welcome to five reasons for everything
my name is Aisshwarya and today I’m going to chase a trend like you know in 2018
fanny packs became very popular fanny packs or bum bags whatever you might
like to call them became very popular so I thought why not chase this
trend and try wearing one for entire day so what I’m going to do is I’m going to
wear this fanny pack for an entire day and see how comfortable
am i with the fanny pack I’m going to replace my handbag with it and see
whether it’s comfortable whether it’s you know good enough to actually go
around with or not I want to tell you what all is in my fanny pack so if I
open it up there are my car keys and there’s my phone and there’s my
wallet and all these things and maybe a lipstick or something like that so I’m
gonna go around do different things with a fanny pack on me and see how it
works or whether it does not work let’s chase the trend called the fanny pack so its super convenient to eat because of
the pack my hands are not busy with a bag. i can finally enjoy a meal without worrying about a bag okay so we have a bunch of young girls
with us they are the new generation they are the ones who are actually into
fashion a lot so I’m going to ask them what do you think about the fanny pack
hate it? like it, like it, like it, like it So i have a lovely college student with me hi, hi, so what do you think about the fanny pack i think it’s cute. Yeah? i really love it, i like the idea so have you worn once before? no, but i am thinking of you know wearing it what kinda fanny pack would you like? umm, i would like to wear, you know , with sequins with sequins? okay..cool so, it means the fanny pack is quite acceptable and everybody wants to try it like somebody
in college obviously wants to try it i am getting all positive votes and let’s
keep looking for more people and see what they think so we have another opinion
about the fanny pack and let’s see what this beautiful college student has to
say so what do you think about the fanny pack yea, i think it’s really really cool i also have so many of them okay you have so many of them? which one is your
favorite and what does it look like the supreme one Oh you have the supreme one?oh god
i am jealous of you, you have a supreme fanny pack my god that’s my dream fanny pack i really want to buy that one so cool so that’s your first favourite any other favourites that you have ? umm i think supreme is my favourite.. the supreme, is favourite. what else can be better than the supreme fanny pack so again the fanny pack is here to stay
everybody loves it and I love her supreme fanny pack. i don’t have it though So the fanny pack is something that everybody loves and that’s a trend that we chased today and I think that is a trend that I’m also going to follow so they really liked it
and I really enjoyed wearing the fanny pack so it’s very comfortable I could do
everything very easily my hands were totally free I could shop I
could eat I could you know go out for a couple of drinks everything was absolutely easy and I
think the fanny pack is a great trend so what do you think? tell me in the
comments below and do subscribe hit that Bell icon and stay tuned guys do what
you love love what you do


  1. Hey there, peeps, I had a super tiring day chasing the Fanny pack/ Bum Bag/ Waist Bag trendTell me if you give the Fanny pack a Yay or Nay…. Will you ever wear one? Or will you rather skip this trend?

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