I TRAP SPY NINJAS for PROJECT ZORGO and Do 4 Challenges on Friends to Open Safe and be a Top Hacker

– All right, guys, I am stuck in Project Zorgo’s
headquarters in the elevator. Project Zorgo is testing me to become one of the
highest ranking members. Project Zorgo gave me this safe right here after I gave them $10,000. I don’t know how to get in
here ’cause they won’t give me the code or the key to get in this safe. But I just wanna get outta here. These buttons here,
there’s no numbers on them. Maybe there’s a secret pattern somehow. – [Surveillance Hacker]
Vy Qwaint, pushing buttons will not allow you out of
the elevator any faster. – How long do I have to be in here? I’ve been here for days already. – [Surveillance Hacker]
You must remain here until further notice. – What PZ member are you? – [Surveillance Hacker] I cannot
disclose that information. – Project Zorgo’s being
really dumb right now. This stupid elevator
challenge is ridiculous. This feels like a challenge for a Roblox member or something. They need to take me more seriously. I’m just gonna try and use my
skills to try and open this. (dramatic music) (buttons beeping) – [Surveillance Hacker]
Congratulations, PZ700. You’ve survived in a confined
space for several days. You are ready for your final challenge. – (gasps) Yes, final challenge, finally. Get me outta here! – [Surveillance Hacker]
We have special guests who will be excited to see you. – Oh, no, special guests. Oh, my gosh, I don’t know. Maybe it’s the PZ leader. He’s gonna give me the
key, the code to the safe, and then welcome me to the next level. Come on, let me outta here! (gasps) Oh, my gosh, hackers,
they’re here, they’re here. (dramatic music)
(hackers chattering faintly) – [Taller Hacker] PZ700, we’re here to take you to the basement. – [Vy] To the basement? – [PZ715] How did the challenge go? – Yeah, the challenge went just fine. I’m a strong, uh, spy,
no, uh, PZ member, yeah. – [PZ715] Uh, if you say so. – [Vy] Wait, what’s the code? – [Taller Hacker] You’re
not ready for the code. You’ve not been granted access. – [PZ715] It’s time for
your final challenge. – They’re gonna take away my camera, but they don’t know that
I have my spy pen with me. – [Taller Hacker] Please
turn the camera off. We will not need it for this session. – [PZ715] Just give me the camera. – [Vy] Where are you taking
me, why is it so dark? – [Taller Hacker] Doesn’t
your mask have night vision? – [Vy] Night vision, no! How do I get one of those? – [Taller Hacker]
(laughs) Perhaps one day. We’re going to the
basement’s meeting room. – [PZ715] Just gotta take a
right past the bathroom here. – [Taller Hacker] You’ll
receive further instructions. – [PZ715] For your final
challenge, all you gotta do is engage the controls
connected to these three rooms. – [Daniel] Why is this bag on my head? Get this off of me! – [Room 1 Hacker] Your
fate will soon be revealed. – [Daniel] Oh, it
stinks, why does it smell like fried chicken and beans? – [Room 1 Hacker] Yes, Billy
Bob packed his lunch in there but won’t share with anyone. – [Daniel] Mm, I like fried chicken. Oh, get this off of me! – [PZ409] Time for Project
Zorgo’s latest hair accessory. – [Regina] Get this off of me! Get, get your hands off of me. – [PZ409] I’m just trying
to make you look fabulous. – [Regina] You think this
paper bag is fabulous? – [PZ409] You’re so annoying. – [Daniel] What do you want from me? Chad, Regina, where are you guys? – Okay, so what am I supposed
to do with these guys? – [PZ715] We’ll take you there now. – Okay, this is really weird. All right, let’s go. (dramatic music) – [PZ715] PZ700, take
that bag off his head. – Oh, Vy!
– Chad! – Help, they’ve got me handcuffed! – Are you okay?
– No, and I got this helmet on my head, they’re
gonna do something crazy. – [PZ715] PZ700, your mission
is to initiate the process to take control of Chad’s
brain using our newest and most advanced neuro-contagion helmet. Let’s go to the next room. – Don’t leave me!
– Ha ha. – Don’t drop me.
– Come on, little one. – Can you change–
– Don’t, hey! (shouts) (static hisses)
(ominous music) – What’s with this mask, this face? It looks upside down. – [PZ409] I forgot that
the bags go upside down when you put it on
someone’s head, so whoops. – [PZ715] PZ700, take that bag off. – (gasps) Regina!
– Vy, what the heck! – What are you doing here?
– What are you doing here? – What are you–
– The cleanest of all the hackers, what I’m gonna do to good old Regina here,
use our good old friend B235 in a fog form to clean her memory just like I clean everything else. – My memory?
