Joe Biden’s Baggage Is Too Big To Ignore

Joe Biden’s Baggage Is Too Big To Ignore

All right, with Joe Biden now officially the
Democratic front runner, it’s time to take a good hard look at what kind of a candidate
Joe Biden is going to be and the reason I say that is because Republicans are already
doing it. On Wednesday, day after Super Tuesday when
Biden officially did become the front runner, Fox news programs were talking about Joe Biden’s
alleged dementia, his cognitive decline. They were showing clips from speeches where
he didn’t know what he was talking about, mocking him, making fun of him, which I do
not think you should do at this point. But they’re actually raising very serious
questions, questions that, believe it or not, folks are going to resonate with the American
public. Now, as I said, you should not mock Joe Biden
or make fun of him for what’s happening to him. But at the same time, I do firmly believe
that we are witnessing cognitive decline. Last night I watched an interview from Joe
Biden from 2016, it was shocking. The man didn’t stutter or stumble. He didn’t not finish his sentences or finish
his thoughts. He didn’t say anything weird or crazy. He just gave a straight calm interview where
he was able to articulate his thoughts incredibly well. And you compare that with what we see today
and yeah, there’s a big issue. There’s a big problem, and Republicans less
than a day, less than a day after he becomes the front runner are already running this
nonstop. This is going to be the big campaign issue
and that’s just one of the many pieces of baggage that Joe Biden brings to this election. Baggage that the corporate media, other than
Fox news, is ignoring. These are serious issues, folks. If we want this guy to have a shot at beating
Donald Trump, we need to vet him properly and get these things out in the open while
we still have two thirds of the delegates available and we can right this train. As I mentioned, that’s just one of the pieces
of baggage, Joe Biden’s obvious cognitive decline. We have other things that Donald Trump and
the Republicans are going to pounce on. For example, his vote for the Iraq war. Most people now think that, hey, that’s a
really horrible thing that you did there and it’s horrible that you even came back later
and defended it. Trump didn’t vote for the Iraq war and he
is on record at the time saying he didn’t support it. So in this particular instance, Trump is going
to try to paint himself as the anti war candidate, and Joe Biden is going to be painted as the
pro war candidate. Now we know it’s not true, folks. We know that that is not true. Joe Biden doesn’t have a good record on it,
but Trump’s not anti war by any stretch of the imagination. He’s out there using drones and bombing and
selling weapons. He is a pro war person. But we know that because we’re plugged in,
we do this on the regular basis. You’re watching this video because you know
and understand politics. Majority of people in this country don’t. They don’t know that. So Trump’s gonna run an ad calling Biden pro
war, calling himself anti war, and most people in the public will never look beyond that
ad. So that’s a massive liability for Joe Biden. Taking corporate money, massive liability
for Joe Biden among the progressive wing of the Democratic party. We’re not happy about that. We don’t want to go back to the days of the
Obama administration where the bankers literally get to break the law all the time and the
DOJ just slaps them with a moderate fine that is far less than the profits they made off
the crime that they committed. So they pay a small fee and then they go on
their way. None of them go to jail. We’re sick and tired of this. Let’s have the bankers, let’s have the fossil
fuel executives, let’s have all of these CEOs out there face the same kind of justice that
anyone else in this country would face if they didn’t have $10 million sitting in the
bank. That’s something we need to do. And then of course there’s the biggest issue
of all and Lindsey Graham did a great job of highlighting this yesterday saying, oh,
we’re going to start talking about it, and that is Ukraine, Burisma, Hunter Biden. We are going to be inundated for the next
eight months with nonstop talk of how Hunter Biden broke the law. Joe Biden broke the law. They were working with Ukraine. They were conspiring. There was a quid pro quo somewhere in there
probably. Those are all talking points that by the way
are completely false, totally false and we know that, again, because we pay attention,
the public doesn’t. So they’re going to run ads saying that Hunter
Biden is corrupt, saying that Joe Biden is corrupt, saying there was some kind of unholy
deal between them and Burisma and Ukraine and most people in the country are going to
believe it. And we know that one, because they literally
told us yesterday, but two, the latest round of polling shows that 57% of people in this
country think that what Joe and Hunter Biden did in Ukraine is a scandal, 57%. Contrast that to only 47% who think it’s a
scandal that the Senate didn’t convict Trump. More people in this country think Joe Biden
should be accountable for breaking the law then think Trump should, and really folks,
only one of those people actually broke the law. I do not think for a second Joe or Hunter
Biden did anything illegal with this. Does it look bad? Probably, yeah. But was it illegal? Nope. And does that matter for the average American
citizen out there who doesn’t know anything of what’s happening? Nope. And that’s the danger. Even though that whole scandal is imaginary,
it is still baggage. Because if it gets brought up or, excuse me,
when it gets brought up, Biden’s gonna be, you know, oh boy, no, no, no. I here, here’s the true. Here’s the truth, folks. Here, there’s no malarkey here. And people are going to be, what the hell
is he? He’s not, he’s not giving us a clear answer
here. He must be guilty. That’s how people think, folks. That’s how voters think. Joe Biden has a 0% chance of beating Donald
Trump in a general election. He just, I’m sorry, there’s no chance at all. If he becomes the nominee, and we will know
that at that Democratic convention in July, the election’s already over. You know what’s the point? Trump will beat him. Trump will destroy him, and then we get another
four years of everybody saying, I told you so. But the establishment won’t care. They’ll make the same mistakes in 2024. Anything to avoid admitting, yeah, once again,
we put up a hugely flawed candidate because we, just like the Trump supporters, didn’t
want to live in reality.

