KARMA IS REAL!!! Pictures That Prove It

Karma: the guy who pushed me on the subway and then suggested I go F myself just arrived for his interview with … me damn, this is Awesome! Not gonna lie this is pretty awesome! Now needless to say that guy did not get the job. I don’t need to tell you guys I’m sure you’re smart enough to figure it out but I’m sure this taught him a really good lesson to be nice to people because You never know who you’re being rude to you never know who they’re gonna be in your life You never know if you’re gonna meet them And also it’s just nice to be nice to people you know it makes you a better person gives you good karma And you can sleep better at night. Yeah, yeah, yeah, we’re gonna be nice. We’re gonna be nice Now this person did a hit-and-run They hit this car and then they were like oh shit. Oh shit I don’t want to have to pay for the damages So I’m just gonna flee the crime scene well guess what if they looked closer They would have realized they left their front bumper with their license plate and everything look legit They’re like their full bumper fell off. How is that for karma? It would have been easier to just have stayed and been like it was a complete accident. You know like sometimes you know it happens it happens, but you gotta face the consequences if you weren’t paying attention or That’s why you don’t text or anything This guy’s an idiot and karma got him. This boy, he’s throwing the cat in the pool, he’s going to throw the cat in the pool and *pfff* The cats like nah, bro climbs around him trips him and he falls I mean feel bad cause he’s just like a little kid. He doesn’t know any better, but also cats don’t like water So throwing them in the pool not gonna happen I don’t think anybody likes being thrown to pool like I don’t even think humans like it I can’t think of it like the only thing They’d be okay with you throwing in the water would be a fish because it can’t breathe out of water And it wouldn’t even know because they won’t they don’t have Their brains are really really tiny I don’t think they have thinking skills of that caliber, so yeah, ahhh.. Don’t don’t Karma, karma. I just say karma. I am a thief. I stole a girl’s phone from the Panera Bread I work at in downtown Unfortunately for me. I arrested last night and the cops found the phone. I stole and got it back to the girl it belonged to Stupidly I had logged into the phone to Facebook and Twitter so now the owner can type whatever she wants my accounts Karma’s funny like that huh, maybe this will teach you some honesty And you’ll be smart next time you try taking things that don’t belong to you, idiot. Wow so this guy, steals her phone Logs into his accounts onto her phone like his Facebook his Twitter and then he gets caught the police give the phone back the girl notices and tells all his followers and Friends and family what a horrible douchebag? He is and now people will know so he like people will watch your backs around him and they you know what? Serves him right This one’s funny. To the culprit who ate what you thought was two peanut butter ice cream bars Those were actually laxatives for my dog that had to be kept frozen. I hope you enjoy the weekend of lava butt Lava butt, oh no, that sounds dangerous Karma’s a bitch Don’t steal it from the fridge if it’s not yours. love, constipated dog owner Oh my god, guys, this is so funny this guy’s gonna spend the next day Maybe two, because I feel like dogs would probably need some intense laxatives. Yes, so he’s going to spend the time on the toilet Pooping his butt out, and he’s and he’s gonna spend that time regretting what he did And he’s never going to steal again. You can just ask her on it be like guys like Are those uh peanut butter ice cream bars yours I’m really hungry like you mind if I have one Or half or something like that’s fine like you you could ask people for things most people If you ask them like they’ll be nice enough that person would be like those are actually laxatives I got a protein bar in my bag Do you want that instead like legit like that’s probably what would have happened But instead this person just decided to steal and now they’re gonna poop all day Hunters beware they just killed a poor bear, but look behind them There is a bear behind them what I hate hunting for sport. It makes me really really sad I I don’t like I don’t know, it makes me sad. I think hunting for like food or like survival. I’d like I’m okay with that guy I can I can understand that because that’s like natural Way of life you know circle of life. You know you kill for food, but you eat it just Just how it goes but killing for sport and for fun like that’s that’s is really Messed up to me makes me really sad like these animals are in their natural