In The Bag: Cale Leiviska (2019) | Prodigy Disc

In The Bag: Cale Leiviska (2019) | Prodigy Disc

– Hi, hello everybody,
my name is Cale Leiviska, I’m a member of Team Prodigy since 2013. I appreciate a lot of
you guys have been asking for my in the bag series
for a few years now, and I didn’t want to give
away any of my secrets, but Prodigy’s making me
do this, so let’s run it. We’re gonna start with the
money makers, the putters. I’ve been throwing the
350 PA-3s now, this year. Last year I was throwing 300 Series, but I decided to try something
a little bit more stiff, so right here, I have
a 174 gram 350G putter. This is what I’ve been throwing, everything inside the circle, anything that I’m not going to jump putt. It’s got a little bit
of overstability on it, which I like, because I can
really try to jam the putts, and then if I get outside the circle, I’ve been throwing a
170 gram disc, 350 PA-3, just got a little bit more glide, because it’s little bit lighter. So I’ve been liking this for
if I’m putting from distance, right here. Here I got my throwing putters, 300 PA-3s. This one was actually
my game, actual putter that I used for many years. But it started getting beat in too much from hitting the basket. So I throw this for a
lot of my spin putts, and I also throw this for a lot of up shots and tunnel shots, where I need to just throw the disc flat, and let it naturally finish right. This one has been in my bag
for a couple years also, it started off over stable, now it’s pretty straight, to understable. So probably my most used upshot disc. And moving on to some more PA-3s, these ones are 400 PA-3s. I’ve been seeing Chris
Dickerson throw these very well for a few years, and this off-season, he told me that I was
crazy for not trying ’em, so this year I went to the Dome,
learned these a little bit, and I must say, I really love ’em. This one, beat in a little bit, it’s a little straighter, to understable. This red, clear 400
PA-3, is very overstable; I can trust this even in a headwind, and it will go far for me, I love throwing these, with a lot of zip. If I need something overstable, I go to the A2 and the A3. These are very, very great utility discs to have in your bag. I chose the 300 plastic for the A2, I see a lot of people throwing
the 400, which is fine, but for me, I was getting no skip out of the 300, which I like, I like to just throw this at the basket, and just have it stick there, it’s got a really good
grippy plastic to it, so it just doesn’t
allow for as many skips, so that’s the only reason,
it’s still just as overstable, still nice and flat, I just love it. For my A3, this is
pretty much more of like more of a midrange distance, but lots of overstability. So if there’s any wind, or if
any shot I need to throw up with an S curve, I throw the A3 a lot, because I can always
trust it to come back. It feels great in the hand, and the 400 Plastic will
get a little bit more skip, so you just gotta play for that, but the A2 and A3 are great discs. On to my mids, I love the M4. I think it’s one of the
greatest midranges ever made. It’s got tons of glide. This one right here, that my
buddy Nikko Locastro gave me, has been in my bag for about five years. I have countless birdies on this thing, so it will always be in my bag, but it’s starting to get
a little understable, a little beat in, now
it’s my hyzer flip disc, especially in the woods, but if I need something straighter, luckily I have this thing as back up, it’s the exact same disc, just brand new, I’ve only had it in
for about eight months. But this thing just holds so straight. If I throw it really hard,
I can get it to flip up, and actually turn right. But if I need a dead straight shot, this is my thing. I even named it needle,
so, straight as an arrow. So for me, all my discs
have their own persona, their own personality, so
I’m kinda superstitious, and I choose to give every
single one of them a name. So I’m a huge fan of the show
Game Of Thrones, obviously, so all my discs, they’re
either named after a weapon in the show, or
one of the characters. So my straight M4, this is
Needle, straight as an arrow. This one is called Heartsbane, which is one of the Valerian steel swords. This is my X1, so this
one’s called The Hound, something beefy. We got Long Claw here, which
is another one of the swords, John Snow’s sword. And of course this beautiful disc, has gotta be named
Khaleesi, because, you know. This one right here is a 400G M4, but this gray plastic has got
a little bit of dome to it, so I found these ones to be
a little bit more overstable. I just love how fast this disc is. I can throw my M4, when a lot of people are throwing fairway, fairway driver shots. So, very accurate for me, very useful. I have about four or
five of these for backup, so when this one gets too beat in, I got a few more to funnel into the bag. So on to more of my fairway drivers. I don’t really throw any of
the F Series discs anymore. I just, I love the H series, V2 stuff that’s been coming out. So I’ve really been sticking with these. What I got here, is the H4 V2, which I received a couple days ago, I’ve been testing it for a few days. Awesome disc, it feels good in the hand, you can throw this thing flat, and it just naturally fades right, almost like a longer M4, so I really think this
is going to be popular, I think it’s available for sale next week, so this is going to be a
big disc for everybody. For ams and pros alike. One of my favorite discs, the H3 V2, I absolutely love these things. It’s just so forgiving, I can, even if I’m a little
bit off with my shot, it still doesn’t vary