100 thoughts on “Joe Biden’s Baggage Is Too Big To Ignore

  1. I don't have a dog in this fight, as an Independent, but I do agree that Bernie as an individual is stronger than Biden or Trump. That being said, it doesn't automatically mean the Super Tuesday primaries were rigged, by the DNC or anyone else. All the "Bernie or nobody" people need to understand that when not enough people, young people especially, support Bernie in polls and interviews, but can't be bothered to actually vote, Biden gets more votes and wins states. Talk is cheap if people don't back up what they say by voting. Biden got more across the board support, endorsements, and voters. Bernie didn't widen his base of support, and in many cases, didn't even try to reach segments of voters he had lower support from, like the African American voters that got Biden wins in South Carolina, and many Super Tuesday states.

  2. GET OVER IT COUSINS!!! bernie IS TOAST!!! HE WILL NEVER OVERCOME 75 DELEGATE DEFICIT…. POLLS IN FLORIDA SHOW bernie WILL BE UTTERLY HUMILIATED HERE!!! The only question now is, will bernie behave as the same jackass that he behaved as in 2016, when he REFUSED to suspend his campaign, knowing that he had no path to victory!!!

  3. Hi, I'm Joe Biden, and I'm running for president. I don't really know why, and I just found my keys in the freezer again. I have a platform of nothing, and if by some miracle I beat Trump and become president nothing will change. You will vote for me because the wealthy establishment that controls everything political in this country has convinced you to.

  4. Biden is a nice man but seems to be on the shores of dementia! He is such a nice but past his prime unfortunately!

  5. Biden wad good enough for Obama for 8 years and he's damn good enough for me. Im going with whoever the Democrats nominee is! Do play that Hillary ard and end ip with Trump again.

  6. you remind me of a left wing sean hanity. you offer strong opinions and present them as fact. that doesn’t sit too well with me.
    you have no idea what went on with hunter in Ukraine but you’re absolutely positive it wasn’t illegal. wtf?

  7. I hope Bernie can pull off a miracle. The spectacle of a Trump/Biden debate could easily be billed as "Idiocracy 2020" ; only it won't be a film by Mike Judge.

  8. I’m not even American and I fully understand what’s going on and who broke the law n who didn’t , it amazes me that Americans don’t know wtf is going on in their own country!! Hopefully if Biden gets the nomination ( I’m praying he don’t ) that he will allow Bloomberg to point out all of the crazy trump crimes and dementia and people will see that they gotta dump trump


  10. Damn! These BS' supporters are such sore losers. When your cult guru was the front runner and was poised to win it all on Super Tuesday, you, pathetic buffoon didn't raise the fact that BS has plenty of nasty baggage that the Republicons would gladly use against him. In fact, you cover them up. Why do you think that IMPEACHED Con Don Chump wanted him to be our nominee? BS will need a miracle to win the nomination of the Democratic Party. Next week, he will, again, lose most of the races.

  11. Biden is fundamentally and mentally flaw. I saw his victory speech, bunch of incoherent statements. His message is all over the place. We most likely will have another Hillary like result with him

  12. Biden risk alienating progressive voters and the GOP is well prepared to ensure Republican voters don't have a reason to defect from party lines.