– What? – I’m gonna lose my memory,
why are you doing this to me, Vy?
– I’m not doing this to you! – [PZ409] Regina, you don’t have to worry because after this procedure’s
done, you will forget the last 10 years of your life. – 10 years, I was, like,
in the sixth grade! Vy, why are you doing
this to me, make it stop! – I’m sorry, Regina, I have to do this. – [PZ715] Onto the third room. – Oh, my gosh, who’s in here? – [PZ715] The last room. (suspenseful music) Take this bag off this guy’s head. – [Daniel] Hey, who’s there? – Oh, no, I recognize that voice. – [Daniel] What, I recognize that voice. – Oh, my gosh, Daniel! – Vy, oh, what the heck are you doing? – [PZ215] It’s time to get your secrets. – My secrets, I don’t have any secrets. Vy, I don’t have any secrets. – Are you sure? – Yes, I’m sure, Vy. – [PZ715] In this
challenge, we will spin him around and around and
around, and that way, we’ll get all his secrets
and make him tell us everything about the Spy Ninjas. – Just get me outta this chair,
I’ll, I’ll tell you things if you just get me out. – Let’s begin.
– Vy, what are you doing? Why are you just standing there? Help me!
– But I– – PZ700, let’s go!
– Relax, Daniel, just relax! – [Daniel] How can I relax? – [PZ715] Here. (ominous music) – [PZ Leader] PZ715, you may exit. PZ700, you will soon flip three switches to initiate the mind-melting
process on the three subjects you have just encountered. The process will be complete five minutes after all switches are engaged. Then we will reveal the
code to open the safe and you can become one of
the highest-ranking members of Project Zorgo with access
to our entire headquarters. Begin the process now. – If I complete this last challenge, Project Zorgo’s gonna completely
take over Chad’s brain, erase Regina’s memory
for the past 10 years, and they’re gonna spin
Daniel around and around to extract confidential Spy
Ninja information out of him. Guys, I’m so conflicted right now. I want to save them
’cause they’re in danger. Is it worth it? Could Project Zorgo be bluffing? The past three months, I lost my home, I lost my husband, I lost my friends. I even had to take $10,000
from the Spy Ninjas and give it to Project
Zorgo to get to this moment. I’ve worked so hard, I’ve
done so many horrible things. All the sacrifices I’ve made
is to get inside that safe. Whatever is in that safe is the key to destroying Project Zorgo for good. I know what to do now. I hope the Spy Ninjas forgive me. – Your plan won’t work. I know Vy joined Project
Zorgo, but she won’t hurt us. – [Room 1 Hacker] It’s the only way out. The Spy Ninjas are under
our total control (laughs). – [PZ409] I hope you had
some better fashion sense back in 2009. This 10-year memory erasing
could do you some good. – What do you know? All you ever wear is black hoodies and yellow cleaning gloves. – [PZ409] What is that top
you’re wearing, anyways? – Uh, I gotta get outta here
before this start spinning. Thankfully, I’m an expert wiggler. (grunts) Ah, man, dang it. (suspenseful music) – Oh, no, it just turned on! Get this thing off my head! (dramatic music) (sighs) (suspenseful music) (dramatic music) – [Regina] What the
heck, what is happening? Get me outta here, stop, get off of me! (gasps) Get your hands off me! (coughs) – [PZ409] Wait, I love
ether but it stinks. I’m leaving, mission complete, mission complete, mission complete! (sighs) – (shouts) Oh, no, what the heck, no! Oh, oh, no, oh, no! – Now I’m gonna go get the
passcode to open the safe. – [Surveillance Hacker] PZ1, where is the Spy Ninja’s safe house? – I’ll never tell you,
and don’t call me PZ1! (shouts) Oh, oh! (groans) – [Surveillance Hacker]
Initiating spin level two. – Oh, level two, I’m never gonna tell you where the safe house is. What else do you wanna know? You wanna know where to
get some great tacos? – Well, yeah.
– PZ1, do you trust Vy Qwaint? – Uh–
– Initiating level three. – Oh! – Leader, I completed all the challenges. Please give me the passcode to the safe so I can rank up to the
highest level of Project Zorgo. – [PZ Leader] Indeed, PZ700,
your efforts are recognized, but you must wait the full five minutes for the process to be complete. – Five minutes! You know, I think you should
just give it to me now. I really wanna be a high-ranking
Project Zorgo member. Please, just, just give
it to me now if you can. – [PZ Leader] You have
completed each challenge in impressive fashion, but you must wait the entire five minutes. We must ensure we have full
control over Chad’s brain, that Regina has no
recollection of the Spy Ninjas, and that we have extracted the
necessary intel from Daniel. Then you will receive the passcode. – You know, I think
it’s been five minutes. Can I please get the passcode right now? – [PZ Leader] No, you may not. Patience is a virtue. (Vy gasps) – Regina, Regina, I can’t see. Oh, hey, Regina, get up, you, come on! Let’s get outta here. Oh, gosh, oh, no.
