Insane Kids | Lele Pons & Hannah Stocking

Insane Kids | Lele Pons & Hannah Stocking

>>LELE PONS: Okay, I’ll see you at the party tonight. I just have to babysit. Don’t worry, I’ll get rid of them. They just arrived. Okay, I’ll talk to you later. Bye. Kids! Come on! I’ll get her. I’ll get her. Just go. Just go. Just go. God this is heavy. Make yourself at home. Don’t do anything though. Please. Just stay here, okay? Stay right here guys. Come in. Come in. Come in. Alright. Stay right here, okay? I’m just gonna lock the door, okay? Alright. [KNOCK ON DOOR] Hey!>>GUY: Lele! What’s up girl?
>>LELE PONS: Hey! What’s up?>>LELE PONS: You’re birthday is today. Happy Birthday!>>GUY: You already know what it is! This party is about to be lit! So we’ll have everyone come through here, you already know what it is. So…>>LELE PONS: Ow! Okay! Yeah.>>GUY: So, uh, yeah anyways, the dance floor is gonna be… Um, so…>>LELE PONS: No! You know what? Let’s go this way. Why don’t you just sit down. Why don’t you just sit down here, okay?>>GUY: You sure you’re good right?>>LELE PONS: Yeah.>>GUY: Okay, so yeah, make sure you bring your ID. It’s clutch. Um, it starts at 8 tonight.>>LELE PONS: NO!>>GUY: And I’ll, uh, I’ll hit you up tonight.>>LELE PONS: Okay, I’ll see you tonight. [KNOCK ON DOOR] Hey guys!>>STEVEN SPENCE: What do you want?>>LELE PONS: Can you do me a huge favor?>>STEVEN SPENCE: Absolutely not.>>LELE PONS: Okay. Can you babysit?>>STEVEN SPENCE: Babysit? [GUYS LAUGHING] No.>>LELE PONS: Um, I’ll hook you up with my girls.>>STEVEN SPENCE: Done.>>JO JOE: No. Wait, wait. That’s too easy man.>>STEVEN SPENCE: Okay, yeah no. No, um…>>LELE PONS: Please help me.>>STEVEN SPENCE: Just give me the little one.>>LELE PONS: Just the baby? Okay. Okay.>>JO JOE: Yeah, we don’t want those.>>STEVEN SPENCE: Just the one.>>LELE PONS: Here.>>JO JOE: Why is it so small?>>STEVEN SPENCE: It’s already stinky. I kinda like this little thing. You’re so cute. Aren’t you->>PETER: We’ll be good kids.>>ANNA: Under one condition.>>LELE PONS: And what is that? Anna!>>ANNA: I wanna be a princess!>>LELE: You brat!>>HANNAH STOCKING: What is all this commotion? You guys are not supposed to be doing that!>>LELE PONS: Yes please! Help me! Finally!>>HANNAH STOCKING: Without me!>>LELE PONS: What? No!>>HANNAH STOCKING: I love my job!>>ANNA: Let’s get out of here!>>SPLACK: Okay, so what do people normally do?>>STEVEN SPENCE: I don’t know.
>>JO JOE: Ask her.>>SPLACK: Ask? Hey, can I change you? Do you need to be changed? Do we, do we take it to the bathroom? Do you change it or?>>JO JOE: Me change it?
>>STEVEN SPENCE: You change it. You change it.>>JO JOE: Why do I gotta change it?>>SPLACK: I think she laid one. I think she laid one out.>>JO JOE: Alright. Alright. [BLEEP] it. [GUYS ALL IN DISGUST] [ ♪ CLOSER – CHAINSMOKERS ♪ ]>>PETER: Are you mad at us?>>LELE PONS: No. I’m not mad. I’m happy! I’m happy! Knock it off! So what we’re gonna do right now, we’re gonna go to this club, and you guys are going to behave, okay? These children are the devil.>>ANNA: I speak Spanish.>>LELE PONS: [BLEEP] [BABY CRYING]>>JO JOE: Maybe we should do be peek-a-boo?>>GUY: Oh peek-a-boo always works. [GUYS DO PEEK-A-BOO] [BABY CRYING] Look at the panda! Look at the panda! [GUYS ALL TALKING] [GUYS RAPPING] [BABY CRYING]>>STEVEN SPENCE: That didn’t work damn.>>SPLACK: Damn.>>GUY: And you still crying? [MUSIC]>>BOUNCER: ID’s please.>>LELE PONS: They’re with me.>>PETER: That’s Mr. Smith.>>ANNA: I’m 40.>>PETER: You’re really pretty.>>INANNA SARKIS: Thank you. How old are you?>>PETER: I think I love you.>>INANNA SARKIS: Who let this kid in?>>GUY: Hey! What’s up?
>>LELE PONS: Awesome party!>>GUY: Thank you for coming!>>LELE PONS: Of course! I have something to tell you.>>GUY: Oh! I have something to tell you too. Babe!>>LELE PONS: Babe?>>GUY: This is my girlfriend. [PETER CRYING]
[ANNA SCREAMING]>>ANNA: Didn’t you guys see me out there? This was the best night of my life! Woo-hoo!>>LELE PONS: It’s bedtime! [KNOCK ON DOOR] Hey!>>ANDY PAGANA: Hey! I’m here for the kids.>>LELE PONS: Yes, yes, yes, yes. Kids?>>ANDY PAGANA: Everything go alright?>>LELE PONS: No, not at all, but yeah they’re here, you can pick them up. Yep.>>ANDY PAGANA: What’s going on?>>LELE PONS: Yeah…>>ANDY PAGANA: Those aren’t my kids.>>LELE PONS: I’m sorry, can you repeat that again?>>ANDY PAGANA: Those are not my children!>>LELE PONS: What?!

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  1. I’m a middle child of my family and I have one big brother and one little brother and I’m the only red head in my hole family and I’m 9 years old it sucks being a only sister

  2. Lele I love you Lele fart video you just yell at the kids that's not how I treat my kids so give me those kids I will watch them for you cuz I have put the kids to destruct and my kid follow the road so I don't have to yell at them

  3. 1:50: I WANNA BE A PRINCESS!!!
    My sister when she watches frozen: I WANNA BE A PRINCESS!!!
    They're exactly the same…

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