#IMPULSEBUY eBags Professional Weekender Bag || How I Pack My Tech & Essentials

#IMPULSEBUY eBags Professional Weekender Bag || How I Pack My Tech & Essentials

– [Hallease] Hey guys, it’s me Hallease back with another video. I’ve recently been into packing video, I’ve also been really obsessed with only having carry-ons when I travel. On my Amazon wishlist this past Christmas, I had this backpack,
it’s eBags Weekender bag. I first saw it as most
things as an ad on Facebook and was immediately drawn to it and added it to my Christmas list. I really love this bag
because it’s super flat which makes carrying a lot of things in it not so cumbersome on your back because it sits so close to your body. The weight distribution is really good. Also this bag is great as a carry-on because of the many compartments and the ease of use getting through TSA. The idea behind this bag is you don’t have to remove
your laptop from it at all. You just lay it flat on the conveyor belt and the material used here
makes it easier for them to see your luggage, et cetera. I haven’t tried this yet. I’ve only traveled via car with this bag but I’m excited to try it out. If you have this bag and have gone through TSA
with it with a laptop, let us know in the comments
below how that went. I’m gonna use this bag to show you all how I pack for an overnight stay. Usually it’s when I’m going
to Austin for a couple days. First, my clothes. eBags also has packing cubes. I use the medium-sized one for my clothes, Pj’s, socks, underoos and you know, what I’ll just be wearing
for the next few days. It all fits perfectly and goes in the front side of my backpack. (upbeat music) Second, toiletries. Again, having a nice compact toiletry bag is really big for me and eBags once again makes
a really good toiletry bag. Everything you’re seeing here fits into my toiletry bag really well and what’s awesome about
this bag is it lays flat which helps not only with this backpack but also if you use a
traditional roller bag. (upbeat music) I also love how this toiletry bag has one side that’s plastic-lined for things like my black
soap or other liquids. (upbeat music) And also an expansion section which works great for
holding my daily contacts. Now with that, the front of
the backpack is now packed. Now onto my tech. As you all know, I’m a
video producer and an editor so, no matter where I’m going I’m always bring these essentials for anything and everything I wanna shoot. First, I go ahead and I put my laptop and creativity journal
in my laptop pocket. Next, I put my camera and
its Tenba BYOD carrier. I like using this carrier because when I wanna be mobile, I
can easily have my camera right at my side ready to use. I put it towards the bottom because it’s a little heavier and I don’t want anything to get squished. Next, I take my smaller eBags packing cube and I use that to hold
my drives and my H1n Zoom that I use for sound. (upbeat music) In the back of this backpack there’s a really awesome no-crush section and in it I fit my power cables. But if you have high quality headphones, anything like that, this is a great place
to put those things too. The backpack also comes with
a net plastic-lined baggy. I generally use this for my
dirty socks and underoos. (upbeat music) In the front I put any
little final knickknacks. Pens, travel books, chargers, my passport if I were
traveling internationally. You can be as organized
as you want with this bag which is why I really like it. (upbeat music) Finally, I clip on my monopod
in one of the extra loops available in the front of the backpack. I made a video about this
monopod a year or two ago, I’ll link to it in the (mumbles). And that’s it, this is how
I pack for a quick weekend or overnight trip with my essentials. Thanks for sticking around
to the end of this video. This month I wanna give
away this toiletry bag because I seriously
love this toiletry bag. You can enter to win this toiletry bag by heading over to Twitter. At me and let me know
where you’re planning on traveling this year and why. My Twitter handle is @Hallease. I’ll pick a winner after about a week and I’ll slide into your DMs
letting you know if you’ve won and requesting an address
on where to send the bag. If in a week, I ain’t slid into your DMs then you didn’t win. Again, if you’re not into giveaways, everything I’ve discussed in the video is in the description box if you wanna check it out
and purchase it for yourself. That’s me. I’ll see you when I see you. (upbeat music)

10 thoughts on “#IMPULSEBUY eBags Professional Weekender Bag || How I Pack My Tech & Essentials

  1. Yo fam. That was a Liiit review. I bought both the bag and little compartments because of your advice. Thanks stay cool

  2. Just went through TSA, they didn't remotely care that the bag was designed to go through with the laptop inside, both LAX and PDX made me remove it. I'll try again soon.

  3. This is my favorite review of the eBags Professional Weekender and it tipped the scales in my decision to buy one.

  4. I have a backpack that has a laptop section that can be unzipped so it can lie flat like this one. The TSA agents still make me take the laptop out and put it in a separate tray.

  5. You make great videos of perfect length. This was the second bag review video that I have watched and both are great. Thank you.

  6. I love and use this bag. For the lay-flat through security usage, you can't have anything besides your laptop in the 'back' side of the backpack though. That said, it still works well for me to carry a laptop, external monitor, DSLR, and clothes through security. With pre-check its super easy.

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