INSANE HOUSE ROBBING CHALLENGE?!?!?! (Thief Simulator Gameplay/Funny Moments)

no way i think they’re here (Intro plays) and today we’re gonna be playing thief
simulator to be completely honest I could lie and say well this games about
boyanov is your faith and your simulator I mean you’re simulating being a thief
yeah I’m guessing that’s awesome bit dodgy looking not gonna lie I guess
we’re just gonna jump straight in I cinematix you know I mean you know I
never talk let’s get right into the bin East based answer all right so we’re
gonna pick up the core ba e quick slow yeah all right so top it’s quick slow
and that’s where we just put a core ball I’m gonna break the planks fuck break
the planks you can allows you to make measurements no shit I crouch when
sneaking around that night it’s best to avoid water places your flashlight will
also make you very easy spot a flashlight
what is a man damn they’re way mark we’re looking at huh all right so this
is my flashlight break the window with a crowbar
get a crowbar but the window cause is there
Hey we’re gonna Rob this place itza open slowly interesting very interesting
teapot Silva wait is there anyone even in the house let’s just rub everything
we can my me throw some stuff and use the
flashlight so missus it’s some tutorial house in here there’s a toast
you can’t move with me cause you for some reason oh there’s a mini-map on the
bottom left you know are those the people your game looks good let me not
like game was good we can open a back door can we drive drive out the location
all right drive-ins right yeah but be much Brantford wharves
I am speeding on them where we got a bitch sorry can you hints oh is this our
place is that Mac I mean computer wait we sleep on our couch fucker you know
bird catches the worm you noms in tours for 50 buy tools hacking PDA you know
hacking laptop raw black bay or you can sell stuff oh so we can literally get
certain items and sell them oh and it’s like a combo last month so this website
if it has an item when you go in the house you can look for that specific
item and steal it and it will give you much this part if no suspicious how old
this one fucking are suspicious at all just a normal bloke so that still your
forms tells you about houses I told you like how security tips all these where
the loot is bad dorky little tips to help you break in and I’m guessing
they’re gonna be good in the long term so I’m just know about this one as long
doors have an old lock easy to pick I mean right the fuck don’t know what this
one does yet but we’ll find they’re back to the Batmobile oh so we
don’t actually drive back okay oh honey two pockets was yeah not all
right Demetri my like Dimitri I’m not selling auto stuck it’s my auto stop hey
don’t look at me I’m gonna put a toast to heaven five I’m
guessing that’s our neighborhood Green Street
Oh the story literally makes us the last on our special secret to be here you
know that’s the noise making you as much so we have to sell doll to the Amish –
in a car oh my god life’s hard so oh my god take the wrong thing I’m not having
a good day was it 109 I’m guessing you’re gonna have to black Parker these
parking spots that makes logical sense weights up 109 all right well that’s a
pop Mike all right here fuck how does a schmuck openness get into the door every
window every 100 key in the drawer to see the big item play in the car strike
a nice safe nope it’s money money see you always have to look good right let’s
get a TV let’s go oh yeah I had a front door key that’s
funny we should be just someone who can ask though on the bottom – you see that
open back open the back oh you just woke up – okay I make life easy it’s free
pedals by saw Mike and even you look where I’m driving to drive oh yeah so
the S is the best I’m pretty sure I don’t know the name black be going
through a subnet sell it here you make a bit more money but they’re a bit like
fine okay so these drops they give you for example I go to this house great
dishes I get $50 straight look at my name thunk free to – oh my god it’s nice
a specialist oh it’s a way after go break the dishes I’m literally gonna get
my call goes off and break the dishes why has my life come to wait blocking
traffic you can actually be blocking traffic I was gonna Park it right here
hot again oh oh and windows open as well that was a bit easy this place therefore
reminds me the first place we went to I’m pretty sure it is siliceous but yeah
I don’t know how to pick a look pasta yeah what stress busting what you gonna
do buy it so I think you should summit trespass if I literally one more second
order to be card for me let me just go oh because I person saw me probably you
love let me die all right I learned not picking number
one open easy logs with a lot all right so we’re gonna buy a DIY lockpick you
need to find the right angle the bobby pin in the wrote a block that was so
fucking long what the hell 111 by 7 a.m. and watch all right 7 a.m. yeah when
close enough you can mark a tenant to discover his daily routine mutt it Shawn
that’s the basics 1 there’s a parking thing right next to it let’s just fall
down you can sleep in the car that’s math good to know are you hold it
oh and on top right tells you like but I don’t know how all right you know what
that looks way more comfortable than the before they’re out from 9 to 11 asleep
in the car but that’s why he wants to go there 7 smart so let’s go in there and
take a shit back we’ve ran out of DIY simple locks do I have to go back and
buy more I’m just gonna run scales man well we’re gonna buy like good bears bet
your rolls thank you personally can go back in time somehow gonna cut corners
don’t cut corners I’m like what we do anything going for the jungles like this
that works a bit already don’t ask how I even worst I have no idea box of shady
content I will look for a bit of spare change nothing in here there’s no harm
in carrying it yeah don’t you see that here from 101 I’m not nice cold I’m
gonna be get this junk out of here how is that tree coming for the whoo-ha I
was your toilet huh let’s out of bossy shit of shady show Akshay – shit oh wait
do we sell cause something W man it’s this storage jewelry workshop this game
probably gets complicated fast and often be low key or save electricity our girl
won’t want to and break their window and run Oh hide hide from what is that range
yeah I’ve gonna be able to buy cars and I’m gonna do something crazy shut up if
I need the car I can just break and run again getting bitten first time you
stole something get more points as much either please even why I am
please pursue oh you can hide – like – police academic sense learn lock-picking
level – wait can I just do it ah I can learn what’s next – the story open okay
so we’re gonna try a new one we need a lockpick and guess we have to
buy the lockpick I’m gonna buy free because shit that’s easy
okay that’s way back way back another one okay so the guy wants to spray Kurt
Weiler so 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. so what I need to know all right let’s
sleep online and exit let’s go and steal that thing
I mean break the toilet I was one thing oh it’s all the way over there let’s go
so they should both be out by now front door key we’re gonna have to do I
got it guys this is easy easy number one I sprayed it with a bushing
an oak someone sauce why sorry installing things and it’s like a black
bee stuff for screen star that makes sense alright am ia genius stupid like
right now pedestrian was hard are you mad where’s the checkpoint I
don’t know how that works to this day at school up to Rhino prey
alright so we know where the stuff is go in quickly you want fun dokie
and you have to do in order it’s probably very OCD for some people easy
alright let’s just go back to quickly you want that phone last we want those
root I’m pretty sure you want that root wait that looks a lot like Heinz and
Jesus okay oh shit where could we hide I forgot oh
my god – gimme gimme how long do you have to hide for 10
years no way I think they’re here oh they went they
went wait police will tow my car we won’t make it were not gonna make it
I’m gonna make it I’m gonna make it they come in the combination we made it
we made it we made it we are self-ratings gonna be shit okay of
course we’re gonna get a rating because that wasn’t shit job not gonna like mine
spider does need not mean spider-man so level one we come on
therefore two we can turn right now hi guys I’m a leave this one a because I’ll
be recording 50 minutes I know you’ve only seen like three four or five
minutes well how long I’ve stretched us out too but I’ll do that because I’m the
David or Brooke of gaming I am if you want I will retweet your app down below
yes thank you for watching like comment and subscribe to faded edge

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