Jonathan Davis (KORN) – What’s In My Bag?

Jonathan Davis (KORN) – What’s In My Bag?

Hello everybody, my name is Jonathan Davis. I sing for the band Korn. And I’m here at Amoeba, this amazing record store, and I’m sharing what’s in my bag. This is the kids, but all I do is watch cartoons. ‘Mickey Mouse Volume One.’ No shirt, no shoes, no service. I’m trying to run a classy establishment here. I’m just a big old kid, I’m like a grown up kid. When I’m at my studio, I just have them on 24/7 and I love all of them. Totally on the other side of the spectrum ‘Salo.’ Listen, you insignificant wretched nothings. You are here solely for our pleasure. Expect none of the kindness you knew in the outside world. Like liberty or the ridiculous idea of showing pity to others. There’s some really crazy shit going on in this movie. If you haven’t seen it, you don’t know what I’m talking about. You’ve never seen it? This is based on ‘120 Days of Sodom’ by Marquis de Sade. It’s like World War II Germany, these Italian rich dudes get these kids from these villages and they take them to this castle and they have fun with them. It’s really intense. This is one of the most crazy movies I’ve ever seen in my life. Some Rick and Morty stuff that my kids picked out. Pickle Rick. And that’s Goku. Goku Black. Ok. This is a killer CD and I’ve been wanting to get this. I had this on vinyl when I was a teenager. It’s Christian Death. one of their first records, called ‘Only Theatre Of Pain.’ This was my first goth record kind of like other than Cure and shit like that, but this was really goth. I remember many a night staying up all night with some headphones on and the vinyl and just listening to this. I really love this CD. Glad I found it. All the CDs I found are ones I haven’t seen forever that I want to own. This is another band that I love called Dead Can Dance. I love this record ‘A Passage In Time.’ It’s really just otherworldly with these other kinds of instruments. This band really heavily influenced me in making my record. Just all-around good record if you want to throw on and just escape. I love the girl Lisa Gerard, who’s the singer, girl singer in this band. She has the voice of an angel. She’s just over the top. I found this because I lost this. This is one of my favorite albums of all time. Nine Inch Nails, ‘The Downward Spiral.’ It’s pretty much self-explanatory. It’s just a dope-ass record. You can’t fuck with it at all. I don’t know what else to say, it’s just a dope-ass record. This, original issue, one of my favorite soundtracks ever. It’s just called ‘Passion’ by Peter Gabriel. He did it for ‘The Last Temptation of Christ.’ My violinist that played in my band on my record and recorded with me was Shankar plays on this record. He was Peter’s violinist. He played for Peter, he played for Frank Zappa, a lot of different people. He had a band called Shakti back in the day. Shankar is amazing. This is a sick, sick soundtrack. Korn. You asked me why I would buy my own shit, I don’t have this. This is the Korn… one of my favorite records ‘The Path Of Totality.’ And this is the deluxe special edition that has… we did this thing called The Encounter where we performed in a crop circle. I live in Bakersfield, there was a big wheat field We had these guys from London fly over and stomp out a 700-foot crop circle and we set up in the middle of it and played. We were inspired by Pink Floyd’s ‘Live at Pompeii’ when they did it in the Coliseum. There was no one there so we did the same kind of thing. It was really, really cool, and this is on here. I just miss CDs, it’s just nice to hold something. Sorry, dating myself but it just really is. That’s what’s in my bag. Thank you for talking with us today. Hope I did alright. Yeah you did great. Alright, cool.

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  1. My heart would ache of happiness if I ever get to meet him. 😊♥ Been listening to KoRn since I was 12 and will be 19 in February.

  2. I never liked nu metal. Neither I enjoyed Korn's music but…one time I watched an interview with Jonathan and was suprised by how genuine this guy is. Then I started enjoying Untouchables, The Serenity Of Suffering and Jonathan's voice and lyrics.

  3. no shit he has it hard respect dude allthough i dont like korn anymore i got all the old albums respect jonathan!!!!

  4. I love how chilled and sweet he Is and a big dork . You can tell he's just a man with a genuine heart besides a big rock star 🖤🖤🖤 #childernofthekorn

  5. —-> This terrible "music" is all for the glory of Satan!!!!!!, and a very tool for the destruction of the listener, mainly the youth. You are TERRIBLE! This performance letal should be forbiten by the civil authorithy. Please, read the Word of God. There is a condemnation for all disobedient & rebels! And the most horrible fact is that your bandleader Brian W. is a so called "christian"?????? Be not deceived!

  6. Saw Korn a few months back along with Alice in Chains and Underoath… packed stadium from the seats to the green. I was in the general admission lawn area, alongside me was the most diverse group of people ive ever seen in one place. There were entire family’s with little children running around, metal heads mingling with ravers, cyber punks and dread heads. I saw senior citizens head banging alongside angsty teenagers with nose rings… Needless to say Korn absolutely killed it. The vibe was oddly chill given the heaviness of the music. All in all probably one of the best shows I’ve ever attended.

  7. Salò was gross man. Lol!!!! Didn't expect for him to name such a film. He probably is familiar with A Serbian Film, Cannibal Holocaust, Martyrs and other shock films.

  8. Omfg do not watch Salo….

    It's about child sex slaves during Fascist Italy during WWII! These boys and girls are kidnapped by this group of sex traffickers, their families are killed and are held hostage for a year at this mansion in the middle of nowhere and are forced into doing the most fucked up things to appease their masters sexual desires. omfg Jonathon….

  9. I really just clicked on this to see what the king of the shit poseur nu metal bands listens too…and found out he has pretty decent taste. How can someone in such a shit band have such good taste? How can you listen to Christian Death and Dead Can Dance and play shit like Korn does? I apologize my keyboard doesn't make backwards R's. Of course, in hindsight…he did only pick up CD's and not records. That makes sense.

  10. I'm not like the biggest korn fan but MAD respect for choosing Dead Can Dance. Incredible group, up there with the best dark/atmospheric music. Davis seems like a sweet dude.

  11. I'll being seeing them for the first time in Spokane five months pregnant! Been listening to them for 15 years lol I would love to meet him and give him a hug!

  12. Shankar, violinist in his band for the songs he did on Queen of the Damned. That soundtrack, fucking Johnathan Davis was the only reason I decided to watch it. Sometimes movies have some awesome shit that goes with the soundtrack that isn't on the album. It wasn't the case but still. I'm just a huge fan of the Anne Rice books so it seemed too teenie bopper like. Iono, it's an OK movie but to the day I still can't tell if the movie is "OK" or just tolerated because of the soundtrack.

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