Kelty Cosmic Down 21 Degree Sleeping Bag

The Kelty Cosmic Down 21 Degree Sleeping Bag
strikes an excellent balance of perfor-mance and affordability. With its durable and compressible
insulation and innovative de-sign, this is a great sleeping bag for those who need a
compressible, warm bag for camp-ing or backpacking. Let’s take a look at some of its features. So the first thing to talk about with this
sleeping bag is the down insulation in play. We have a 550 fill Dridown insulation. It
is a really innovative system that creates a really nice insulation for the whole bag
no matter what the conditions. So each individual plume of down is treated with a water resistant
coating that helps it to retain its loft even if it were to get wet. So it stays dry longer.
It dries out faster should it become wet and it re-tains its insulation if it becomes wet.
So even in the wettest and dampest conditions, tra-ditional down bags tend to fail. The Dridown
insulation will still perform as it is supposed to. So you get a really nice finish there,
a really nice insulation in play with that Dridown. We also have a nice abrasion resistant and
durable outer shell with a DWR finish. So that is also going to help to add to the life
and the durability as well as that water resistance of the whole system here. So you have got
nice materials in play that are going to offer some durability, some compressibility and
overall warmth, really nice features when it comes to the insulation and materials of
the Cosmic Down. Some other features we have got in play with
the sleeping bag are a nice baffled hood. So you have got a really nice hood system
at the top here that is insulated throughout and you have got two draw cords, kind of a
top and a bottom draw cord to really help to cinch in that system if the weather starts
to get colder and you really need to retain that insulation. So cinching up that draw
cord will really help to keep the warmth in and keep you nice and cozy. We do have a nice draft collar. So if I unzip
this here you can see that there is a nice draft collar on the inside. That is going
to lay nicely around the neck and shoulders and really, again, prevent that cold air from
seeping down into the bag and robbing you of the warmth that you want to have. So you
have got a really nice feature in play with that draft collar there. We do have a full length double zipper on
the side here. So if I flip that around so you can see it, you have got a double zipper.
It goes from the top. So if you need to open up the bag to get into it, you can do so from
the top. But if you just want to vent maybe stick a foot out or just dump some of that
hot air, you do have a zipper at the bottom with a nice pull tab here, so you can pull
that up and vent very easily. There is a draft tube on the inside of that
zipper, so you have really nice weather protec-tion there. The cold air is not going to be able
to seep through that zipper and get thor-ough to you, because you have got that draft tube
in play. And there is a nice snag resistant material
on the other side of that zipper as well, so that is going to provide some extra durability
and make it much easier to zip this guy open and closed without harming any of the materials
in play. So nice feature with the zipper sys-tem of the Kelty Sleeping Bag there. Moving down to the foot box we have got a
really nice, kind of trapezoidal foot box. So if you look there, you can see that it
is not just stitched top to bottom. There is a nice shaping there. So you have got ample
room for your feet. You can really sprawl out and stay warm and comfortable without
feeling too claustrophobic. You have also got these two nice hang tabs. So if the bag
does get wet, you can hang it up and let it air dry. So that is a nice feature to add
to the kind of versatility of the sleeping bag. You have also got a few other tabs on the
bag. Around the zipper here we have got some loops. That is for lashing a sleeping pad
to it. So if you tend to roll off of your sleeping pad or you are worried about slipping
off, you do have tabs on the outside that you could use some type of accessory cord
to lash around your sleeping pad to keep it in place, so a nice benefit there. This bag does include a stuff sack, you know,
a nice compact stuff size so you can pack it away in a backpack or if you are traveling
you can throw it in the car. It doesn’t include a storage sack and it is recommended
to store these in a loose, uncompressed state. So I wouldn’t include…. I wouldn’t store
it in the stuff sack that it comes with. Get a nice separate storage sack or use those
hang tabs at the bottom to hang your sleeping bag at home. You could get a smaller compression sack for
this bag to get it down to an even smaller pack size, but it is not included. That would
be something that you would have to pick up separately. And there you have it. Performance and affordability,
the Kelty Cosmic Down 21 Degree Sleeping Bag is a great option for backpacking or camping
in those colder temperatures.

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