Inside Gigi Hadid’s Makeup Bag

Inside Gigi Hadid’s Makeup Bag

Hi, I’m Gigi Hadid, we are on the floor of
my apartment in Soho, New York, and if I could have 5 things only in my makeup bag, this
is what they would be. Okay, the first one is—I can’t say it. Okay. The first one is Koh Gen Do. But it’s spelled D-O, that’s “do”? Okay—it’s Koh Gen Do. I’m sorry if I just pronounced your company
name wrong. But, the Aqua Foundation with SPF 15. It’s a really good foundation, and it’s really
light on your skin—it doesn’t cake up, you can still see your freckles or whatever. It just brightens up your skin. I use OC3, the color. Okay. Um, to apply my foundation, I use a Tarte
Foundation Brush, and I really like the brush because it kind of gives it an airbrush effect,
and it works really nicely with the Light Aqua foundation. My third thing is the Diorshow Iconic Overcurl
by Dior. And, um, I really like this mascara because
of the tip of the brush. It has a curve so it gives your eyelashes
a really nice shape. And before I put my mascara on, I use my fourth
item, which is just my eyelash curler by CoverGirl. I just got it at CVS. I don’t think it’s really necessary to spend
a lot of money on an eyelash curler. And my last thing is Tom Ford’s Concealing
Pen. And it’s really great because you can get,
you know, whatever color you need—I use Medium-Light. But um, then you just twist here and the concealer
comes out, and then you just dab it and then kind of blend it in with the little spongy
thing on top. So it’s really easy. You don’t need a concealer and a blender,
or whatever, so, yeah! And those are my 5 things.

52 thoughts on “Inside Gigi Hadid’s Makeup Bag

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  2. Ha all the girls at my school buying Maybelline just because Gigi is in the commercial. She ain't using it for shit 😂

  3. Am i the only one who thinks this video looks scripted af? I know they tried to make it seem like she is reletable and fun at the beginning,but that was also very fake looking to me

  4. She's very average looking in fact I dnt like her face her mouth is open most of the times and her eyes are hooded she looks sleepy always also she is very cold and yellow

  5. Gigi is beautiful because her beauty of the Arabs and her beauty is 100% Palestinian and I am honored to be like her Arab and wonderful beauty.💓💓💓👍😉


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