Kelty Women’s Catalyst 76 Backpack

Kelty Women’s Catalyst 76 Backpack

Featuring Kelty’s perfect fit suspension
system, a woman’s specific fit and lots of features that are both trail worthy and
travel worthy, the Kelty Catalyst 76 pack is your perfect companion for a multitude
of adventures. The first thing to talk about with any backpack
is how it carries the load and the suspension system. And I am going to turn the pack around
to talk about that. The suspension system here is Kelty’s perfect
fit suspension, which is really easy to use. It allows you to adjust the pack while you
are wearing it and adjust the torso length for a perfect fit. So the first thing I want
to talk about is how you adjust it. I peel back these shoulder straps. The perfect fit
suspension here you have got a lot of padding and big broad mesh. So that is going to allow
warm air to escape. If you are sweating it is going to wick away sweat. And these pads
are really soft and they are really comfortable. You have got a channel here in the middle,
again, that is going to allow warm air to es-cape. And the perfect fit suspension, you
see there is two toggle points right there that allow you to pull this shoulder harness
and this back panel down. So I have it set up at the highest torso length
right now. Again, this is a women’s specific fit. So, you know, the shoulder straps are
a little more narrow. You have got all sorts of women specific features there. But what
I would do is set it up at the highest point the first time you try it on and then once
you have got the belt and everything adjusted, you pull down on these two grey straps and
that allows you to cinch in the torso length, to cinch in this back panel so that it is
the perfect height. It is really simple. It is intuitive. It is easy and it allows you
to get a really comfortable fit. So that is the perfect fit suspension. Again,
with the shoulder harness, you have the same big, broad mesh, really nice padding there,
contoured shoulder straps. There is load lifters which make it really comfortable and then,
of course, you have your sternum strap. That is adjustable. Going down to the hip belt
you have that same padding, that same mesh there on the hip belt, contoured for a women’s
specific fit. That is also adjustable. So really nice features there. Easy to use. There
is no guess work in how that suspension works. There is no guess work in is it the right
size for me. So it is really great there. And then just going down to the hip belt again.
You have to really big pockets, oversize pockets here. Perfect place for a phone. I would say
that accommodates any size phone. So it is a really big pocket there. You can put snacks
in there, a small camera, that sort of thing and it is a little bit of a stretchy mesh
on that pocket there. While I am back here talking about the back
of the pack and going into the features and the pockets, I do want to mention the top
lid here has a really broad open pocket that you can get your hands on light weight gear
in the top of your pack. The other pockets and organization are really
smart. There is a lot of different places that you can store gear, so you know exactly
where your gear is when you put it in your pack. So I am going to turn the pack around
and talk about the other pockets. Here on the side you have stretchy mesh water
bottle pockets on both sides. There is a compression strap that is underneath this pocket. You
can route the compression strap out the outside of it as well. So if you do have a water bottle
in there, it won’t constrict that, but if you have got something else like tent poles
or another piece of gear that is longer, you can put it on the outside and really compress
that down to hold in the load. Got another compression strap up here on the
top and a small pocket right here that you can put small gear. It is a bellows pocket
so if you have this compressed down with this compression strap, it tucks away really nicely. Moving to the front of the pack you obviously
have the top lid here and I don’t have this pack packed out completely. I could definitely
put more gear inside of here, but this is a floating lid. So these straps right here
are really long. They allow you to adjust the lid up and down. So there is a nice big
collar on the inside. You can pack it out completely and have just a really big, heavy
hauling pack. Or if you have a smaller load, all the compression straps on this pack really
compress it down. So I can see this being a great travel pack where you are going overseas,
you are using it in a couple of different ways and sometimes you have a bigger load,
sometimes you have a smaller load. So we will open that lid up. This is a top
loading pack, so there is a nice compression strap on top. You could drape something over
the top or put a sleeping pad and really compress that down. A nice big collar, like I said, so if you
do need to use all of the capacity that this pack offers, you can definitely do that with
the floating lid. Underneath here you just have main access into the main body of the
pack. This is hydration compatible, so there is a nice big sleeve in there that would accommodate
most hydration systems. You also have access into the pack from the
bottom. So I have got a sleeping bag in here and the bottom compartment is… the zipper
is in an interesting spot. A lot of sleeping bags or a lot of back packs have a sleeping
bag zipper right here in the front, but Kelty has put it on the side and we will take a
look at that. So if I open that up, it is a really big U
shaped zipper. Got a Kelty Cosmic 32 degree sleeping bag in there. And, as you can see,
real easy access to that pocket. So I can just pull this sleeping pad or this sleeping
bag out. You have some access into the rest of the
pack as well. So you can get your hands on gear. And there is a little divider here.
So it divides the main body of the pack to the bot-tom. You can toggle this off and have
that compartment or you can remove those toggles and have one big compartment. So it just makes
it really easy to use there. In addition to the top access and bottom access
with the sleeping bag compartment, you have got a zipper here that allows you access into
the main body. So this is a really convenient zipper. This design is great for travel. So
if you are traveling around and you need to get your hands on gear, unlike when you are
backpacking and you are stopping for the night, you can really compartmentalize your gear
and get your hands on it quickly. So this allows you access into all parts of your pack. Some last quick features… there are plenty
of tool loops on this pack. There is compression straps here in the front that attach this
extra day pack onto that. And there is places here that you can lash gear to the outside
of the pack. Daisy chain loops on the bottom here and you can definitely use this pack
in a lot of different ways. So, as I mentioned, the suspension system is trail worthy. And
the pockets and organization are travel worthy. So I can see this being a great overseas backpacking
pack where sometimes you will be in hostels, sometimes you will be out on the trail. But I will put this pack to the side and talk
about the extra day pack. So this is a really convenient feature. It
comes with the pack. And it actually attaches to the front of the bigger backpack. So you
can use this in tandem with that if you need some extra space. You can definitely attach
this on to there. But it is a great little pack. You have got some nice, lightweight,
stream lined straps there. There is mesh in there. And you can even use this as a hydration
sleeve. So you can put a hydration bladder in there. Three is a little port there and
you can route the hose out the side. Really stream lined and simple. The top is
just a roll top closure. You have got Velcro there on the top and just one big main compartment
with a little sleeve again for either other gear or for a hydration bladder. That folds
down really nicely. So if you have a, you know, smaller items in there you can really
compress that down. And then there is just a really streamlined and simple zipper on
the front. This pocket goes all the way down to the bottom. And I have just got my phone
in there, but definitely a great place for smaller items. Again, with this pack, you have got a lot
of different versatile features. You have got trail specific features that are going
to allow you to take this on multi days on the trail. It is a load hauling pack. It is
a big pack, 76 liters. So you are going to be able to carry a lot of gear, but if you
don’t have it packed out completely, you can use all those compression straps to really
compress it down. It is the perfect companion for your next
adventure, the Kelty women’s Catalyst 76 pack.

3 thoughts on “Kelty Women’s Catalyst 76 Backpack

  1. I have the men's version in the 50. It's a great pack. I would tend to encourage people to take a 50 over a larger pack. The 50 holds enough gear and food for a week long hike.

  2. In cooler weather, where more clothes must be taken, a 50 may not be enough. I am gearing up for a trip to the SHT. I am taking my Trekker 65. The Catalyst 50 was just a little too small.

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