what up what up it’s Chad wild clay and
today we have something a little bit different what would happen if the
walking dead were real we are gonna find out because we’re gonna recreate the
video game The Walking Dead no man’s land with a bunch of these weapons that
are from the game got a bunch of brand new weapons here that we’ve never used
watch out for the chopped-off hands and stuff and we got a bunch of walkers and
my teammates over here be taking over he used to be so nice and still cleaning
out here till the walkers took over we are gonna be recreating some of the
modes from the video game The Walking Dead no man’s lamb chop them for
sponsoring this video if you guys haven’t played this game yet definitely
download it it’s free to download link down below check it out it’s awesome in
the game you battle against hordes of walkers and you build your team of
heroes like Daryl like Michonne and Glen land and speaking of negan this week
only use that link down below you get to add negan to your team for free one of
the modes in the game is a scavenger mode where you go and look for weapons
are you ready to go look for some weapon this is a nested scavenger hunt walkers
did horrible horrible things to our pool how’re we supposed to go swimming now
it’s all dead body residue residue turned into a walker you’d want to clean
anymore now speaking of the pool though I think I see something over here whoa
wait a second what said what is this in here what you scavenge yeah still
brand-new and in the past the walkers must have rated home depot or something
left it in the plastic that’s what walkers do you know what this is oh it’s
a sickle it’s the alpha wolf sickle it looks just like the one in the video
game actually is that what wolves eat as popsicles ah not wolf popsicle why don’t
we only have the walkers lick this oh gosh yeah chop some Walker tongue with it
yeah now that I have a weapon B you need a weapon yes let’s go find it watch out
for walkers though there’s parts all over the floor here watch where
you’re walking and watch out for a while he found one fun it’s very secretive
hidden can can you guys see it on screen leave a comment if you can see the
weapon and what weapon do you think it is
b-but it only happens to be my favorite character in the game who’s that
Michonne so let’s give you some dreads that’s awesome you look just like we’ve
shown now now we’re ready to team out those
walkers are gonna be scared of us wait I think I hear some of our friends look
it’s somebody who did he eat Mathias Mathias is the sharers and wait let me
let me see yep that’s deadly Mathias I recognize his feet anywhere anyway wait
yeah this was one of the sharers cause it’s share the love see we will avenge
Mathias and shares yeah you show you show that Walker Michonne yeah
you avenge the shares and Matthias so well you you really shared the love
there we go job show look at the splatter you cut that Walker’s face
right in a half his brains are still boring out gruesome what’s also really
cool about this game guys is that it follows the TV series The Walking Dead
so Season eight every time there’s a new episode that comes out a game updates
with brand new content every week Wow really really cool so let’s continue our
scavenger hunt because Justin needs a weapon let’s go so we gotta find Justin
his weapon guys one other thing about this game is you unlock new heroes
recently I unlocked was Jerry he also has a katana sword
just like Michonne he’s a really cool character let’s see what we find for
Justin oh I think I found something here guys check it out take a take a peek be
look look right in here brand new again and those walkers do a good job yeah
believe it finally wrapped for us new new inbox
well Justin looks like you just unlocked the new hero negan Juston weren’t you negan for Halloween
that’s right I was negan for Halloween it would hit my hair good banana I went
right by me just like that I wish I was wearing the GoPro but hit Justin I mean
Negan that’s right get it right and glad I record you to my team see it’s not
such a bad guy after all there’s some more weapons on this scavenger hunt that
we need to get yeah cuz there’s gonna be a lot more walkers so we’re know or
weapons let’s go what is this up here good teamwork guys way to go guys it’s
Darryl we’ve seen you in action before I think I dominated pretty much all
crossbows that’s why we call you little Darryl wow how did you become such a
good beat boxer like that that’s so amazing
MC beat guys give me a thumbs up for her amazing beatboxing skills we need to
unlock some more heroes for our teams let’s go check it out guys can you guys
see it any clues and includes anybody know what it is it was a shovel at first
not a shovel it’s far yeah you guys know if you guys play the game that a
pitchfork is a very useful tool Walker must have been in like a gardener or
something he left it right under the bushes he was busy like getting rid of
weeds and stuff and then he got bit what are you doing you can’t waste time like
gardening why now that civilization has broken down we need to garden for
ourselves to get our own food no more grocery stores right we have to
grow our own vegetables and stuff I do that’s a lot of work
just keep that out on my back for walkers okay okay wait I think I see
something higher up in the air what’s a flying Walker I’ve never seen a flying Walker before
called flocker Pen pineapple apple Fork I have a pitchfork Chapel panel for
Walker thing I think the whole entire area is cleared so we got to check out
the other okay good okay all right guys are here stuff thanks Chad I save you now I owe you my
life hey we should break off one of the
prongs on that pitchfork so it looks like a double use yeah yeah wild
Walker’s Dean’s you see something she’s just admiring the dirty hot tub oh did
you want to get in I really do I really do just don’t trip on the severed looms
I think I finally found oh I got him V I got on with my pitchfork oh yeah yeah
there you go a walker thumbs up ha ha ha how maybe you said you think you know
where this other weapon is you saw something right here right here I think
you guys see what’s going on it’s the billhook yeah that looks actually very
similar to learn in the game I don’t think I’ve ever met a Bill Chad
I don’t know mr. hook no it’s good for hooking bills like a dollar bills
there’s a dollar okay I haven’t seen a weapon like that on this show must be
from the new season eight most big comment below if you know where this
weapon is from in the video game let’s see how this weapon go against a walk oh
yeah oh my gosh Walker hurt hurt hurt hurt hurt is the word everybody’s heard
about the hurt go that’s one sharp sickle
I am completely wet you mentioned the walkers licking an icicle well we sure
you look at that he pretty much looked it right there his tongue cut coming out
let’s see what we did in the pool oh good thing you got his brain back already I think we destroyed all the
water we should care of all of that stuff good job guys it’s one of the
gingerbread walkers we made it over in this video you should have took that out
you guys is a link in the description it’s a walking read how do you think it
over here that’s why they call them walkers I showed that gingerbread Walker who’s
the boss huh oh he’s really hurt he must get he’s an old one he’s an old stale
Walker Oh stale walking bread there this download
the game free from the app store or from the google play store and play weekly
exclusive content from the AMC’s The Walking Dead
huge shout out to the Walking Dead no man’s land for sponsoring this video
it’s definitely check it out below guys awesome game yes it is and a huge
shoutout to all of you notification ninjas who have the bell symbol ringing
notification walkers navigation hero we’re showing your comments down below
at the bottom of the screen thanks for getting here during the first hour of
every upload we hang out with you guys so have that Bell symbol ringing you
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alright guys let’s do a bit

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