Hello humans, huh We are gonna be sipping our ice frappe today because we have some e to spill that’s right our alien Overlord has blessed us. Apparently, he’s blessed us with disappearing fraps. Not just tea. Where did my frappe go you saw it here! I was robbed I will accept an apology in the form of a permanently free credit card for all of my frappe needs iced tea over here has a twitch channel and he was actually Scripting is something on there when I happened to be watching. So this term actually happened this morning It happened a little while ago, but I didn’t get a chance to talk about it yet. And there is the major Apartment T. But first let’s talk about some more tweets that I saw today Here’s one from scarlet Goff and apparently call me Bob is working on grimace. I’m guessing that’s Christmas So since I already happened to be on the world high game page, let’s check how coallmehBob’s profile is not gonna lie Sometimes I feel like a stalker And right now she is working on royal hyper – check out the creations just pop on over really quick. Okay places places here We go. Do you guys see this? I see Christmas, so there are four favorites I’m gonna be the fifth and it’s actually my favorite number five We haven’t been in here yet, but that has to mean the Christmas update is closed right Wales Could it possibly be? and you guys might now know the lovely ALIEN sister of ours.. BEEISM a super talented roblox creator She has been a very hard at work on the Christmas update and there’s some major T in these screenshots So we’re looking at a Christmas train of some sort I see a huge Christmas tree in the middle of the map some more string lights. It’s just like a Christmas explosion. Oh And from another angle we have even more Christmas tea you guys this is fair. They’re giving us so much tea I feel the Christmas spirit and I wonder what these little trains are for they’re gonna be elves in there Do we get to go in there? Will there be presents? Yeah, I just First of all Thank You BEEISM for not only sharing your whole creative process, and I’m also just completely enough How do you build it so many beautiful different unique objects make it come together in this magical holiday Landscape and do it in such little time that just blows my mind. I am always in awe of your creations BEEISM Everyone goes stan beeism but the tweet did say it is almost Time and you guys really should check out beeisms page. You shared so much of this process I don’t want to give too much away But if you guys are at all interested and be sure and check it out There’s so many cool tweets that she shared so definitely check that out if you guys are interested But I guess they’ve been lost a lot with spilling the tea today and stream and I saw a ton of tweets from my stream So guys make sure you’re actually checking out all the dev social media They share links to when they’re gonna be live and it looks like today he was talking about royal high developer animation So I see a toilet. Do I see a character sitting on a toilet? Is this gonna be like The Sims? We actually just sit down we did get some people who are kind of sharing I guess some Cliff’s Notes version Of these T’s so here we have some from the candy ruler There are two methods of diamond journey incoming with the apartments update. Also, the keyboard is color-changing There will be a new cafe. You might get it on Black Friday. All the accessories are coming back rukia’s work You gotta do set. There will be a Christmas tree in the apartment Christmas realm will be replacing or earth will not be coming back but the wheel in Fountain State Whoo, so I did actually see screenshots and video clips from history again guys Check out his social media. If you want to see it for yourself. We’re getting real close to bring you that iced tea now What you’ve been waiting for? So earlier today, I was actually a d-dog stream it’s awesome crazy stuff going on So, of course I will have a link to that stream in the description of this video But he was working on Apartments and said, I won’t say what I’m working on but you guys can look and yes and check it out everybody Oh-ho-oh while he was testing things He actually walked around and gave us some great views of the apartment If you guys see it stopping that’s because my stream was lagging a little bit, but he did also show us Is that a sleeping bag? He’s dropping a sleeping bag people and that sleeping bag is created by somebody you guys already know very well in this community Looks like I wasn’t the only buddy in this stream today Somebody tagged me in this and then I saw ocean replied to this person straight shot and basically a gave away that she made The really cute sleeping bag. We saw Kiev. There’s honestly so much tea to go over in this clip Let’s go through it together piece by piece I wanted to bring you guys to the very beginning of the footage that I recorded here So and now we’re getting a completely new view of the apartment than we have ever seen before in any screenshot or clip So it looked like she was working on the color customization And what’s really cool is it looks like as we can save outfits we will be able to save our color Customizations looking from this side of the apartment. We see the