  13. LyingJoe ABSOLUTELY merits being mocked and made fun of. he's been lying since he got into politics.
    Watch and fucken learn something from that slimebag Farron!!

  14. The issue is that he and Trump both have the same problem it’s not just him alone. The first debate between them will be a drinking game on who says the most insane things.

  15. I am probably expressing sour grapes, but the progressives savages Elizabeth Warren who was the only candidate in debates to offer rational, carefully thought out replies. Warren would have gone toe to toe with Trump. Now the progressives and the conservative dems have advanced two old men both of whom will be shredded by Trump. I'm disappointed, and sad. Four more years of Trump and what we know as a somewhat democratic government will be a fond memory.

  16. The monster in the White House has so much baggage it could fill a Carnival Cruise ship on it's own. I wish you guys would start emphasizing the tons of the monsters baggage. The Iraq war is 18 years old get over it. You sound like you're trying to stoke fear into people about Biden. Joe's not going to bring his family into the White House to grift the entire country either. There is so much crap that can be brought out about the Monster's clan, I don't understand why you're not talking about it now. The voters on Tuesday know about Joe's son and know he did nothing wrong. That's why he won 10 out of 14 states. Please don't presume you know the minds of all voters. You just cast your vote for Blue in November please. We'll do our part.

  17. Dirty dollar democrats think that Biden's son getting a $40K a year seat on the board of a Ukranian gas company, even though he had no experience in fossil fuels, is something not worth talking about, since it would hurt Biden's feelings. But even if it was legal, it wasn't ethical…and trump will have no qualms about hammering Biden about it again and again during the debates.

  18. You know what. I can not do this again. Trump supporters are rabid. If we lose, it's cutins for the working class, the elderly, the poor and ..oh just forget it!

  19. dont spread things trying to divide more bold head man. just cause you want bernie to win. what the hell you want trump to win again? idiot.stop dividing

  20. The thing is, liberals watch cnn and msnbc, but they aren't reporting concerns about Biden's cognitive decline.

  21. So, should Joe Biden go up against Trump for the presidency, your choice will be a president who can't speak, or one who can't think. Your choice as to who is who. Lovely next four years you're going to have.

  22. The elites are always calling the shots, so what does it matter if POTUS is senile? The only thing they are worried about is if an incorruptible, really 'for the people' POTUS, with all his faculties intact gets in the WH, hence what is being allowed to happen now with Biden.

  23. False ads again, just as they did Hillary. Don't believe any ads that comes out that the fox news doctors up, and the Republicans fake up. Trump is not anti war, he killed that general for no reason at all! He is a war monger. W WATCH OUT FOR FALSE ADS, like happened in the 16 election. He's talking about what Joe Biden don did, when his children has stolen the whole charity they had put up g or the veterans, they spent it all on themselves, nothing was done, just pay it back and close the charity. Trump rotten childern break all kinds of laws, nothing did about it. Emolument clause, seeking dirt on Hillary, which was a bunch of lies, so I know the lies are getting ready to head up on Biden, all kinds of false claims are going to be coming out, just as he used the false ads that his friends Russian bots did in 16 election.

  24. And we are witnessing the establishment taking advantage of an elderly man who looks increasingly vulnerable frankly.

  25. I agree we should not make fun of anyone or make this personal, but Joe Biden is about to be the Democratic nominee for President. He is in severe cognitive decline, it will only get worse and more obvious because going forward he will be doing debates with one other person, not with multiple people on stage. He cannot finish sentences, forgets names (Obama for instance), says he is running for senate, and worse. How can party leaders let this happen? Yes, Bernie is older but he is as sharp mentally as ever, he will do fine against Trump in a debate, Biden will not.

  26. Do you know what the biggest issue is? That the DNC anointed Biden as their preferred candidate…. almost looks like they would rather lose to Trump than support Bernie.

  27. Bernie has a problem because people fear socialism and forget that social security is socalist as well as Canada and the UK.

  28. Bernie had a heart attack and might have another one anytime between now and Nov. Whoever is the Democratic nominee may they pick a young person for the VP.
    If Bernie survives and is the nominee, Trump will demolish him. He will label him a Communist and that will be the end of the Dems winning the election.