either way, left or right, it’s just a very true disc. This one I’ve had in my
bag for a long time now. It’s still kept it’s
stability pretty well. I can throw this thing
flat, I can throw it hyzer, I can throw it anhyzer. You need some accuracy,
you need some confidence hitting a line, I really
love the H3 V2. This is the same disc, just in a beautiful spectrum plastic here, and this one was naturally just straighter right from the get-go, so, I’ve had this one
for dead straight shots. If I pipe this one flat, I might even get a little
bit of turn out of it before it finishes back left. So H3 V2 I just can’t say enough how much I love this disc. And moving on, with the H V2 series, we have the H1. This one has been, right
when this disc came out, I’ve had this blue one, and
I just absolutely love it. The H1 V2 is an overstable disc, again, not a distance driver, but very, very controlled overstability. If I need the disc to finish left, I can reach for this one with confidence, and know it’s gonna do
exactly what I need it to. This one, this spectrum plastic H1 V2 with the Majestic stamp,
is just board flat. And this one’s even more
beefy than this one. So if the wind picks up, or I need a disc to just kind of die off left,
without getting much distance, I’ll throw this one. But both of them have
good stability to it, and are highly used in my bag. And speaking of overstability, right here we have the 750 X1. One of the beefiest discs ever made, just completely board flat. If it’s super windy, I can
rip this into a headwind, I still would never hyzer flip
this thing, it’s that beefy. I know a lot of people
throw it for overhand shots, very useful disc when it gets windy. So if you can find one of
these, it’s a good pick up. I still have one of these
Core Team D2s in the bag. I love this disc, it one
of my furthest discs, and it’s very beefy, overstable. I have a feeling here at Jonesboro, I’m gonna be throwing this thing a ton. Because the wind is out here, and I can always trust this thing and get some good distance with it. Here I have a 750 D2, which
I’ve been really liking a lot. This thing is fast, it’s
not super overstable, but for pure distance shots, I’ve been really liking this thing a lot. I’ve had it in my bag since
the middle of the year. I reach for this one a lot
when I need some pure distance. And speaking of distance,
these are my babies. These are my signature D1 Max’s, I appreciate everybody who’s supported me, supported Prodigy, and
picks one of these up. So when need a pure distance
shot in the wide open, I definitely reach for these things. I can start it out far
left and rip it flat, get some right turn on
it before coming back. Very, very fast distance driver. But if I have a wide open distance shot, this is definitely the
farthest disc in my bag, and I appreciate all you guys that have supported this, made a purchase that directly helps me on tour, and I appreciate you guys very much and I’m glad you guys
are liking these too. I got a couple more, a few more drivers that I’m gonna throw. These are all D1s, these two right here, I’ve had in my bag for a couple years. So they’re not very overstable anymore, but I just love the way
that they feel in my hand, so I stick with these ones. This one is a 167 grams,
it was overstable, but now, I can throw it on
great long S curve shots. I just love the feel of the 400 Plastic, so most of my distance
drivers I use the 400 Plastic. Super grippy, I think that
is one of the best things about Prodigy, is how good
the plastic feels in the hand. I don’t think there’s a
better feeling plastic. So 400 D1, very used. This is another lighter, 169 400 D1, I could throw these hard, completely flat, and they’ll push straight for a long time. So not what you’d think about a D1, But if you beat ’em in long
enough, they might turn into this. And lastly, this is just a flat 400 D1. Just a stock stamp that I got, a bottom stamp with my personal logo. But very flat, it’s not
like a huge distance disc, but I can throw this in the wind and know that it’s always
gonna finish left for me. You gotta have these
kind of discs in your bag that you know that are always
just gonna be overstable when you need them, for a
lot of spike hyzer shots, and discs that I need to
just ride the fairway left. So I like to keep it very simple, I think that’s important
for me personally. Finding molds that feel good in my hand and I stick with it, I beat ’em in, and I throw them with conviction. I find what I like and I stick to it. It’s been working for me, and
that’s what I throw in my bag. I appreciate you guys watching, I appreciate all the support, and yeah, try some of these discs out.

27 thoughts on “In The Bag: Cale Leiviska (2019) | Prodigy Disc

  1. I had my f5 400 get run over by a school bus and the plastic is still amazing and hardly any damage

  2. Good stuff! Cale got me on those 350g Pa3s back in the early Airborn days and I never looked back.

  3. Wow. I knew Cale loved mids, but he doesn't have any fairway drivers. I know the new hybrids are basically control and distance, so it makes sense to keep it simple.

  4. Fantastic In The Bag, Cale. Great to hear about the various discs and hear about your approach to playing. Awesome.

  5. Sweet! I'm loving the link to the shop for Cale's discs. You guys even put in the different plastics of the same molds! Awesome!

  6. I don't throw Prodigy since I am more familiar with Innova's discs and find them easier to understand. Cale has given one of the few in the bags that feel, sound, and look educational with a touch of familiarity. Good job Cale.

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