I Tried To Make Zero Trash For 30 Days

I Tried To Make Zero Trash For 30 Days

– Something went horribly wrong. I’m a worm murderer. This month I tried to live zero waste. I had no idea what I was doing, but I learned along the way, from just trying not to
make any trash day to day, and from speaking to
experts along the way. (upbeat funk music) The average American makes about 4.3 pounds of trash in one day. And I’m going to be
trying to make no trash. Whenever I hear about where
the environment’s going, I get really scared, and it makes me feel very powerless. How much waste does the average
person in LA make per month? – About 150 pounds per month. – Wow. I think this is gonna
be really hard for me. And I’m not necessarily
really looking forward to it. I’m struggling with how
I’m supposed to eat, because most food comes in packages. Maybe I should try to go into the woods and forge for some nuts and berries? I’m having a hard time figuring out where the line ends and begins. I’m eating these tacos,
and they’re on plates. Maybe I’m not even
supposed to be doing this. I wash my hands, and I
unconsciously waved my hand and now I have this. I’m cranky because I’ve
been going hungry a lot. So I need to find a better solution than just eating bananas. (groaning) How important is it that
we reduce our waste? What’s really at stake for us if we don’t? – We’re stewards of this land, so every time we negatively
impact the system, we’re actually jeopardizing our ability to breathe, drink water, consume food. – So I went to the store, and I brought my jars
and I was able to fill up with some quinoa from the bulk bins. And some other items. The nice side effect of this is that I am forced to eat very healthy. Because I’m not able to eat anything that comes in packaging. Which is most processed foods. I am realizing that being
able to do this challenge is a privilege in itself. Because a lot of packaged, processed foods are the cheapest foods. And fresh produce can be really expensive. But collectively, I’m spending less money. These are the food scraps
from a stir fry I made. And I’m not going to eat them,
but I can’t throw them away. I’m keeping my compost in my freezer until I can figure out
what I’m gonna do with it. I used to think that I
needed different soaps for different things, but now I’m realizing
that soap is just soap. This is a meal I made. It was harder to get all
the ingredients zero waste, but feeling pretty good. I’m here at Griffith
Park Composting Facility, on a Saturday morning,
and I’m gonna take a class to learn how to compost. I learned in the workshop that a vermicompost would
be the best for an apartment that didn’t have access to soil. So I set about making one. I’m starting my in home worm bin, and I have egg shells, and
egg cartons for roughage then I have my red wigglers,
and I’m very excited. – [Friend] Ahh! – (bleep) you, that’s so gross. Let me see. – Oh my god, no. – [Woman In Challenge]
They’re kinda cute, right? – Yeah, I kinda like them. – And look, see they’re burrowing down. And they’re gonna eat the food scraps. This is getting easier everyday, and it’s feeling really nice actually. Cause I always would feel kind of bad about all the trash that I was using, and it’s awesome to like, put that feeling into action, and actually do something about it. Another zero waste meal. Where does the trash in LA go? – The trash goes to a transfer station, where it is sorted and
then it is trucked out to a local landfill. – So how many pounds of
waste does Sunshine Canyon take in per day? – About 8,500 tons of
rough use in per day. – Wow. – The majority of that comes
from the city of Los Angeles. And there’s quite a few other
facilities around the area that handle the remaining 70%. If you think of the old
garbage dump, right? That people refer to. It’s nothing like that anymore. These are highly engineered. – Why does a landfill have to close, and what happens to a
landfill once it closes? – The landfill will reach
a certain elevation, where then it can be closed and put back as best as it can, right? To the way it was before. Unfortunately, the trash is in there. – I’m done. And I feel very happy, sad. I made this in a month. Tags from reusable bags. Some Advil. Tags from the Mason Jar. A delicious drum stick. A teabag. This was like what the socks came in. Floss. I couldn’t reuse this part. What can an average person
do to reduce their trash? – Reduce, reuse, recycle. – We all like to buy
things packaged real nice, knowing no on touched ’em. The reality that is creating
a lot of extra packaging. – [Bonny] We need people
to start thinking about, is the disposable product
that they’re using really adding that value to their life? – I think one person
can make a difference. – One person can really evaluate everything that they’re consuming, and make some changes. You don’t have to give up everything, but start with one thing. And what I’ve noticed is it
spreads throughout your choices. (ambient electronic music)

100 thoughts on “I Tried To Make Zero Trash For 30 Days

  1. It's so true that this life style is expensive. I live with 3 other students and we make a LOT of thrash. The reality is that products that are packaged are cheaper and last longer. But it's still sad to see how much thrash one household makes.

