Kano Reacts To New UK Rappers (Aitch, slowthai, Poundz) | The Cosign

Kano Reacts To New UK Rappers (Aitch, slowthai, Poundz) | The Cosign

Yo. This is Kano and I’m about to watch some
videos and see which one of these UK artists gets my cosign. I think for like a long time, or for a little
while I think, where music was in the UK, especially hip-hop, they were kind of looking
at America so much that they were emulating what Americans were doing. For some years now, people have been telling
their own stories and putting their own spin on it. And yeah, we’ve created our own thing. I know this tune. I met him the other day for the first time
in Birmingham. I hear the recognizable sample, but I know
that he’s a major part of the new thing that’s going on now. People are feeling this guy. Yeah, he’s not reinventing the wheel, but
yeah. I like the tune. I like this ‘cause it’s local. You can tell that it’s just the ends that
he grew up in and his mates and that. That’s how my videos used to be, like all
my mates wanted to come and now they’re like, that’s shit’s long… No one wants to come to the videos nowadays. When I hear this, I’m like straightaway,
I can tell that he’s from up north. And when you come from a place, like outside
of London and you can kind of captivate your city, because there’s not so many of you,
like they really root for you. You know what I mean? Massive respect to what he’s doing and obviously still repping his ends, and you can tell that’s where he’s shooting his
videos and what not, so. Yeah, big respect to that. I like this. I wonder what it’s shot on. It’s like a square crop. I know she’s not like singing singing, but
I love when people just, are themselves, you know what I mean? A lot of people don’t like to hear comparisons
and shit like that, so I don’t mean to do that to her, but yeah. That Santigold like Azealia Banks-y kind of,
you now what I mean. That’s the kind of world it feels like it
lives in to me. Everyone, like artists, we know what’s out
there. We know what’s working. We turn on the radio and we hear what’s
working or we see what’s got millions of views and what not. So to say, “Look, maybe that’s not for
me. I wanna do my things this way,” is like
commendable. So yeah, never heard her before and yeah it’s
cool. This looks like yesterday. Like, the visuals are working for me. Nah, I’m joking. I like that he’s got his little dance thing
going on as well. People that ain’t afraid to just vibe and
not just be so hard all the time. But yeah, fun song you know what I mean, young
guys, getting it, enjoying life. Big them up. Yeah I’ve seen this. You know when someone’s just like, English. Just like, pub, pint, packet of crisps. You know what I mean? English. Yeah this hard. This beat is mad. I like it because I know already that it was
a challenge to spit on. I don’t think his flow is off-beat. I just think the beat is off-flow. It’s like he’s showing you the side of
Britain that isn’t necessarily publicized, you know what I mean? But it’s different to who I’m speaking for. It’s his own thing. So it’s nice to hear that perspective. Liking the beat already. Fuckin’ hell. How old are these guys? They’re in their 70s. That’s impressive, ya know. I dunno, they might not have wrote it but
even to perform it, you know what I mean? Ah! He said, “I’m a nut box, put five cans
in me grandson’s lunch box.” Oh man. Tune’s alright though. Fuckin’ hell. Wow. Showing me what the next 30 years of my life
could look like. To be honest, I want to know who’s writing
it, if it’s them or not. If they ain’t, I’m still impressed, like
to be able to perform that, you know what I mean? Yeah that’s a mad one. That’s a… yeah. Big them up, man. I wonder if they do shows. They should do shows at funerals or something,
ya know? What’s quite interesting to me is, it’s probably
the first generation that grew up on artists that were from England. Yeah first one was Headie One, I liked that
tune. That’s what really stuck out, just like
the vibe. Aitch. Yeah I liked his vibe and how just down to
earth and local it was. Shygirl, yeah. I liked that as well, she was doing something
interesting. Next one was Poundz. Just a bunch of mates enjoying life. Slowthai that was a proper video that, you
know what I mean? Pete & Bas. Yeah that was funny man. Of those six videos that you’ve just shown
me, I think the Slowthai one is, is the one I can co-sign. It was creative, it was interesting, it was
slick but then raw, and if that was the first thing you saw of him, it would really tell
you who he is. The future’s all right, it’s looking all right
for us. You turn on the radio now, before it used
to be like a bunch of mostly American music and you might hear the one Dizzee Rascal or
whatever, but now it’s like, English artists are actually flooding it, and that sounds
crazy because that’s how it should be, but it hasn’t always been like that. In terms of black music, we never got a look
in at times, but that’s all changed now. You think Americans can hear the different
accents that we have within our thing or they think it’s just all English. Yeah, it’s like, I don’t know, listening
to Jay-Z and then listening to Gucci Mane, you know what I mean? It’s like you can tell they’re from a different

100 thoughts on “Kano Reacts To New UK Rappers (Aitch, slowthai, Poundz) | The Cosign

  1. It's not just youngsters that write and spit, It's just easier for them (and they don't get laughed at). Good little vid.

  2. Americans can sling their hook. Man like Kano, Krept, Konan, Aitch, Giggs, Akala, Dizzee and Ocean Wisdom merk those wet fish overseas. UK has talent!

  3. I'm obsessed and I love with grim rap and UK artist, please comment donwn your favourite artist or song. I need to expand my Playlist ❤️

  4. He was more real to the MC in the first season of Top Boy than he was for most of these///
    "It's like I've never heard him before but yet I've heard it before"

    Big up slowthai and kwesington though "beat is off flow"! Best duo about the UK, imo.

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