Kelty Red Cloud 80 Backpack

Kelty Red Cloud 80 Backpack

A Back Country Edge exclusive back pack that
takes all the features we have come to know and love about the Kelty Red Cloud series
and combines it into a smaller and more compact version. This is the Kelty Red Cloud 80 and
the pockets, organization and comfort of this pack are excellent. Like I said, it is an
80 liter pack so it is definitely a load hauling pack capable of carrying a lot of weight comfortably
at a really great value. The first feature we will talk about is Kelty’s
cloud lock suspension system. So I will flip the pack around. You have got a really supportive
suspension system here. So there is two aluminum stays that run pretty much the whole length
of the back panel here and that is going to transfer the weight of the pack directly onto
your hips, onto the hip belt where it needs to be. With the suspension system, you have
got a lot of nice padding and mesh in the area where you are going to maybe build up
a sweat. Along with that, there are panels where air can really flow. So air can flow
out right in the middle of your back and, you know, in here in the small of your back. As I am working my way down the lumbar pad
of this pack is, you know, really well designed, cuts below right where it needs to be. And
the nicely padded hip belt fits really well around your waist. This is an adjustable pack. So it is going
to adjust from 17 and a half up to 21 inches. So there is a lot of adjustability there and
this back panel actually moves up and down the aluminum stays so it is really easy to
adjust and there is even markings on there to tell you exactly where it is adjusted. Of course, you have got load lifter straps
at the top which is going to help you adjust the harness here and you do have a sternum
strap that goes across the front. On the front of the hip belt you have two nice big pockets
and back here you have a carry handle if you need to pick the backpack up really quickly.
So all in all very easy to use, easy to adjust, comfortable suspension system. This is truly a fully featured pack and what
I mean by that is the pockets and organizational features just go on for days. There are so
many different ways to use this pack and different ways of storing gear. So just starting with
the bottom of the pack there is a sleeping bag compartment that opens up really wide.
As I open this up down at the bottom a feature that a lot of back packers and travelers like
and unique zipper on this where pretty much the whole bottom of the pack opens up really
wide. You see I have got my sleeping bag in there and there is a little toggle. Basically
you can separate the main body of the pack from the bottom or if you want one big compartment,
you can open that up. So the sleeping bag compartment, really easy to use. It opens
up really wide and there is a nice burly zipper down there at the bottom. So if I clip these you can kind of compress
the bottom of the pack down. So if you have got a sleeping back in there or if you just
have other gear and it is not packed out completely, you can really cinch the bottom of this pack
down or you can lash things to the bottom. So there is actually a little daisy chain
sown in there in the bottom and there is this compression strap. Working my way up, you do have two stretchy,
what I call water bottle pockets on the sides, a tool loop down here at the bottom and a
really nice, burly carry handle on the front of the pack. I turn it to the side, you can see that I
have got a trekking pole in here. And that is just to show that the winged pockets on
the side of this pack are pass through pockets so you can store longer items, perhaps tent
poles or trekking poles like I have here, but you do have compression straps on the
sides. This pocket, the winged pockets on the sides
are pretty deep. I have just got, you know, a personal clip system in there, but I can
see putting items you want to get to during the day, a water filter or something like
that, exact same pocket on the other side. And then you do have a pretty shallow front
pocket here where I just have a rain cover and an extra layer. This pocket on the front
has some organization as well for smaller gear items. And as I am just using all of the, you know,
the small toggles and things like that, they are really durable. There is a nice little
metal toggle on there. So I can see, you know, from the fabrics to the stitch lines everything
here is very, very durable. Moving up to the top you have a floating lid
and I don’t have this pack packed out completely. I have a little bit of space underneath this
lid that I could store more gear. But since I don’t have it packed out all the way,
I am using the compression strap on the top to really cinch that down. This is another
place that you could store a sleeping mat perhaps and to really secure that to the top
of the pack. This is a top loading pack so you have access
through the top, but you also have a really big U-shaped zipper that starts on this corner,
goes all the way around to the bottom. So if I were to open up all of these compressions
traps, which you have four, two, three, four, I could open this up like a piece of luggage.
So that makes it great for travel. If you are looking for a backpack that you can use
on the trail, but also travel with and have easy access to all you pockets and great organization,
this is a great pack to use abroad. The floating lid does actually turn into a
hip pack or a shoulder pack because you have a strap here underneath the lid. So you can
actually remove that and use it as a small day pack, another great feature for travel.
And if you do have other types of gear that you want to actually store under the lid that
lid does float. I have got an extra layer back here. I have
got some items that I want to keep on hand. There is a small pocket right here on the
top where I just have my keys. So this is just, you know, a really shallow pocket. It
could be a map pocket or something like that. But all in all organizational features, really
smart design and really easy to use. This pack is really versatile in the ways
that you can use it. So I just want to show how to use the top lid as a day pack. So I
kind of have it detached here. The straps tuck away really nicely underneath there when
you are not using it. But for me I use it as a shoulder bag. So I will clip it and just
wear it around my shoulder. I can cinch that down and kind of go on my way. You can also
use it as a fanny pack, which I think may be the way a lot of people use it. You just
cinch that down and use it around your waist. So this makes just a really great day pack
when you are traveling, you want to leave your pack behind and just go out for the day.
You don’t have to carry an extra bag with you. The other way of using this is if you don’t
have your pack completely full and you don’t need the top lid, you can just leave this
at home. The top part of the pack, like I said, it is a top loading pack, so you can
really cinch down this top portion. So I don’t have it packed out completely here. You know,
you have this long collar here at the top. But if I cinch this down I can roll the top
of the pack down. With all the compression straps that are on
this pack I can turn it into a much smaller pack than what I originally had. So, you know,
you have got a compression strap there on that side, two compression straps on the bottom
and even the side winged pockets. If I take my gear out of there you can cinch
that part of the bag down as well. So where this, you know, 80 liter pack may seem, you
know, really big, it does have a lot of storage options, but you can compress it down to be
smaller. So, you know, with the Red Cloud 110, the Red Cloud 90 it is such a big pack,
the smaller counterpart here can be cinched down to get even smaller. So I see a lot of
versatility with this pack. You can pack it out completely and have a heavy hauling pack
or you can really cinch down all of the parts of this pack and go a little bit more minimal. Some last quick features. This pack is hydration
compatible. So it is going to take pretty much any hydration bladder out there with
a built in hydration sleeve in the main compartment of the pack. And there is a pass through hole
on either side so that you could put the hose over either shoulder and a little stretchy
cord on the shoulder harness to attach that. You can also buy a Kelty rain cover separately
that fits really well on the outside of the pack. All in all you have a really versatile,
really value conscious pack that is comfortable. It is going to carry a load really well and
you can use it in a lot different ways. It is the Kelty Red Cloud 80.

8 thoughts on “Kelty Red Cloud 80 Backpack

  1. awesome video! I use a Red Cloud 90 and have been looking for another smaller pack for shorter trips. Even though this is still a large bag the price is tempting. Looking at the specifications it seems to be quite a bit smaller than the 90 .i wish I could see them side by side

  2. Excellent review from an excellent retailer. Keep up the great work! I love Backcountry Edge. I've ordered a Red Cloud 80 for the crazy good price that you guys have it currently on your website and am looking forward to using the heck out of it.

  3. Great walk through of the pack. A lot better then the usual sales pitch vids.  I run a Redwing 50 for day/overnight and Red Cloud 90 for extended hikes.  Both are excellent, and i would recommend a Kelty to anyone without resrevation.

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