entryway from a whole new side I have not seen before and I feel like I see a little a little shadow in the corner that almost looks like staged glass It’s probably not what we can’t see is a beautiful picture of downtown. Oh look at this front table It’s like a credenza some flowers and he doesn’t big yellow selective. So I’m pretty sure that’s a custom color and a beautiful He’s intrigued. So he starts to go down again. We’re getting some amazing Views and there’s something in the corner I try to get a good look at I am pretty sure that that is a fish tank It kind of looks like coral along the bottom and it looks like the bottom of the tank and I don’t know for certain it Could just be a light fixture or some sort of art installation, but it does seem to also be color coded So now he goes towards the bed You can see his badge flying around the little look that day bed is also color coded So we haven’t seen some screenshots here. He’s working on placing the sleeping bag and also had it color coded to alien So he did try to place this sleeping bag for quite a little bit. And so we’re guessing that you could actually Have people sleep over in your skyrise apartment The coolest thing you’ve ever heard you guys this is getting more and more like a real simulation game Which I am here for we want simulation not dress up and look at this guy’s So many good angles of not only that sleeping bag, but right so that I’ve oh, we just saw the front entryway So now we get a look at the door. We are piecing this apartment build together I wish I could close that but I can’t so here. It looks like is the elevator up and that is scaffolding Oh Beautiful permits captain there’s even buttons that light up you guys. This is so detailed and so amazing Oh, yeah, that was a pretty cool vantage point. We have not seen it from that angle Yeah, we were now seeing it for almost every angle and now as he’s going around we see the path Way back, so maybe that’s a shower area. Maybe this is like the same area. Okay, so then he flew it kind of faceplant hit But we got a good look also at these glittering lamps. That’s right We have lamps with glittering particle effects, and I’m just so excited for these sleeping bags you guys I can’t even tell you how cool it is that now you’ll have an item that when you go to somebody else’s room you can Place down and interact with it. They think that’s amazing So sometimes I wanted to talk about I noticed it was snowing outside the window of the apartment is humid Is it working on all this stuff? So I passed about I don’t know if the weather is going to change with the season I have no idea but as you can see we have now been given it like the full 360 view of this apartment I’ve now seen some amazing new game features that are going to be coming in the form of sleeping bags slumber parties Amazing new ways to interact with your friends in game And also we always think it’s really cool to just get a good look at somebody who’s creative process while they’re in development and look At this somebody’s going to all the different colors and you can see all the items that change the lighting Changes if you want to set your apartment to have a nice rosy glow for your pictures you can do it and look at all This code it tastes to make something that cool so definitely guys show the Deaf some love be patient with them if things are taking a while to come out the oddest way to Take so much work to make this stuff You guys know I will have links again to all this stuff in the description of the video if you guys would like For yourself get the key for yourself. So it looks like it very soon we could be saying goodbye to all of this a beautiful autumn decor all of the pups get All of these fall festivities and we are going to be making way for the Christmas update a very very soon But tell me what you guys’s thoughts are about all of this Are there some things that I showed you today that you were not? Expecting are there some things that you’re still waiting for that you think might be added to the apartment And what do you think about everything I showed you we dropped so much a major key. I hope you guys enjoyed it I happen to be online at the right time today to give you guys this iced tea. So, thank you alien Overlord for blessing us in terms of features I’m probably the most excited about and that would have to be these beautiful glitter layups over here I just think it’s awesome that with color Customization we can out change the entire mood the entire look of our new living space. So that’s very exciting Maybe you’re more yellow will change colors, too I don’t know always guys leave your predictions in the comment section below and remember people if you are gonna be buying Robux this holiday season use my star code “CYBERNOVA” & show some some support for me in the channel See you in the next video humans. Good. Bye It can’t get no hotter. Fish tacos. Shrimp tacos a carne asada When I see a taco truck, you know, I gotta follow. Hey, give me all of their tacos waiting you way I love tacos this effect. You’ve got it tight it You know is my favorite


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    We'll miss you Lizzy


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