Kelty Gunnison 3.3 Backpacking Tent

Kelty Gunnison 3.3 Backpacking Tent

Kelty has had the Gunnison tents in their
line for a long time, making improvements along the way. And the Gunnison series has
been just a staple camping and backpacking tent with durable construction, relatively
lightweight, so you can certainly use it for backpack-ing and the Gunnison 3.3 Tent is
certainly improved and it has got a lot of great features that make it affordable, durable
and very roomy and comfortable for three season camp-ing or backpacking for three campers. The first thing that stands out to me about
this tent—we have just got the tent body here—is the clip construction and the construction
of the poles. You have got aluminum poles here. They are both lightweight and durable.
The actual pole sections are shorter in length so you a smaller pack size altogether. So
instead of having a really long kind of tubular pack size, you can pack this down into more
of a square pack size. So that makes it great for bike touring or motorcycle camping when
you need to pack it down to be real-ly small. You do have one hubbed pole. So you have got
two poles that cross over each other, but there is a hub in the middle, so it makes
set up really easy. And you have clip construction here. So you have got Kelty’s hug clips,
which kind of just clip around the pole and have a really secure fit. So you have got
some pretty stable features there. On the tent body you have 58 Denier floor. It is
bathtub style floor so it comes up a little bit there, so you have got waterproof protection.
And then you have got the taffeta material here and then lots of breathability with the
mesh about that. The taffeta material does come all the way
over the top of the tent, so you have got a lot of durability there. But then this mesh
comes around the sides. So breathability in warm-er temperatures and privacy there, as
well, with that taffeta material. You have two really big D shaped doors, so
two doors, two vestibules, so plenty of room to store your gear. We don’t have the rain
fly on yet, but I wanted to show all the fea-tures there. And then it actually does come with
a footprint, so that makes this affordable tent even more valuable, because it comes
with that footprint, so it provides some extra protection from water and extra durability
on the tent. Let’s go inside and check out the features inside the tent. I have climbed in the tent here just to show
the interior space. It has got a lot of simple features, but really functional. So, again,
really big door, easy in and out. And something unique about the door, there is a handy little
pocket right here on the outside. So instead of having to roll back the door and use two
toggle points to open it up, all you have to do is zip open the door and put it right
there in that pocket. So a really cool design and I like the design of that. The interior space gives enough room for three
backpackers. Or, if you want sprawling room for two campers, it is 88 inches long, 74
inches wide and then it has got a peak height of 49 inches. So I have got plenty of head
room in here. You can sit up in this tent. If you need to spend time in the tent in inclement
weather, it definitely is roomy enough for that. So plenty of space in here. And, again,
with the privacy of that taffeta material, but the breathability here, it is a really
good mixture of materials. You have got some pockets here on the inside,
some small pockets just to get gear up off the ground. And there are loops. So there
is four loops around the top to either hang gear or hang a gear loft you can buy separately.
And there is one big loop right in the middle. So that is a great spot to hang a light or
a lantern or something like that. But overall the construction is simple and it is just
really comfortable and roomy inside. We will put the rain fly on and talk about
the features of that. The rain fly construction is where the Gunnison
3.3 really shines. There is a bunch of dif-ferent elements here that I am a really big fan of.
So starting just with the front vestibule, you have got a bigger vestibule in the front
than in the back. But you do have two vesti-bules that you can store your gear. The vestibule
in the front is constructed a little bit dif-ferently. So you have got a zipper running down either
side where this green strip is. This allows you to unzip both sides and use it in a couple
of different ways. Number one, you can unzip it all the way and tuck it up into that pocket,
so that way you have a lot of ven-tilation. This door is up out of the way. On a beautiful
day like today, that is probably what I would do. If you have got some rain coming in and
you still need a littlie bit of protection, but you want a lot of ventilation, you can
even just roll this up half way if you want to and still have the ventilation underneath
with all of that protection on top. Or you can zip it all the way closed. So we do have
a stake right here in the front. In order to unzip that you have to remove the stake,
but then two stakes over here that allow you to, you know, keep all of that vestibule area. Another thing you can do that I think is really
interesting is you can unzip it and then use trekking poles to actually stake it out. So
you have kind of an awning coming out here. That is a great place for shade or something
like that. So a couple of different ways to use this front vestibule. The vestibule in
the back is more of a traditional one. You have got a zipper in the middle. You can roll
back the door on either side and have a lot of ventila-tion. Other than that, you have
this full coverage rain fly. You are completely protected from the elements. It is 68 denier
fabric, so you have a lot of durability there. It is fully seam taped and fully waterproof.
You have got two vents on the top of the rain fly for more ventilation. If you have got
a lot of rain coming in you can close out those vents. And then there are guy out points.
There are certainly enough guy out points that you can stake everything out if you are
in windy weather. We don’t have them staked out today, just because it is such a nice
day. But if you anticipate needing to use every single guy out point and all the stakes,
I would suggest bringing a couple of extra stakes and a cou-ple of extra guy lines. But
over all really smart design on the vestibule. Again, it is simple, but there is a lot of
really functional features. With the front vestibule tucked away you can
see how easy it is to get in and out of the tent. With all of the features here, you are
getting an extremely affordable, easy to set up, three season tent for three campers or
backpackers. It weighs in at a low enough weight that if you are splitting up the weight
between three backpackers, it is certainly a back-packable option to take into the backcountry.
The different ways you can use the rain fly add a lot of value and the included foot print
adds a lot of value as well. It is the Kelty Gunnison 3.3 Tent.

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  1. I'd like to thank Back Country Edge for all the vids showcasing the products they carry. It was that fact that I just purchased the Gunnison 4.3 from BCE instead of a competitor for the same price (both with free shipping and 20% off). BCE spent the time and money to produce the videos not the other companies. Keep up the great work folks.

  2. Is the kelty 3.3 and kelty 3 different? What is the material of the Celtic 3 pole? Kelty Like other products, kelty3 is a DAC pole?

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