(Regina coughs) Come on, let’s get out,
let’s get you outta here. (groans) Come on, oh, Jesus, come on! Oh, come on, ugh! – Did you see that?
– What is that? – What is she doing?
(Regina groans) – [PZ715] Wait a minute. – [Taller Hacker] No, no, no, no, no, no! She’s rescuing the girl, Regina! – [PZ715] Nobody’s watching that room! – Okay, let’s get the door open. Oh, my gosh (groans), too
much chicken nuggets, come on! – [PZ715] Looks like they’re getting away, they’re getting away! – Wait a minute, let’s go!
– We gotta go! – We gotta go!
– Come on! (Vy grunting)
– Where am I? – Oh, my God, over here. – Who are you?
– Over here, over here. I’m gonna set you down.
– Okay. (gasps) – [Vy] Okay, please stay
here, don’t go anywhere, okay? Stay here, I’ll be back, I’ll be back. – [Regina] Where’s my mom? – Daniel, Daniel, Daniel!
– Oh, oh, my gosh. – I’m here, I got this lasso here. I’m gonna make this stop, okay? (suspenseful music)
(Daniel shouting) Come on, Daniel, quiet down! – Oh, oh!
– Quiet down! Okay, let’s get outta
here, I’m saving you. – You’re saving me now?
– Yes, come on. – Oh, now you’re saving me.
– Daniel, come on. – Okay, all right.
– Let’s go, come on. Oh, oh, my gosh.
– Oh, I don’t feel so good.
– Oh, my gosh, oh! Don’t throw up, come on, Daniel. – Oh, gosh, the world’s spinning. Oh, my gosh, Vy. – I’m gonna put you down right here. – Okay.
– Next to Regina. (both grunting) – Okay, oh, my gosh.
– Okay, okay, you okay? Stay here, okay?
– Who’s that? – Oh, huh?
– Okay, I’ll be– – Regina.
– I’ll be back. – Huh?
– Stay here together. I’ll be back.
– Huh, you’re leaving me with this guy?
– Just stay here, keep safe. – It’s me, Regina. – Oh, my brain! (shouts) – [Vy] Chad, I’m here to rescue you. – Oh, Vy, yes!
– No, you’re not! (Vy shouts)
– Oh, let’s go! Oh, Vy, get the helmet off quick! (shouts) – Are you okay?
– Ah, yes, put it down. – All right.
– I need you to pick the lock, Vy,
I’ll hold the camera. Yes, come on, you got this. Yes, you got it, whoo!
– Yes! (screams) – Hey, hey, you!
– Oh, he got my leg, Chad! – I got it, boom!
– Let go! – Ow!
– Oh, let’s go, Chad. Come on!
– Here we go, here we go. Oh, my God, I can’t believe
we made it outta there. Vy, you saved us, you’re the hero, Vy! – Duh, I can’t believe
you guys ever doubted me. I’m the loyal Spy Ninja of the group. – [Taller Hacker] Let’s get in here. (Room 1 hacker moaning) No, PZ member, what happened? – [Room 1 Hacker] Chad
and Vy, they escaped! – [Taller Hacker] (gasps)
You were supposed to be guarding the room, what happened? – [Room 1 Hacker] She betrayed us! – [PZ715] Did this thing even work? – [Room 1 Hacker] Yes, it worked. It just needed more time. They beat me in a Battle Royale. – Battle Royale?
– What are we gonna do now? – I don’t know.
– Wait a minute. Are they still in the building? – [Taller Hacker] They might be. – Let’s go get ’em!
– Go! – All right, Regina, are you
okay, wake up, are you okay? – Huh? – Let’s keep going.
– Come on, let’s go! – Who are you?
– What do you mean, who am I? – Wait, are you part of
my sixth grade class? You guys don’t look like sixth graders. Except for you.
– Uh– – What am I doing here, and are you guys Team Edward or Jacob? – Oh, my gosh, what’s happening to her? – Huh?
– Regina, it’s not 2009. – It’s not?
– No. – What year is it? – It’s 2019.
– Huh? – You’re old now.
– (screams) I’m old! – [Chad] Look how old you are. – Oh (sobs), wrinkles!
(Vy laughing) – [Chad] Let’s get outta here. Oh, there’s hackers right there! – Run, run, the hackers, run! (Spy Ninjas screaming) (static hissing)

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