  29. I do a lot of political research and I was a Democrat for 38 years before we got f*** by Hillary Clinton and the DNC in 2016. And I can guarantee you biden and his son were both corrupt with regard to the Ukraine. You can't convince me otherwise. The Bidens are corrupt mothers just like Trump. Trump may be worse, but Biden is certainly corrupt

  30. Biden's dementia is not a bug, it's a feature. The political establishment knows that they can control Biden because he has a weak mind. That's exactly why they are behind him. They can control him to screw us.

  31. The DNC doesnt care. They have rigged the voting to get him into this position and will continue to rig elections to ensure he wins. Why nobody raises this issue?

  32. Biden has had 2 brain surgeries that probably has a lot to do with his speech and thought processes.

  33. Good points but the only way to get Biden to drop out is to organize a group of vets like this to appear at all Biden rallies !
    several hundred Iraqi vets should hold up signed saying DISQUALIFIED- DROP OUT NOW or be sued for war crimes.

  34. Trump will wipe his ass with Biden, biden has nothing to offer he might be a nice guy but he’s not a strong leader. He’s another corporate democrat

  35. I'm very highly informed on everything that's going on in politics and I can say I think would Joe Biden and his son did absolutely is a serious issue you can't exactly run the purity test and say that I'm the good moral candidate when your entire family has profited immensely off of you being in power just because it's not illegal does not make it morally acceptable or ok so I think that we should be holding both Donald Trump and Joe Biden equally accountable for their actions we can't just say one is terrible in the other is only semi terrible know they're both absolutely horrible and they booth need to be equally held accountable for their actions cuz even if this is not hard core corruption is still soft corruption these are the type of issues then makes it where Joe Biden May favor one policy over another because his family can directly benefit from it so just because it's legally acceptable does not make it morally acceptable but everything else you mentioned I do agree with!

  36. No most delegates will not heed your message because you are a small You Tuber and not a nationaly powerful online political force!

  37. No matter who runs against Trump, there will be baggage. The talking points you bring up are the very crap most of us are tired of hearing. We need to fight for the truth! The baggage is Trumps baggage.

  38. Jackass Joe throwing his hat in the ring is going to turn out to be the act that fucked us for life…..he's an old, senile, angry white man of privilege, more Republiscum than Democrat….he will be handed the nomination whether he should have won or not, and get his old ass handed to him by Bozo…..Bernie Sanders was our only hope for any kind of future for this country and earth, and the American people are too full of Boomer scumbag morons not to screw themselves and everyone else…..RIP democracy, RIP America….

  39. All of the Candidates have a problem with speech and not completing their sentences
    All have voted on things that were wrong all have questionable things that they have done "

    Joe Biden is the only one who has apologized for his actions and has tried to change things .

    If Trump wines it's because he has Cheated again

  40. Biden’s got more baggage than the Lost Luggage Department.
    Thank you Republicans for pointing out to the public about Biden’s mental decline because this helps Bernie.

  41. The DNC & establishment Democrats KNOW that Biden will lose to Drumpf, but they will continue to cash their paychecks while in the minority. That's the reality!

  42. All I can do is shake my head. DNC & GOP all under the corporate umbrella. Vote wisely my fellow Americans, this may be our last chance. Oh yeah, I forgot about main stream media under that umbrella as well.

  43. But seriously…. How can the super pro war Republicans attack anyone (even Biden) for being pro war? That is just pure hypocrisy right there!

  44. What about Biden's plagerism in a past campaign? How many times has he run and withdrawn? These things need to be known and discussed as well.

  45. Biden is both too far right and too far gone. He'll never survive this election. With his failing brain and history of bad choices, he'll get massacred. So please, get out there and support Bernie.

  46. Farron, what does it say that as a nation we are voting for such an unqualified candidate like Joe Biden, who is clearly showing dimentia symptoms? Why do people hate Bernie who would enact policies to benefit all of us tremendously? This a case of self inflicted damage which is unexplainable! People, prepare fo the damage, pain and suffering which we are bringing ourselves while the rich will continue to live in the lap of luxury. We have no excuse, we are doing this to ourselves and we deserve all the bad which will be coming.