habitat Just living their lives, and you’re going to just kill it because you think it’s fun? No Just stormed out of my now ex-boyfriends work and yelled at him until he got in trouble with boss I also just burned almost all his clothes so funny F you Michael. I just found out I inherited a decent sum of money, so I don’t need your lazy ass Anymore like what you were just using him for money. That’s pretty messed up girl Yeah I too like the part where you came in and yelled at me in front of everyone I worked with and then I got fired with my My, and then I got fired by my boss for causing a disturbance in the workplace pretty funny right. It’s pretty messed up I think it’s also funny. How when I got back to my house I remembered only my name is on all of the important documents that makes the house mine So now you have nowhere to live I also just sent all of your friends all of those text messages you sent Me, talking about how much you hate all of them, and why they annoy you. damn This girl Why are you friends with people who you hate for real? Why you talking shit about your friends damn? This is why lies always come out anyways. I told your boss about how you have been tight I told your boss about how you’ve been taking money from the company, and how you pissed on his chair during an office party. What? Who pisses on a chair.. so now you have no job and might be going to jail don’t f with me and my “Lazy ass” who just did all of this in an. in the hour after I saw you Hopefully for the last time pretty efficient if you ask me I’m out peace Damn, that was long. He did a lot. This is messed up, Karma to this day the boy that used to bully me at school still takes my lunch money on the plus side he makes a great Subway sandwich Yes, I feel like this usually happens that people who are bullies in high school or like when you guys are young So don’t don’t worry about bullies those people Like the tables turn because they spend too much time Trying to mess people’s lives up that they’re not focused on their own success you guys focus on your success focus on yourselves Focus on people who you love and care about don’t focus on those bullies. They do not matter and soon You’ll see that like it won’t matter and it will stop it’ll get better. I promise guys I promise I’ve been through it too. So I know I know what it’s like Yeah Dear random hitchhiker. I did not have to give you a ride and bum you a smoke. How do you repay my kindness? You stole my pack of cigarettes well my friend in your haste to leave before I notice your thievery you forgot your backpack Which appears to contain everything you own,in the bed of my truck. I have your phone,all your toiletries,a change of clothes,your address book, $1.83 in coins, and several small sentimental looking items I will call it an even trade you traded everything you own for 18 cigarettes sincerely Karma’s a bitch DAMMMMMMMMMMMMN Oh, that’s a hard lesson to learn like this guy literally had everything he had in the backpack and stole, and that’s how Like like he said it’s a trade even trade oh I feel bad, but it’s like. Dammmn It’s like kind of like warranted, but I also feel a little guilty because I get I feel guilty easy This guy’s like kicking the dog in the water, you’re a grown-ass man What are you doing? What seriously? This is so mean he got what he deserved like he slipped in himself like No! Poor puppy. I feel so bad. the cat and the little boy I didn’t feel as bad for because it’s a he’s a little kid So I I can let it slide you know he’s like he’s not like ten either. He’s like a little like toddler this guy knows better burglar who underestimated his target grabs her purse he starts running, and she’s like na na grabs him and Flips him, what? Girl, you got skills. I am proud. This is awesome Can everybody’s just give a round of applause for this girl like? I’m I’m impressed I don’t know how she flipped him like that, but that’s what you get for trying to steal from somebody. This is so wrong She’s gonna throw the ball. He doesn’t even know what’s happening, and he just smashes her back in the face damn Oh, man, that’s why you don’t just like and he looks like he was like gonna puke Or he was struggling or something and she’s like he won’t see this happening. Ca-bam, sha-bam This guy’s up oh Tried to kick the chair to prank I don’t know who this guy is his friend his brother and the chair doesn’t even knock over somehow like I don’t know how that chairs still standing cause that is some magic chair, but this guy’s on his face. Oh amazing Anyways guys. I hope you enjoyed this video. I love you all so much Don’t forget to be awesome cute, and be nice to each other. Okay. I love you all so much. Bye 😀

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