INTERVIEW TIPS for New and Experienced NURSES

INTERVIEW TIPS for New and Experienced NURSES

what’s up guys it’s nurse Blake here and
I just wanted to take a few moments to share with you tips for a successful
interview this is a critical part of your nursing journey and it’s always
good to have some things in your back pocket whenever it comes to interviewing so I’ve been in health care since I was
17 years old I’ve worked as a patient transporter that was my first job in
healthcare it was so much fun being able to really have a good time with the
patients you know race him down the hallways and I would just go all over
the place I had friends throughout the whole Hospital it was so much fun and
then after that I got a job as a surgical assistant where I helped press
the bars and then also clean them up you know after the procedure was done and
then I got a job in the neuro ICU as a patient care tech I worked along with
some of the coolest nurses and it was really good experience because I was
going to nursing school and also learning so much at the bedside
graduated nursing school and then I’ve held three nursing jobs since then so
I’ve had my share of interviews at first I was so nervous but through each and
every one I’ve had I’ve gotten a lot of practice and a lot of experience and
that’s what I wanted to share with you guys today
tips that I’ve learned failures successes that I’ve had in my interviews
that will help empower you when you go in for your next nursery
what’s start off by being yourself this is one of the most easiest things to say
but one of the hardest things to do because a lot of times you could be
nervous in the interview feel uncomfortable but it’s all about the
first five minutes kind of breaking that ice so smile laugh tell a joke share
personal story don’t you talk about the weather outside get used this time to
really get yourself comfortable and it will also help the people on the other
side of the table be comfortable too and then be yourself just be you the people
who are interviewing you they were in your shoes before so try to not let them
really timid 8u and really they’re just looking
for someone who’s authentic and that could be with their patients and also
the team and really fit in with the group so definitely be yourself and
don’t be over rehearsed or over practice do your research and what this means is
do your research on the organization and unit you’re applying for every
organization has a mission goal and vision and you guys should know these
and understand these before you’re going into the interview because you could use
a little bit of their mission and vision and some of your talking points okay
they may say how do you know about the organization and you’ll be able to give
some feedback and share knowledge that you’ve already done research on and then
do research on your unit what do they specialize in have they received any
awards are they magnet accredited and this will also help you score some
brownie points so do your research on the organization and unit that you’re
applying for this is the fun part and this is something you should always have
and you could really start building this in nursing school and it is your own
personal portfolio about your experiences in school and also jobs so
mine’s a little boring but you could dress yours up a little bit and really
show your personality and make sure you have a few of these because after every
interview you should leave it behind and give it to the person interviewing you
so they can show their team it’ll also be something that they’ll be able to
remember you guys so in a portfolio again have fun there should be a lot of
fun to make one of these and you’ll be able to you’re done making it you’ll be
able to see all the work you have accomplished and it will help you feel
more confident going into that interview so in a portfolio always have your
resume first and then have a list of references and also throw a few
recommendation letters in there that always makes you look really good
followed by that should be your certifications so you have your nursing
license in there your pals your CPR your ACLs make sure you include those
certifications in here because over you stand out after that you should have
any cool research you’ve done or any papers you’ve written followed by
community service that you’ve done in school or outside of school and then
show a list of any professional organizations you’ve been in what’s
great about this is even if you forget about one of your accomplishments you
could reference it in the interview and go through it with them you know this is
what I did really cool this is I participated in this nursing
organization I volunteer here at this point it really it should be something
that showcases you and that you’ll be able to show off a little bit remember
leave this with them this would be something that they’ll be able to
remember you by and also reference it back and they’ll also share it with the
other team members so they can get a glimpse of what their future coworker is
going to be like so have a portfolio have about five or six of these take
them to every every interview you have so again in the portfolio should be your
resume your references and recommendation letters certification so
pal CPR ACLs CCRN you should have any cool research or papers you’ve written
this could be things you get in school or outside of school any volunteer
service or community service you’ve done and also any membership to professional
organizations you’re in make sure to include those keywords remember and note
some key words that you want to remember and say and bring up during your
interview and a list of my recommendations are teamwork and
collaboration because as a nurse you have to work with different departments
so definitely throw those words in through your interview effective and
