Introducing: Shimoda Action X Camera Bags and Accessories

Introducing: Shimoda Action X Camera Bags and Accessories

7 thoughts on “Introducing: Shimoda Action X Camera Bags and Accessories

  1. I love my Shimoda pack already but it appears the makers have actually taken all our feedback about the current design and brought it to a new level. The expandable top part to fit winter clothes looks perfect, in some ways I wish I'd gone with the 60L not the 40 because of room for non camera gear. I caught a glimpse of Nick Page in this video, his reviews on your bags are part of why I chose Shimoda and have no regrets.

  2. The x50 looks dope, i bet it fits as a carry-on and could be store in a over-head compartment in planes (since my North Face duffel S is 52L and fits perfectly)

  3. How much space is there in the top compartment for clothes in the X50? If I going on a longer trip would it be better to go with the X70 or would I be able to fit my clothes in the X50?

  4. Hi Ian. The top loader case that can strap onto the chest or belt seems very useful. It reminds me of the Peak Design Capture Clip I currently use. Its great but leaves my camera exposed in rough terrain. Any chance the top loader case is sold by itself and can be attached to other backpacks universally like the Peak Design Capture Clip? A smaller top loader the size of a small Shimado Core unit with a top zip would be ideal and serve the same function as the capture clip with the added benefit of protection.

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