken arm so she was like trying to help me but I was trying to film everything so I had my phone in my hand I had my camera in my hand so basically I only had one hand as well so I was trying to look through it and she said that that bag was a hundred and eighty dollars I was like a hundred and eighty dollars I mean no there’s no way and I was like okay so the other lady said thirty dollars she was like okay I’m gonna go hello on this one like that gosh okay I said fifty dollars cuz I really didn’t want to get that bag anyway so I was like if she says no it’s fine that lady she was so mad at me guys she started screaming at me she was so offended the way she looked at me okay it was hard for me to understand what she was saying but I know she was yelling at me and she was saying like how could I even say that number that was so low she said that if I would have set 150 would have been fine but I feel like 150 is still kind of high I mean that’s still that would given me a lot of room to negotiate where I thought if you’re not supposed to negotiate if you’re just supposed to give out a number they say yes I don’t know how that whenever I’ve shopped at a market I always bargain so maybe I just had it wrong but she started yelling and she was like no I she started to put it away and all I kept saying was I’m so sorry because I really was I mean I was so embarrassed that I was just like kind of making her waste her time and I didn’t want to do that you know but I knew I wasn’t gonna buy it but I wanted to see it to maybe buy it but I wasn’t sure so I didn’t get the fanny pack because it was kind of Li the same thing as this court’s wasn’t gonna get the supreme back because I didn’t even have that money on me because you have to pay cash so it was God it was so bad it was really really bad guys and it was so embarrassing because they brought everything like in the fat pack and I was trying to put it back in the back pack and we couldn’t close it because we both had long arm and then she was just yelling at me and I was trying to put it back I was like I’m so sorry and that was with my friend and with Gordo and we’re just like looking at us and there’s some point where the lady goes like why are you looking at us and I don’t even know if she said this in English I just know like she was like why never kick help she was like help and I was like it’s true why are you guys just staring come help they were like filming but add this one I was like stop filming just helpless and let’s get out of here so we all just got yelled at by those Chinese elated because we weren’t helping her she was right though she was looking at them like why are you staring I wonder for 50 bucks I said sorry she was like okay go she didn’t care for the Chinatown experience almost done tell you all about this bag leader I’m holding onto it for dear life but this is fun trying to avoid on the sidewalk with a lady that was yelling at us because yeah that part was really stressful but I got this bag and then another friend of mine told me that her friends so there’s like a friend of a friend she also went shopping at Chinatown and she also got yelled at by some lady so I think that’s just kind of what happens sorry there’s a cloud there’s a cloud guys but yeah I wanna show you the bag so this is what it looks like it comes in like this dust bag you don’t get a box or anything like that I didn’t really get a chance to see it very well because you’re looking at it in the middle of the street and they’re kinda like go go go go I mean they’re not hiding because there weren’t literally police driving by in front of us and there were like these ladies there and we’re just sitting waiting for our merchandise wait for emerged and the police and all this is happening I mean that’s fine but they still do this pretty quickly here’s the bag I have it in front of me I feel it almost looks better on camera than it looks in real life it looks good for a thirty dollar bag I mean I don’t think you could pass this off of the original to be honest with you guys that day we spent a lot of time in New York like walking around and I saw like the same bag but in black the girl was wearing it and it did not look the same at all so I actually picked it in red because I don’t know I’ve been but just feeling kind of rat lately no no no see I’m wearing a little bit of right here and I feel like in Rhett it actually looked better than than black and black it’s just the material that it’s made of it doesn’t feel or doesn’t look like really high quality and here if you look at it really up-close it has like really big grains I actually don’t own this back so that’s why I’m like I think from what I’ve seen from what I looked at I looked it up online the ordeal doesn’t have like these really big grains also it looks to me and the logo it should stick out a little bit more this one looks like a bit flatter and let’s see the inside so except come with like a strap which is cute I mean I feel like this bag is super cute I mean it smells like plastic it’s a cute bag I think for this and for $30 you can just get like a cute bag that’s the same style it doesn’t say Gucci or anything like that and they’ll be just be better it has this little tassel thing on it I mean I don’t know I don’t love it because I honestly but then I have a Gucci logo I would really like it I don’t feel like it’s the best big I don’t know I because it doesn’t look we I know there’s some things that look really really close to the real thing but not in this case I’m guessing those fakes aren’t like there are you dollars don’t really keep it really wise but the original bag is a thousand a hundred and ninety dollars so you’re saving a thousand one hundred and sixty dollars which is a lot oh yeah this will have a tool on the strap like it has like this almost bought that thing mm-hmm that’s cool and also I don’t know if it’s just a picture but the gold color it looks like two gold here and this bag that I got but I think the biggest difference is just in this big logo that I has in the middle of the bag I’m looking at the bag right here but I love the certain pictures for you guys so you can kind of see from the pictures doesn’t feel like a quality bag but I mean it’s not I bought this the street in Chinatown guys that was my shopping experience thank you so much for watching let me know in the comments what you thought also if you know a bag that’s similar to this one and it’s on the cheap side please leave a comment and tell us so we can go and get that oh my gosh how so just saw it’s literally falling apart literally right here do you see how it’s falling apart like the plastic it’s coming undone right there oh lordy okay guys thank you so much for watching I love you so much I’ll see that’s fun

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