Jayden Bartels & Annie LeBlanc Make a Cartoon! ✍️ Expert Attempters: Ep. 4 | Nick

Jayden Bartels & Annie LeBlanc Make a Cartoon! ✍️ Expert Attempters: Ep. 4 | Nick

– But like what about a shoe? Shoe sandwich. – Marshmallow sandwich? – Rollercoaster sandwich. – A water sandwich. – Water slide sandwich. We should really open a sandwich shop. – Hello? – Hey, is this Annie and Jayden? – Yeah.
– That’s us. – And this is Nate over at Nickelodeon. We’re really excited with
what you guys are doing, and we were talking and
want you guys to come in and pitch us an animated idea. We’re thinking a dog. – A dog?
– We love dogs, We can do that. – We love dogs.
– We will do that. – It’s probably our favorite things ever!
– Ever! – Awesome. Well, I look forward to
hearing from you guys soon. – Thank you, you picked the right people. – We’re on our way!
– Goodbye. – Bye! – We got to go. – Go, go, go. – [Jayden] Oh, Annie, the juices! – I’m Annie. – And I’m Jayden. – [Annie] We’ve done a lot of things. – [Jayden] So we can do anything. – [Annie] Or at least attempt to. – [Jayden] We are, – [Both] Expert attempters! – [Jayden] Our own animated series? – For Nickelodeon! – How crazy is that? – This is going to to be so fun. – But we don’t know
anything about animation. – It’s fine. – Like drawing cartoons,
we don’t know that. – We could just ask the
first people we see. – Hmm? – You guys, hi, I’m Annie. – Hi, I’m Jayden.
– Hi, I’m Gary. – I’m Tommy. – Nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you.
– Nice to meet you. – So, who are you guys? – We make cartoons. – We are breadwinners! – What a weird coincidence, we need someone to help us make a cartoon. We don’t know anything about animation, or cartoons.
– Can you help us? – We’re here for you.
– Yeah. Yeah, we got your back. We have to figure out what they look like. – I’m thinking big ears. – Big ears.
– Because Corgis have big ears.
– Aww, big ears. – Okay. – I’m thinking a normal
sized top of her body, but then her legs are
just like, extremely long. – Like this?
– Oh, I love it! – Fern’s turn. So I was thinking like a blue cat. – [Jayden] Ooh, I like that. – [Annie] Like a baby blue cat. Maybe like a skateboard? – Ooh, I love that.
– Skateboard? – There we go. – How do we think they’re going to move? – We can show you.
– We can show you, yeah. – It’s like really like,
you know, it’s like bring. – So it’s just like, whoosh! – Are you ready to record some voices? – We are.
– Yes. – Hi, I’m Penny, I’m a Corgi, and I have really long legs! – Can we go? – [Annie] Higher.
– Higher? – Can we go high?
– I can try. Hi, I’m Penny, I’m a Corgi, and I have really long legs! Ah, I didn’t even know I could do that. First we make it harder on ourselves. – Hey, yo, what up? It’s Fern, I’m a cat, and I’m also a pants maker. – It’s hard being a Corgi when you have the longest legs ever, ugh! – We’re best friends! Woo. Okay, yeah! – Totally nailed it!
– We’re good. – Yeah, you’re pros. – [Annie And Jayden] Thank you. – You don’t even need us. – I mean.
– I think we do. – [Jayden] I love it. – [Annie] I love it so much. – Penny and Fern, that’s us! – Hello, how are you? – Hi.
– Hey. – I’m Jayden. – And I’m Annie. – Yeah, we’re so excited to be here.
– So honored to be here. Thank you, this is our dream. – Yeah, we’re so excited
that you guys could come in. Thank for taking the call, and I’m really excited to see
what you guys came up with. – Are you going to, erm, are you going to sit
all the way over there? – Yeah. – Uh, okay. That’s cool. – So, our show is called, – Penny and Fern! – Basically, my first
initial idea was like, dog. – Dog!
– Corgi! – Corgi! – Because Corgis are my
favorite animal ever. – It’s her favorite one. – So I was like, hold on a minute. It’s got to be something
crazy, so then I was like, long legs!
– Long Legs! – Like, the longest. Pretty much, Penny is
like a cute little Corgi, but not actually that little, she has really long legs, and she’s kind of insecure about them. So basically, this show
is about her journey with her best friend.
– Me. – Dealing with her insecurities. – Her best friend’s name is Fern. She’s the coolest cat, here she is. – Right there. – Look at that, she’s a tough girl! As you can see by her chain. And get this. – Get this. – She’s a fashion designer. – Well, well. – She’s a pant maker. – She just specifies she’s
a pant maker, nothing else. – Pant maker.
– Yeah. – Here’s a little clip
from the first episode. – They’re Penny and Fern
and they live in the city. Now lets start the show. – It’s hard being a Corgi when you have the longest legs ever, ugh! – Haha, look at the legs on that Corgi. They’re so long. – Ugh. – Hey, what up, Penny? Why the sad face? – Hey, Fern. It’s my legs, they’re so long! – Hey, why don’t I make ya some pants? I’m a cat, and I’m also a pants maker. – You mean a fashion designer. – Nope, I only make pants. Let’s go! – I don’t know Fern, pants
seem like they fit funny. And the stripes make my
legs look even longer, ugh! – Trust me, you look sick! – I’m like a Corgi long legs! – I can fix it. I fixed it! – I love it! We’re best friends! – Woo! – And thank you.
– Thank you. – [Nate] Awesome. – I’m so proud. – Awesome job girls.
– Thank you. – I can tell a lot of work went into this. My one question is, the pants. You guys have seen dogs
wear pants like this? – Yeah, 100 percent have seen it with my own eyes.
– You haven’t? – Pants should go here on a dog. If the dog was going to
wear a shirt with the pants, how would the shirt fit it, if the? – On the top of it’s body.
– On the top of it’s body. – But where are the arms? – It doesn’t have arms.
– It doesn’t have arms. – Four legs. – Four legs. – Interesting take. – Is that a yes? – That’s a yes! – We did it! – It’s a we’ll see. – It’s a we’ll see! – It’s a we’ll see, that’s good enough. – Thank you so much.
– Thank you so much. – Okay, yeah, thank you. You can keep these, that’s for you. – Thank you. – Yep, have so much fun! Can you believe that we’re like– – We’re animators. – Professional animators.
– Professional. Like, we have created a show. There’s going to be– – Wait, I wonder when
we’re getting our desk? – Oh my gosh, yeah, and our little studio. – It’s going to be like, Annie and Jayden. – Wow, I mean, I cannot wait. – Obviously that’s not how
a dog’s going to wear pants. So, right? I mean, right? You see it. – You know, I have a question. – [Jayden] Okay. – You have two bread things. Wait, bread bug, bread bug? – Pieces of bread.

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    Annie (still enthusiastic) : ITS A WE'LL SEE
    Jayden (not so enthusiastic) :…it's a uh.. we'll see

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