Inflatable Sleeping Pad 🍀 AGM Camping Ultralight (Camping-Hiking) 👈

Inflatable Sleeping Pad 🍀 AGM Camping Ultralight (Camping-Hiking) 👈

a sleeping pad is often handy to have
but unfortunately most are bulky hard to carry and really difficult to store I
have a new inflatable sleeping pad from AGM camping that is ultralight and fits
into titute fits into a small storage bag I actually have two right here this
is the green one and this is the blue one I am eager to try these sleeping
pads out today here’s the storage bag the bag itself measures about nine
inches by three point nine inches in the bag and sleeping bag together only weigh
1.1 pounds so it’s not very heavy at all this is supposed to be a rapid inflate
bag using only your breath no pump is needed whatsoever so let’s see what
happens now I’m going to take this out of the
bag now this is the first time I’ve inflated this type of sleeping pad so
let’s go and follow the instructions alright so I’m going to move this one
out of the way let’s open this one up to see what you get initially I really like
this color blue it’s like a bright sky blue alright so right on the inside you
have your inflatable mattress so let’s lay this on the ground so we can inflate
it alright now I’m going to look at the instructions the instructions are fairly
easy going to unravel this and here is the instruction manual
exploded in the thing so when you unravel it you’re going to find it the
rabble it as you can see it is quite long now here is where you put the air
in you do not need a pump for this all you need to do is about 10 to 15 breaths
until you is at the firmness level that you want it up do that all right so here I have it all blown up
it’s in about 15 breaths I will say it was a little bit tricky to close it just
make sure that you can quickly put your hand on it and cover it otherwise you’re
fine the material is nylon with waterproof TPU lining and the sleeping
pad itself measures eighty eight point nine inches by twenty seven point five
it’s fairly long it’s actually quite longer than I thought it would be but
just pretty good but and this would be a great addition to your camping adventure
or maybe hiking or something like that this would definitely be handy to keep
in your backpack maybe even in your car or your bike just in case I also think
you could use this at the beach and many other places you might take like a nice
day trip to alright so we’re gonna try it out caius why don’t you lay on it he’s about six and then me about four
feet tall so how do you like it yeah pretty comfortable it’s not super
thick but it certainly provides a lot of comfort and it’s certainly a lot better
than something on just a blanket and how are you liking it is comfortable would
you sleep on it yes now let’s see if I can get this back into the bag I’m going
to follow the instructions the instructions on how to fold it back up
are in fact make use your manuals so let’s get it done alright so what you’re
going to do is undo the bow so all the air can flow out through this the other
way can you help me you’re like everybody back back alright
so now we’re going to fold it hot dog style so confident hot dog now once it’s
in hot dog style you can roll it up yeah right now that you’ve gotten to
this point you roll it up you can now fold it and then put it back all right
get up it’s all back in the bag now that was not as bad as I thought it was going
to be you can tighten it up now we are done alright so here’s a closer look at the
manual that comes inside here you do how do you do have the easy to inflate and
deflate instructions and how to clean it it does have two patches that you just
stick on to a place of maybe where it ripped or got punctured find this very
handy because that’s my problem with these type of inflatable mats is that I
get a hole and I don’t have anything do or I don’t have a way to fix it so this
is very handy and the instructions on how to do and fix this is inside alright
so that’s a look at the AGM camping sleeping pad make sure you check the
description for any links and like this video and subscribe to our channel for
more reviews thanks for watching you

6 thoughts on “Inflatable Sleeping Pad 🍀 AGM Camping Ultralight (Camping-Hiking) 👈

  1. Mattress Pad is garbage. I bought the same exact one hard to blow up and the hole is extra large letting all the Air to escape. Also, very uncomfortable to lay on and cheaply made. Not worth 10 bucks!

  2. Your little brother kept me laughing throughout the video! Product looks a bit flimsy for my taste though]

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