  2. What if you’re a zero waste woman and you got your period what are you supposed to use, because a lot of period products are packaged.

  3. Question – what about spices? Can she use salt/pepper/any herb? Yes some come in glass containers, but is there a way to get more spices to put into the containers? Or are all the meals just bland af? Lol

  4. so i don't know if i am the only one noticing this but americans produce a lot more trash than other people in the world. probably because great part of what they eat is a take-away product, but i can surely say that my family produces less trash than a single person living in america

  5. "I'm cranking because I've been going hungry a lot so I need to find a better solution than eating bananas"… So relatable… I've lost about 15lbs simply from not buying packaged food, but summer's coming, so I'm not mad.

  6. I'm only twelve and my parents think it's too hard to do this stuff, but then I'm like HOW DO I DO WHAT YOU DO EARTH GOOD GOOD YAY! 🙁

  7. Is it weird that when she accidentally grabbed the paper towel, my first reaction was to think that she should eat it? 😂👍

  8. I am a meat eater, but I want to go waste free then slowly start going vegetarian/vegan. Does anyone have any suggestions where to start?

  9. I'm 11 and I bought a 15 pack of reusable straws but my mum thrown them out so I have to use none😑

  10. This makes me feel bad about the billions of plastic cups and bottles I’ve thrown away furing my lifetime 😫

  11. .. If we all could waste our trash over on my Channel.. This world 🌎 will be a better place.. Meh😪🎈

  12. Is it possible to recycle metal things? Like old necklaces or rings? Or stuff made out of stainless steel?

  13. When I first saw this video it was titled “ I tried making zero waste” and I thought bye waste it meant poop and that’s why she was in that position on the floor

  14. I starting my zero waste journey slowly but im alway improving.. No straw no plastic bag.. Eco straw eco bag.. In malaysia..alot waste trash.. Im sad..but i try using all this showing to people.. Hey..im using eco bag.. Hi.. No straw plz… I believe my little zero waste can start making people see.. I doing it so can u malaysia..

  15. ok so the whole thing at the start at the store, you can usually get fruit and veg without plastic in most stores and many will let you take your own see through produce bags, you could have researched for a plastic free shop, maybe you did later on but this is what im seeing so far, it's important to be careful not to put ppl off and ofcourse, plates are fine but bring your own container if you're taking anything away

  16. oops did my earlier comment at the start of the video, you can use tinned food by the way as they can be recycled

  17. Who actually makes that much trash? My family of four fills up our kitchen trash can once each week. Each of us make about 3 pounds a week. Genuinely, who makes that much trash?

  18. I asked my grandma how they used to go grocery shopping when there was no plastic.
    She explained to me that they went into the shop and then the salesman used to fill their glass jars or other containers with the food they wanted.
    They bought vegetables directly from farmers.

    I also asked about processed food and she told me that back then nothing like this existed. Her grandma and mother used to cook everything, they made their own marmelade and sweets.

    I love my grandma dearly and she is such a great inspiration for me to go zero waste <3

  19. i would love to go zero waste but unfortunately i have allergies and i can’t shop in bulk. but i am working on getting through my disposable products so i can replace them with more sustainable products. if anybody has any tips, please share them with me.

    also just a friendly reminder to drink lots of water and remember that you are amazing

  20. The closet bulk store to me is in London. And I live on the North West Coast. So that's like a £100+ train ticket. The most I can do is buy loose veg and fruit and grow my own.

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