Jerry Cantrell – What’s In My Bag?

Jerry Cantrell – What’s In My Bag?

Hi, this is Jerry Cantrell from Alice in Chains and I’m at Amoeba Music. This is What’s in My Bag. What was the first thing? I think I went ZZ Top, ‘Tres Hombres.’ Awesome record. ‘Waitin’ for the Bus’ and ‘Jesus Just Left Chicago’ is just a great opener. Always been a fan of these guys. Just the groove, the blues, and also like a heavy rock element to it as well. And I was always amazed by guitar players, so nobody really has quite the tone that Mr. Gibbons has. I love everything that Elton John does, but ‘Madman Across The Water,’ there’s something really magical about this record to me. Just the work itself, the denim artwork, the tracks are amazing. ‘Levon,’ ‘Tiny Dancer,’ ‘Madman Across The Water.’ I love every song on this record. Probably the artist that kind of made me want to be a musician, y’know, Elton John. So it was the first thing that I kind of really got turned on to and I got what songwriting was, and y’know feel and emotion. Even though I was just a little kid, but I loved Elton John and this is one of my favorites. I’m a huge Sabbath fan. One of my biggest influences, Tony Iommi on guitar, for sure. And just the feel of the band and just the songwriting. Ozzy’s vocals, always creepy and powerful. And then later on in life to, y’know, have the connection with him. He gave us one of our first big breaks opening up for the band. And we went out on the ‘No More Tours’ tour actually. And they’re still touring, by the way. But we got a bass player out of the deal, we got Mike Inez out of the deal so that was a pretty good bonus. I saw this little ‘British Steel’ Judas Priest coffee mug. Made me think of Dime, Dimebag. I think this was one of his favorite records and one of mine too. I just thought this would be great to have at home, have a little ‘British Steel’ for breakfast. Got the Beatles ‘Abbey Road,’ of course. Masterpiece, as far as exploration and studio and songwriting. This is where it all started. The artistic output put out in such a short period of time is just amazing to me today. Set a pretty high bar, y’know and it’s always fun trying to make something that kind of stands up to something like that, y’know? My favorite straight-up rock and roll band of all time, AC/DC, ‘Highway to Hell.’ Unfortunately Bon passed away, but they moved on strongly with ‘Back in Black’ which is another hugely inspirational record to me, with Brian Johnson. Love this record, y’know, ‘Highway to Hell,’ ‘Girls Got Rhythm,’ ‘Walk All Over You’ ‘Night Prowler’ is still one of my all-time favorite songs. This is one of my all-time favorite records. ‘Rumours,’ to me, is a masterpiece. I would later kind of read about the state of the band and the turmoil and it makes more sense when you listen to the material. You can hear all of that in this record. It’s so alive. And while the band maybe personally is kind of falling apart kind of at the same time it’s the peak artistic achievement I think, in my opinion. I also got in my bag a couple of little knick-knacks. Both my parents were huge country music fans so I grew up just listening to it with them playing it. So I saw Johnny Cash and I saw Willie there. I gotta get these guys, man. Two of my greatest heroes as well. I learned a lot from country artists like these guys. Songwriters, y’know, the songs stand the test of time. Also, they had really long careers. He’s still rockin’ y’know. Two icons of country music and two of my favorites so that’s why I picked these up. There we go, that’s it, yeah. That’s awesome, thank you. That’s what I got in my bag, man. Thank you so much, I really appreciate it. No problem.

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  1. Jerry hit the nail on the head with his comments on "Rumours"….It truly is alive, and the peak artistic achievement for Fleetwood Mac….

  2. I harmonies, lyrics and seasonings he puts into his songs… I hear it in his picks.
    Wish we still had brick and mortar record stores.

  3. I would love to share a joint with jerry. Im not even a massive alice in chains fan (although i do have massive respect) he just seems like a really cool guy

  4. I met Jerry about 2 months ago, I wen't to shake his hand and say hello outside a local venue here. He threw a guitar pick on the ground and told me to "Go pick it up" he kept walking after that. #Douchebag

  5. Go back if you can, and find the episode of Headbangers Ball where Alice in Chains is with Riki Rachtman at the Water Park. Jerry Cantrell will make you vomit you laugh so hard ! Love this guy

  6. Makes me wonder why these big artists buy vinyls or cds. Cause I always think to myself, shouldn’t you already own these by now?

  7. Black Sabbath's Paranoid turned me onto guitars and I was 5 when I heard Electric Funeral. Best riff ever for me personally.

  8. I'm surprised he didn't buy these albums years ago. I'm just a bit older than him and I bought all of these albums over 30-some years ago…and still have them.

  9. I love Jerry, but all these items feel so 'planted' that this 'what's in my bag' just feels fake af right now. Who really right here, right now is carrying a bunch of fucking VINYL in their bags..and candles…I mean seriously. Yes, I respect his opinion, but this delivery is so practiced it's pissed off as fucking shit.

  10. Its unreal that his taste in music is a lot like mine!!  I think he is one of the most underated guitarists and he is still going strong!!  Awesome!!

  11. No More Tours Knoxville TN. 10 years after Randy Rhodes last show. Layne was still in the wheel chair. Selpatura opened. GD what a great show.

  12. Loved his picks! Shit he grew up with, He bought, his mom and dad rocked, Am radio, all his influences. Cool stuff, we learned alot about him as a person.

  13. Very cool video. It would seem that I share alot of influences with Jerry. Elton was what got me to want to be a musician, Tony Iomi, the country component, AC/DC, Judas Priest, and best of all, Alice in Chains!!!

  14. Whenever I talk about Alice In Chains to people that have never really listened to them, I describe them as a heavy band that truly shows their influences on their sleeve. Literally everything that Jerry picked up backs that up. Holy shit… I loved the ACDC recognition especially. All of these influences, and more, paved the ground work for one of the most under-rated metal bands to have ever existed in my own opinion. This band changed so many things for me as a musician, growing up.

  15. Grunge was supposed to be a real and "down to earth" genre, that's why he didn't pick obscure hipster stuff. All these albums are good btw.

  16. Guys !! this gentleman is not underrated…..every true ones love him since early 90s…..from metal to whatever !!

  17. I love seeing artista of every genre of music picking UP classics band no matter what they play and what kind of music they do.

  18. 2020 Next great music Decade? British Steel. Great pick. High way to hell & Rumours & the man in black. Great influence👍🎶🎧 the 80' were Awesome.

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