I Design My Own Ostomy Bags To Feel Sexy

I Design My Own Ostomy Bags To Feel Sexy

HEATHER MATSON: So Petunia, my beautiful little
stoma, she’s attached to me for the rest of my life and, so, I have to protect her
and she does better when she’s covered up. HEATHER MATSON: I love animals. I have been
a vet technician for 13 years, best thing I have ever done. I have rescued several animals.
We call this house the land of the misfits. Every animal that lives here is an animal
that has been rejected due to missing a leg, an eye, being deaf. And it was just ironic
that I was going to become the misfit as of last year. I started vomiting every night.
Three months after that I went to the doctor because I knew something was wrong. I was
told it was all in my head because I was ‘too healthy’, to have something wrong with me. COMM: At just 34 years old, Heather was diagnosed
with stage-3 colon cancer with a genetic mutation. HEATHER MATSON: The exact words from my doctor
was, ‘Heather, I have been doing this for a long time and I am 99.9% positive that you
have colon cancer.’ COMM: Due to the severity of her cancer, Heather
had to have her entire large intestine and rectum removed and a stoma fitted in her body
in replacement. HEATHER MATSON: After surgery, I found out
that I was pretty close to death as in the tumour was growing at such a large pace. I
first saw my bag right after surgery and I just cried. I cried because I knew that this
was something I gotta live with for the rest of my life. HEATHER MATSON: This is where I spent approximately
four months of my recovery in a hospital bed. COMM: It was during her recovery that Heather
decided she needed to create something to make living with her stoma bag easier. HEATHER MATSON: I sat right here on this chair
to be exact and said, ‘I have never sewn a day in my life and I am going to learn
how to sew and make my bag covers.’ And I sat here for three days learning how to
sew by hand. It was probably one of the hardest things I ever did. So, my roommate, my best
friend decided to buy me my first sewing machine. HEATHER MATSON: Casey has been an amazing
supporter. CASEY GWINN: She struggled and I watched her,
‘I can not do this,’ and she would throw a little fit. And I said, ‘Look, just keep
on trying.’ I said, ‘You don’t get it perfect on the first time.’ So I gave her
all my change one day and it was enough for a nice little sewing machine and she’s really enjoyed doing it. It’s been fun watching her.’ HEATHER MATSON: I have several favourite covers.
When I want to have a strong day, I want to be that independent person, I like my Wonder
Woman. If it’s a nice night and I am going out with my girlfriends and I want to feel
sexy then I got to go more for the lace and satin. So, it’s a toss-up. I started making
them just for me. That’s all I wanted, just to make myself confident and sexy and feel
like I am normal. HEATHER MATSON: After having surgery, I started
going to Ostomy support group. I brought my bags and man, they just, you should have seen
their eyes light up like, ‘Oh! This is amazing.’ Especially to the women. They just were, overjoyed.
The biggest, happiest moment is when I even heard it from them saying, ‘You are going
to make us feel beautiful again.’ HEATHER MATSON: I think with having a bag
cover and the confidence for me, I can personally say I like accessories. This is just like
adding a little lace to a support system. MANDIE ARMSTRONG: When she started the bag
covers, I noticed that she perked up a little bit and didn’t seem as stressed up. I mean
she was still worried about everything but it gave her an outlet of creativity. I think
by creating these bags she is putting her heart and personality into them and people
see that and it helps encourage other people who are going through the same thing. I know
that the bags have just helped so many people just feel better about themselves. HEATHER MATSON: When people tell me thank
you for what I am doing for them, I feel like I finally have a purpose. I feel like I am
doing something not for myself but for other people like me and it’s great. I am on the
top of the world. When I was diagnosed with stage-3 colon cancer, I was told by the oncologist
the survival rate is 11%. Hearing percentage isn’t the way that you want to be told because
that’s cutting your life short. So, my doctor now says, ‘We are not going by percentage.
We are going to go by the health of you.’ I feel pretty good nowadays. I still have
a few rough patches but I am happy, I am fortunate. When I wake up every day, I thank the amazing doctors that I had to let me enjoy my sunrises and my sunsets.