efficient healthcare organizations want to know that you’re effective in your
work irresponsible and you’re also efficient also mention cultural
competent care and also patient-centered care they’re really really like those so
any types of words that you have that you want to remember and reference or
bring out during your interview make a list try
remember them jot them down on some notes and again my recommendations are
words like cultural competent care patient-centered care
teamwork collaboration responsible effective and efficient and just
bringing those up throughout your interview will make you sound pretty
good so practice interview questions you can check out the website nurse play
comm and reference the tips for successful interview article and you’ll
be able to see a list of some examples that I have with interview questions
always start at the beginning a middle and an end and make sure you always end
every answer with something positive because you always want to leave them on
a positive note and then silence is okay it’s okay to take your breath and relax
and really think about your answer before it starts coming out of your
mouth so silence is okay don’t be scared of silence so I think there’s three
types of questions that are asked in interviews one are pretty generic things
like tell me about yourselves why did you get into nursing and then the second
type of question is a little more specific where they want examples
specific examples shared about your past experience so that would be like
describe a time when you disagreed with your coworker and how is that issue
resolved questions like this they want specifics don’t make your answer too
short and then don’t drag it out either start it with the beginning middle and
end and always end on a positive note another example of these specific
questions would be explain a time when you went above and beyond your basic
responsibilities another one collaboration is key in healthcare
explain the time when you collaborated with others what was the situation and
outcome and the last one for this specific here we inspire innovation
describe a time when you had to be innovative alright so these are specific
questions that really demand specific answers and like I said silence is okay
take your time to really think about the question always
beginning middle and end and always end on a positive note the third types of
questions they ask in interviews are unit specific or specialty specific so
obviously do some research on the unit you’re working on whether that be
surgery OB med surg ICU neuro alright know the content and know what types of
patients those are going to be and what types of healthcare issues this patients
or your unit are going to have because they may ask you specific questions
about the care of those patients and there’s something you should know if
they ask you why you’re getting into neuro you can’t just say oh because I
saw it online and I just apply because any job all right
know the details about the specialty that you’re applying for now it’s your
turn to ask questions and please do ask questions it shows that you’re
interested that you want dialogue and not that you’re just out there looking
for a job all right so ask about the nurse patient
ratio what is the orientation process to look like any opportunities to
participate in a unit practice counsel and then always ask when you should
expect to hear from them after the interview and always follow-up so after
you leave your interview and you get back home and you relax don’t forget to
send an email to the HR coordinator and also the people interviewing you and
thank them for their time away from the bedside or away from their office just
go with you to get to know a little more about you to see if you’d be a good fit
for their team so always write a thank-you letter if there’s anything
that you forgot to say or mention you could also include this so this is kind
of your second chance to be in their ear to share with the things that you did
forget that you want them to remember and then if you were supposed to hear
from them in three days but it’s been four days and you’re getting anxious go
ahead pick up the phone it’s okay right in my friendly email just a reminder
that you wanted a staff sub date alright it’s okay to do that
it’s okay to follow up with them especially if an expectation of three
days was set and then practice this is key but it also needs to be balanced
don’t get practice confused with over-rehearsed because during your
interview it’s about being yourself it’s not about YOU sounding over
rehearsed or being stiff the whole interview is about being genuine in
practice is about being able to slow down anticipate some questions some key
words you want to say practicing just makes you reflect on your career and
journey you’ve had so far to kind of put all your thoughts together to go in and
take to the interview so so practice with a family member practice with a
friend practice doing your introduction answering some sample questions put
together your portfolio and practice asking someone else questions so
practice is definitely key but it’s also a good balance like I said you never
want to sound over rehearse so thank you guys so much for listening you have this
all right it’s all about showcasing yourself and really sharing with them
your accomplishments and your goals in life so enjoy the process you got this
please share with me your experiences I want to hear your feedback let me know
how it goes and if these tips really helped you so
thank you guys so much for listening be sure to share it with all your other
nurse and friends and then don’t forget to follow a nurse like keep finding me
on Facebook Instagram Twitter and you can also check out more content on nurse

57 thoughts on “INTERVIEW TIPS for New and Experienced NURSES

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