  47. So are we going to ignore Bernies garbage? The man has had a heart attack, where are his MEDICAL RECORD? Y'all went crazy when Hillary stumbled on film🤔 Isn't Sanders wife under a federal investigation about misappropriation of funds? If not, please correct me. THE REPUBLICANS WILL PULL UP EVERY CANDIDATE'S BAGGAGE!! Y'all Sanders cultists are a mess, please stick to the issues. Socialist Sanders will be his name given to him by REPUBLICANS if he becomes the nominee. Sanders doesn't need a superpac with this type of media propaganda.

  48. What frightens me is the folks that voted for Biden despite his mental decline. What does that about the mental state of those who voted for uncle dementia ?

  49. They live in reality. Their reality is anyone but Bernie. He would upset the gravy train. BOTH PARTIES work for the same people, and they aren't us.

  50. The Republicans ran Sec Clinton name in the ground over her emails and Benghazi, now VP. Biden with the horrible voting record snd Ukraine!! Wow the establishment will never learn, but again maybe they like Trump on the low low🙄😒

  51. FARRON! You missed, in my opinion, his largest item in the “baggage”. Video compilations of Biden violating personal space and making women and children visibly uncomfortable and cringe. These compilations have not been seen by most Americans and are not received well by the various people I have shown. This video is my personal favorite… it is dedicated to his hair-sniffing predilections!

  52. When r u going to jump into the ring with AOC and kick some ass by leading demonstrations across the country with 75 million voters younger than 40.
    We need people like you to begin the charge and quit talking online which means nothing.
    They stopped us at occupy Wall Street due to lack of leadership

  53. We need Bernie to break free from the Democratic party and run on his own party and get others like AOC to jump over into his party.
    We need the mentors like bernie and the new fireball mentees like the AOC type

    This would be the biggest Landslide victory in the history of United States

    Tell the people what's really going on with both oarties an

  54. I would rather Bernie Sanders then Joe Biden win. Because Sanders has won more & shows he can actually beat Trump while Biden would just hand it to Trump.

  55. Biden a loser? DNC couldn't care less. They prefer tRump over Bernie. WISH people could accept this. It's not the right vs. the left: It's the haves vs. the BROKE.

  56. If Biden is the nominee, it will suppress the Democratic base. We can clearly see Biden isn't worth coming out to vote for. Especially with his baggage. More importantly, Biden is suffering from Dementia/ Senility, for goodness sake!

  57. It is it really is he may not have done anything illegal but it was hinky it just doesn't rise to criminal he bored me to tears

  58. We as human being can not keep ignoring reality, it will come back and bite us! Reality can be scary, but we must learn to face that fear and face it head on! Stop ignoring reality!

  59. At 6:45 "..establishment will make the same mistake …" As far as the establishment is concerned, there is no mistake. They profited hugely with DJT in the white house. And they want him there again. Joe Biden is the perfect instrument for that. After November, they can settle Joe in comfortable home for the demented old people. All expenses paid.

  60. Farron, you are, sadly, very right about ALL of this. I was shocked to see the Super Tuesday upset – shocked because I have considered every point you mentioned, collectively, to rule Joe Biden out as a candidate who could beat Trump! I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Putin’s strategy to have it appear that Trump was “afraid” of Biden just to put all of this in place! Dark times ahead. Thanks for your impassioned insights, you are appreciated, Linny


  62. Why does Farron think that the DNC would be making a mistake with Biden? Biden is their perfect candidate according to polling, to lose to Trump and preserve the tax cuts of their corporate and wealthy donors.

  63. I have to ask, do the Republicans try to help Bernie? I mean, if they tank Biden now, it will give a change to Bernie to win the nomination.

  64. If his family loves him they would take him to see a doctor, not running for president. The same goes with Trump.

  65. The ruling party only wants someone they can control. They don't have to control the current POTUS because he's just another Plutocrat like the rest of both parties. The only real "outsiders" are being suppressed with media black outs and cheated with delegates and SUPER delegates and Shadow apps and smear campaigns. Just look for the ones "both sides of the aisle" beat up on or ignore the most… that's who should be our CIVIL SERVANT in the highest office in the land.

  66. Had planned on voting for him till he flip flopped on the gun comfiscation issue, then when that commie Bloomberg decided to support him, that guaranteed that NO FUCKIN WAY IN HELL would I allow that twofaced piece of shit anywhere near the whitehouse!! He's a male version of Hilary (SCARY) and has become his own worst enemy and a scary wannabe dictator in chief just like traitor trump ane commie Bloomberg would habe been!!
    FEEL THE BERNie!!!

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