Kenzington’s Backpack Haul | Back to School | Kamri Noel

Kenzington’s Backpack Haul | Back to School | Kamri Noel

– Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? (upbeat lively music) Hello my darlings, it is Kenzington from the Kamri Noel Channel, and if you saw my last video, you must have noticed that
camping is not my thing, but you want to know what is? Pink and sparkles. (magic chime) So last year, I noticed
that Kamri’s backpack was a little bit shabby, so I did her a favor this year in putting together a backpack all for her that is appropriately girly. But before we get started,
make sure you subscribe and like this video. My goal is 35,000, now, let’s go. This perfectly pink backpack has the perfect combination
of leather and gold. It has two straps in the
back for carrying it, and two straps in the front that is a cover for the big pockets. I love this backpack because it has a old English prep school view. This backpack also comes
with two side pockets, and in one of them, I put
the perfect water bottle. I just got a clear water
bottle and put some gold vinyl on it to give it some pop. If it’s gold and sparkly,
I have to have it. That’s why when I saw this lanyard, I knew it was perfect for Kamri ’cause she has to wear a
school ID around school. I also made it more amazing by adding this white puff ball at the end. Every girl should be two
things, classy and fabulous, which is exactly what this
binder and notebooks are. And these are inspired by my
favorite designer, Kate Spade, whose name, of course, starts with a K. That’s why I added a K on here. A girl without a bow is not a girl at all, which is why this pouch
is perfect for Kamri. It comes complete with smelly markers. (sniffs)
Ah. Matching pencils and two fabulous pens. I asked Daddy for the diamond one, but he said I could only get the gold one. I’m sure you’ve heard the
saying, I woke up like this, which for all of us girls is true, but for those days when
you have a blemish or two, we always need our emergency stash, which includes a few makeup
products and a mirror. (upbeat lively music) Kamri is definitely not your average girl, so she is deserves not average ear buds. These gold ear buds are perfect for tuning out really boring teachers or enjoying her lunchtime jam sessions. No girl wants to ruin
her awesome appearance with (grunts) wretched breath. So I’m giving Kamri some breath mints, so that will never ever happen to her. You get a mint, and you get mint, and you get a mint, and you need a mint. (upbeat music) Oh my gosh, guys, guess what. I made an exact copy
of this entire backpack for one of Kamri’s loyal
subscribers, you guys! You can find out the rules and everything about this giveaway from the link in the
description box below. You guys definitely want to subscribe to Kamri’s channel, and you can do that by clicking right here, and if you missed my camping experience, you can find it over here. Ooh, still gives me the shudders, ooh. It was fun hanging out
with you guys, toodles! (upbeat music)

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  1. hi kamri I love love love your videos you are
    so hilarious and I can relate to the video I have
    people in class always like this can you please
    reply and give me a shout out

  2. Kamri !! you are such an inspiring girl and i watch your U tube videos!😄😃😃 you're awesome and i love that you play soccer, just like me! any who, you keep doing what u r doing girl! and congrats on the new boyfriend😍

  3. Kami I'm so sorry I didn't mean my comment to be hate I just got offended when u said she's not urgent average girl and that's true because there is no such thing as average! So sorry if you took it the wrong way it was my fault!❤😚

  4. I know I 'm not going to win this give away but I just wanted to tell you how much I love your family 's channels with all my heart and your a really an inspiring family , I am am a 10 year old girl who 's been longing to know someone famous and win a giveaway on YouTube I really hope you are reading any way carry on with what you were doing and remember think wisely about who you are going to chose to win your giveaway . Love from Wede pronounced Wed-ay

  5. Does anyone know what she uses to edit her videos? And if someone (or even herself) close to her sees this, could they tell me? Thank you so much!!

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