100 thoughts on “I Design My Own Ostomy Bags To Feel Sexy

  1. It would be nice if she made some for men that were a little more masculine instead of playful. My cousin's husband has to wear a suit everyday to work and it would be nice if he could have a more formal professional cover for his bag. That would really and work for him.

  2. I honestly think this is the best idea ever. I use to see people so sad over them and now they have a choice! They can use it as a fun way to express themselves!

  3. Yeah only after 3 month of vomiting 90 nights straight i had a slight hunch that something could be wrong, maybe but only maybe….

  4. You are really good mam I love it I am also the same patient love 2 watch this video n just like me thank you so much

  5. Thank you so much for trying to make people with this problem feel comfortable and confident.
    I as well have the same problem and I am 13 years old. At first I did it not handle it well at all but as the time went by I got used to it. I had this bag for over a year now. I'm not sure whether I'll have this bag for my entire life or not but what I do know is that if I do have it for the rest of my life it won't make a difference because,
    I can do anything if I put my mind to it and I wont let anything keep me from pursuing my dreams. you are very talented 🤓🤑🙊💩👧✌

  6. How cool, but I could have done without the close ups, lbs! I think her and her "best friend" would make a great pair, they look cute together!

  7. It's not sexy. No matter which way you put it. I get it, good for her, but….. That makes me sad

  8. Well i know is not ok and nice to ask, but i'm just curious and I really have to ask. Don't hate me too much but….how she can make sex?

  9. After being ignored by my doc at 38 who told me the same thing as you. I was to fit and healthy to have cancer. It devistated my life. The operation failed and I am left with a mess and a stoma. Had it for 5 years now and after watching you I feel so much better. Thank you for being so strong. Keep it up.

  10. Clever idea but l prefer not to draw attention to mine,which is a little difficult because it's front and centre of a hernia which pokes out about 3" further than the rest of me. Lol.

  11. This is cool. Taking an inconvenience like that and being so creative. On a side note the narrator's voice does remind me of a podcast that I love that kinda stopped cuz the lead guy's wife died from cancer. It's called the Leviathan Chronicles if anyone is curious.

  12. i had a best friend in high school who neglected her crohns disease because she was afraid of needing an ostomy bag. the need for inclusive accessories like this is understated and i think Heather's invention will really change a lot of people's confidence <3

  13. ok… so I don't know the relationship between the two, But I did notice that roll top desk in the background… That cost more than just spare change…. You should give that to someone who doesn't make as much money as you do… says every bernie supporter everywhere.

  14. U just made me so happy. Gave me hope. OMG I want some..I need some of these covers. I too Wana feel strong. I love the wonder woman cover. Idk how to contact you. I'd like a captain America one. This is great. Beautiful. Had my surgery on April 5 2019. I too cried when I saw this bag attached to me. Still struggling to accept. Due to Crohns. Be blessed miss. Good day. Thanks so much.

  15. A really positive and compelling story- something to give confidence to any ostomy bag wearer. The great patterns of the covers take away the plain design to make people feel proud of their pouch!
    I've got to share this video…

  16. I also have a permanent colostomy for over 2 years now and i can proudly say I'M HAPPY!
    Colostomy is not so bad, i mean everything is more clean and nobody needs to smell my farts, they just hear them :))

  17. I'm a 25 year old male, I'm pretty good looking, probably 7/10 people say more, but I guess I like to underestimate, and I would feel lucky to date a girl a beautiful as her.
    Ps I hate rating myself on looks, I think personality is just as important as physical sexual attraction. But she has it all.
    Any man or woman or whoever she wants would be lucky to have her.

  18. I love this video. I have watched it so many times. I'm about to get a permanent ileostomy, so this video makes me so happy 🖤❤️

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