100 thoughts on “I Bought FAKE GUCCI In CHINATOWN – SHE YELLED AT ME!! | Mar

  1. Hi amorcitoooos! Give me a big LIKE if you want more Gucci videos! Let me know in the comments what you think about the fake Chinatown bag! I LOVE YOU ALL 💕

  2. You should have yelled right back at her! She was ripping you off to begin with! And yes, you rambled on a bit too long. I had to fast forward through half your video. Just sayin. You're a doll though!

  3. Some people can be so mean on here.. but this video was actually really funny! gives me ideas of when I start my own channel!

  4. (My aunt is an online reseller for pre-owned designer bags and we recently did a pop up in the Houston area ) The reaction of that lady who showed you the supreme bag when you asked for a lower price.. that was me when ppl came up to our space at the mall expecting these beautiful designer purses to be like super cheap. I was like..excuse me? This is an authentic designer bag, our price is already lower than the original price, at a better price than other online resellers plus the quality/condition and you want to insult this bag that people DREAM of?!!! ( I also told these ppl about our business of course and even showed them signs of authenticity and they still said that)

  5. Omg! That bag looks more like a free item you when you buy a bottle of perfume. 😂😂😂 Love your vids keep them coming❤️❤️❤️

  6. If you ever spend any time around Chinese grannies, you would know that was not considered yelling. You asked the granny to carry all the stuff back and forth, her frustration was justified. 🙄

  7. Next time go to Philippines and go to divisoria their you can find tons of knock off to replica and they have like in a boutique so you can choose different style etc. They have malls there also with knock off bags shirt shoes everything… and more cheaper

  8. I accidentally clicked on this video and holy shit I don’t….. like how I wasted my time for a view on your vid cause hfs you is annoying as fuck lmao

  9. Sorry I don’t mean to sound rude!! What’s with you and Gucci!!! I Why would you even bargain in Chinatown.. when you go to the Gucci store and have Purchased bags there unless you Purchase for the sake of the video and you return them back!!!

  10. All u have to do most of the time say no thank n walk away they usually follow you n yell cheaper prices lmfaooo so dont feel bad shit just rude

  11. Mar i luv u <3 come to tijuana you can get pretty cheap stuff here like gucci etc. In the Swapmeet ! Plus you can use your trip and meet Lizbeth Gonzales and do a video colab together !!!!!

  12. Next time, don't say something that you think will offend someone. I'm Asian myself, and where I'm from, people get offended easily. Just be nicer next time. In Asian culture, it is considered rude if you do that kind of stuff. They don't take things lightly. If I were her, I would also be offended

  13. I speak spanish because im chilean and im a little girl and i can speak the english 75% because i want to learn a lot of idioms and i see more your channel in spanish that is mariale because is more easy to understeand but i try to learn all the days a little more of english for learn the english 100%

  14. Shaming you when you bargain is normal in Asia. I have lived in Vietnam and on the markets they will act really offended by your offer and some will be very rude – to the point where I would then refuse to do a deal when they come running after you afterwards.

  15. Can you please do a vlog of you at the Los Angeles Santee Alley or as some of us call it…. Los Callejones 🤣🤣🤣

  16. Your glasses are so ugly. I can't stand them. Omg. You're so beautiful but that glasses 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  17. Apparently your friend doesn't know what he's talking about, because those glasses frames from the optical store were authentic. Is he even a true Newyorker lmao (P.S. I'm from NYC)

  18. Una amiga vende. Y esa calidad es 5A. Es una calidad buena.
    La mejor es la 1.1. Pero. Por 30 dlls oyes te fue bien 👍🏻. Mi amiga las ve de en 150. Y también tiene la calidad muy sensilla. De 85. Dlls. ! Estoy pensando ir a New York 🤗🤗🤗🤗

  19. Funny video 🙂 If people can't afford something they shouldn't wear fakes. Fakes help fund drugs trade and human trafficking. Plus, you look hilarious to people who actually know the real deal. Fakes don't really fool anyone.

  20. If you're gonna spend 180 on a bag, you might aswell buy a designer brand bag that will have the quality, not buy a bag worth 20 and pay 180 because they've stuck a gucci logo on it 🙈

  21. You dont have to be sorry about the yelling. that s the way how she speaks. She was expecting to bargain back.

  22. Why would you put their faces up there like that without there consent you’re going to get them in trouble and then make it bad for someone else that wants to buy it

  23. Lmao i find it so funny that these people are getting mad tryna sell cheap as Chinese plastic with painted on Gucci symbols like they have value as if its the actual things. For $150 that is ridiculous for something that LOOKS like an expensive item and probably cost $3 to make – remove the Gucci painted design and it wouldn’t even sell for $30

  24. I know some one that use to sale that shit here in us , That shit probably no more then $ 3 dollars . And you pay what?

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