Kelty Coyote 80 Internal Frame Backpack

Kelty Coyote 80 Internal Frame Backpack

Borrowing from the esteemed Red Cloud Series,
the Kelty Coyote 80 strikes an excellent balance between performance and affordability. With
ample cushioning and load hauling capability, this is a worthy option for backpacking. I am going to turn the pack around and take
a look at its suspension system. So Kelty is using their perfect fit suspension system
in this backpack. It is a really nice design. It is going to be a one size fits most type
of build for this pack, so multiple users can get a proper fit. It is constructed with
two support stays throughout the middle and a horizon-tal stay in the back panel section
here as well as that HDPE frame sheet to give it some extra structure, but allow flexibility.
So it has got good structure there. You have got am-ple padding that is really well vented.
There is a lot of open mesh on the padding here and it is really nice cushion. It is
thick, beefy padding. So when you are carrying those heavier loads it will be nice and comfortable.
And, like I said, it is using Kelty’s perfect fit suspension system. So this pack is designed
so that you loosen up all the straps, put it on, tighten up the hip belt and then you
are able to adjust the harness while you are wear-ing the pack. So it is a really nice
system there. You don’t have to take it off, make minor adjustments. You can actually
make most if not all of your adjustments while you are wearing the backpack, so a really
nice suspension system with ample padding, good venti-lation and just good support for
hauling those heavier loads. So turning this pack back around, we are going
to take a look at how you access your gear. So this is a top loading pack, so it does
have the hood. And if you throw that hood back, there is just one large main compartment
access here. So there is some clips and draw strings to keep your gear secure. If you open
that up, it is just one large top opening to access all your gear. It is a very sizable
entrance and you do have this spindrift collar. So if you need to extend or pack out a little
more gear, you have the flexibility to do so. There is an additional point of entrance and
that is on the front here. We have a zipper closure that extends down to the front of
the pack. So it goes all the way down to the bottom here. When you open that up you have
got good access to all the gear that may not be sitting right at the top. So it is just
one continuous pocket. It is one large, internal pocket and you have top and front access.
So this is kind of nice. Acts as almost like a luggage feature. And you have this mesh
zipper to divide the gear if you need to, but easy access from top and from the front
of the pack. So we have got a lot of other organizational
features on this backpack. There is a lot of pockets and lash points to talk about.
We do have two zippered side pockets on either side, a pretty sizable pocket. It is fairly
large. I have got, you know, my stove in there right now. It can fit other items, you know,
filters, stoves, first aid kits, you know, things that you might want faster access to,
but are a little large you can store in those side pockets. We do also have a pretty large front pocket
here, So this full face is the front pocket. And that has actually got some organization
to it, as well. So it opens up pretty sizably. You have got a key clip there, some smaller
pockets here and just good organization. You can fit quite a few items in here, extra layers,
you know, other things you may want to access pretty quickly. We do have dual, mesh water bottle pockets.
So on either side there is a pretty sizable water bottle pocket down low. You can see
I have got a water bottle there. On the other side I have got, you know, a pair of trekking
poles. So it is not just for water bottles. You can put other items in there as well. We do have some other lash points as well.
On the front here you have got a daisy chain system. So you can use that to lash gear to.
You have got a little loop down here at the bottom you can haul some gear. Or you can
just use this as a carry handle. It is a pretty sturdy, well stitched system there, so good
features on the front, nice pocketing on the backpack. As far as the suspension, back to that, we
also have two hip belt pockets. So, you know, nice small pockets for items that you may
want to access without taking the backpack off or, you know, while you are hiking on
the trail. So granola bars, a telephone, something along those lines you could easily throw into
those hip belt pockets. Moving up to the hood we do have two pockets
on the hood as well. We have got a smaller top pocket that is going to act as, you know,
a map pocket, maybe something that you want to get your hands on quickly. So it is a fairly
sizable pocket. You can fit some items in there. And you have another pocket on the
back of the hood as well. So that is a fairly large pocket. I have just got, you know, a
book in there right now, but you have got another key clip. Two fairly sizable pockets
on the hood of the backpack. Another neat feature about that hood is that
it can be completely removed and used as a lumbar pack. So it is essentially its own
detachable daypack. So it adds a lot of value, nice versatility to the hood of this backpack. And we also have a lined, internal hydration
sleeve with a port. So this pack is hydration compatible. It doesn’t come with a system,
so you have to get that separately, but you can use it with the Coyote 80. Additionally on the sides we have got top
and bottom compression straps. So you can use those to simply compress any gear you
may have inside the pack, keep it all nice and tight together or you can use those as
additional lash points to hold gear onto the side. I have actually got one of the compression
straps holding my trekking poles to the side of the bag here. So some added versatility
and a nice bonus to the Coyote 80. Thanks to the perfect fit suspension system,
the Kelty Coyote 80 is a one size fits all pack that is designed to haul gear and haul
a lot of it comfortably, great for extended back-packing adventures.

3 thoughts on “Kelty Coyote 80 Internal Frame Backpack

  1. Very best all around pack in the world!!! This years model with the pull adjusters its the best wont buy anything else. I am looking forward to wearing mine out enough to warrant buying the new model but it is so durable I believe it will be a few years.  Wish they still had the Velcro on the bottom of the outside bags on both sides though. Love the fact you can get into it a few ways. Seriously love this pack and the company's other products, most of my gear is from them.

  2. Hi, which would be a better buy?… a used Arc'teryx Altra in excellent condition for $175, or a new Rei XT-85 for $140?
    First backpack that I will be purchasing, any help would be greatly appreciated.

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