Kid President’s Sleepover Under The Declaration of Independence!

Kid President’s Sleepover Under The Declaration of Independence!

Sup friends! Kid President here I’m so excited to talk to you, I got my eyes all crossed Y’all got me like….Oh, my eyelashes… I’m Kid President and I’m on a mission to make the world more awesome.We just added a guitar solo If I saw something awesome, you should just add a guitar solo It’s like…So be sure to add guitar, OK Brad? Yeah! Ding So, you’re my friends and I can tell you this. It’s been a dream of mine to make history HISTORY! I even put it in one of my older videos… “We can’t just study history, we got to make HISTORY!”Uh, I was so young then I got a questions today, How can we make history? So I thought about some things I thought about making the world’s largest crouton…but… I don’t know how to make a crouton It’s just like really hard bread, isn’t it? Or do they grow in the wild? I thought I could make history by being the first man to go to the moon! Somebody already did that Invent electricity…done. Invent Bitcoins…somebody already did that. Make a movie where Michael Jordan and Looney Tunes play basketball and they…save the planet Already done, it’s called Space Jam Really watch it, it’s a great movie Write a rap musical about Alexander Hamilton…done!Has all the historic things already been thinged?? How can I be a part of history? I’m still trying to figure that out, but I do know how to do this Throw a pretty awesome sleepover So today I want to share Kid President’s guide to throwing a totally awesome and historic sleepover!So how can you totally throw a awesome historic sleepover? Step 1: Location, location, location It’s like real estate man Where will this thing be? Your house, your backyard? I chose the National Archives in Washington D.C. because Kid President doesn’t always sleep, but when he does, he wants to be surrounded by inspiration and history! It’s sort of tricky and you’re gonna have to get permission Luckily, I got to meet with the archivist of United States of America. The archivist is appointed by the president What! I get to meet this guy? I got to sit in his chair! I mean, the archivist helps preserve and tell our story The story of America! I can’t believe I was in his office but, I got to tell you something… He’s a Red Sox fan!Remember, he had like a whole area with just Red SoxSo, he said it was cool! You know what that means right? Sleepover at the National Archives!!So, once you know your location, Step 2: Get inspired Why are you doing this sleepover anyway? Well, for me, I’m always inspired by our founding fathers We the People?! C’mon, I’m talking the Constitution I mean, phew, The Bill of Rights! And wait wait, you ready for the best part?The Declaration of Independence!! I was so surprised when I saw that, I was like… Anytime, ANYTIME I’m near the Declaration of Independence, I do 2 things. First, I freeze up and I’m like: Like that guy on Shark Tank who can’t look open, he like… That’s what I do first The next thing I do, of course, is dance. C’mon now! Phew! I mean, this, this is real inspiration I’m not talking some awe, like AWEsome… I’m talking about being full of awe, like AWE-full… Wait, did I just say awful? That’s unfortunate What I’m trying to say: it’s a huge deal! So I found my inspiration, The Declaration of Independence. I mean, what is a sleepover anyway? Just a loud declaration of OUR independence. Location, we have our inspiration, now we need Step 3 Friends!! Invite people!This is a key ingredient to any sleepover, especially a historic one. So how can i make this sleepover more awesome? I thought about calling my friend Nicolas Cage, that would be a great honor. See if he could help me steal the Constitution and stuff… I always feel a little bit awkward around Nicolas Cage Cut to the video! I watched all of your movies, like Ghost Rider Oh, I’m thrilled to hear you say that! Well, that’s pretty much all my questions…really? Well this was the best interview I had all day! Thank you so much. You’re welcome I like your movies… Plus, he’s a busy man And, I’m Kid President, I can’t just go around stealing national tressure Or can I?!? Make sure you cut that out Brad Anyway, make sure to invite your people And look how many people came to this one! So cool, so much fun Lot’s of friends! Your life is a party, invite people to it! Step 4: Supplies You’ll need sleeping bags, maybe a mattress with an extra suit to sleep in And of course, a good pillow I didn’t really bring a good pillow, so, remember that? And most of all, A sense of adventure! I made sure to set up my sleeping bag right under the Declaration of Independence Laying there just beneath the piece of history. Looking up at the incredible ceilings It hit me, all of it, it hit me. I mean, yes this sleepover is historic, but all of our lives are historic You, me, all of us! We’re already making history just by being here Together, we are part of something really big! A story that has been happening before us, and stories that are going on right now! It continues History has always been made by little people, little people like you and me. Little people living out big love! I remember something really cool the archivist told me It was a story from when he was a kid He wanted to a part of history, so he wrote a letter to the president of the United States Years later, when he became archivist, some good people in the archives found his letter! and presented him with it! So crazy right? It’s like that’s crazy! If you write a letter to the president, If you’ve ever written a letter to the president, you are forever in the National Archives It’s so cool! More then that, if you’re breathing right now, if you’ve ever taken a breathe, You are an important part of history! You’re part of this great big story we’re telling Live or not, not everything has been done Not every important story has been told Still a lot to do in this little world SO, don’t give up party people I want to see people like you doing something! Anything! To make the world more awesome for kids You see, I’ve been trying to make this the year of the kid I think that’s the kind of history we want to make I believe you can do it So let’s get to living, we got some history to make Let’s make this chapter of the story a good one! A REAL good one Now, if you excuse me, I got some history to dance aboutHistory dance We start making history people KP out. I’m just like my country, I’m young, scrappy and hungry

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  2. It is crazy to see how much Kid President has grown! I hope after 30 years he becomes America's President. He has the right heart to do it and I believe the heart is the most important part!

  3. he is 12 and got to meet the most inspirational people in the world. i hope he actually runs for president one day. he would be great.

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  5. Forget everyone else in the election.
    Dear Kid President,

    We need you in this election.
    -Signed a big fan

    lol please though I am being very serious.

  6. My fifth grade teacher so times let us wach kid presiden but he stopped making new videos for a while because he had sergery


  8. The real history of america would make him cry because it is build on inoscent blood of slaves and killed nativ americans, nothing you can be proud of, just indoctrinated history of authorities, who are rulling…..

  9. I can Cross my eyes too like this sorry I can show you a picture of me crosseyeed And I can't seem to find emoji that is cross eyed

  10. My school change the world because it actually made me watch these videos and I inspired and I love your videos so can you please make 1000 more because you kid president you just need to be the president I wish one day I could meet you but your 11 so I probably won’t meet you but you’re cool

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