Inateck CP1001 Backpack Review | English + German

Inateck CP1001 Backpack Review | English + German

At first glance inconspicuously small and
normal, but does this impression still persist after a detailed test? At just under
400 grams, this backpack is truly not that heavy. The backpack also got many
compartments. But is it worth it to use this backpack for the next trip? Let’s
start with the weight: 367 grams feel really light. Even if it is filled with a
lot of material, it is comfortable and can be worn for longer distances.
Definitely a plus for traveling. Even though it is a lightweight backpack it
can hold quite a lot of material. The six compartments and pockets allow you to
carry a small tablet and other smaller things like umbrellas, drinking bottles,
headphones and more. Furthermore, the backpack can be adapted well to the body
size by the adjustability of the shoulder strap. The lock is also good
with an attractive shade of gray. This appearance is characterized by
above all by the quality of the material, which will be mentioned later. The
backpack comes in the form of a shoulder bag. This form of wearing allows a
comfortable posture. However many people prefer conventional backpacks and balanced weight on the shoulders. The backpack is made of waterproof nylon with effective protection against moisture. The multi-layer mesh
additionally relieves the backpack here. One of the important points the backpack
came clearly score in: The price. This is currently just under 18 bucks and even cheaper with a discount code one of which we will link down below, so
definitely go check it out! The price -performance ratio is simply superb. The
shoulder bag is good for travel, sports or a conventional everyday
life. So should you buy it? Well, if you like
a lightweight backpack, definitely! If you’re more the
conventional guy that likes to two-strap backpacks – No. And if you want to
carry about 500 kilograms of stone on your back, it’s probably also not a
thing for you. But if you want to look cool it’s definitely something! So check
the link down below, like and subscribe if you liked it and till the next time!

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  1. Dasch eppa as güats Reviü, ech bi mer efach schier noni so sicher ep ische Rucksack för die 18 Stutz o üsare güoätä Produktionsstätt ohni Kinderarbet oder Hungerslehn chonnt, ech kennä halt die Markä nid. Wisched ier da vilech mehr drzüa? Süsch wuri mir eppa soeine zuena tue.

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