Innova Roc – English subtitles

Innova Roc –  English subtitles

Hi and welcome to my new video. Today`s topic is Dx Roc, which I`m gonna tell you more in a second. Since I got some discs to test last year from Innovastore, I`m going to review them to you this year. As said, our first disc is Roc. There`s a lot of different Rocs, but today we`re talking about these light Dx Rocs which are very good for the beginners. As a beginner`s disc Roc is pretty easy to throw it can be used to throw nice and straight throws, which are longer than with only putter With a bit older and used Roc you can also throw nice little anhyzers. Roc`s profile is pretty low, so a beginner or junior can easily throw it. When buying a Roc you should notice, that Roc is a very popular disc. There`s a lot of different molds, plastics and weights so you can`t just be like ”hey there`s some random Roc let`s buy it and it`ll definitely work well.” I recommend Roc very warmly to all beginners who are looking for a good midrange to get some more distance to their throws. I hope this video was useful for someone who wants to find new midrange or likes to know what kind of disc Dx Roc is. If you liked this video, give it a thumbs up and also subscribe to my channel. Tytötkin Fribaa is also in Instagram @tytotkin_fribaa and you can also follow me there. I`m pretty active there. I guess that was it. I hope this video helped someone. See you on the courses and remember, that girls play disc golf too! Tyyni 2019 starts today and we`re are travelling there soon, but just before that, I thought, that since I got these discs from Innovastore I might as well give them forward. I want to send reviewed discs to some girl or women discgolfers, who would like to have them. So, if you know someone who would need and/or deserve this Roc, go like my Instagram post related to this and send me on the Instagram direct the name of the girl or woman discgolfer who would need this disc. In 4th of July, I`ll choose one of them and send this Roc to her!

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