Kids Emergency Kit – School Survival Kit – Prepping With Kids

Kids Emergency Kit  – School Survival Kit – Prepping With Kids

kids emergency kit SCHOOL SURVIVAL KIT School Emergency Kit child emergency kit emergency supplies make an emergency kit for your child hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper school is starting and you might want to prepare a kids
emergency kit pack that’s also like a little comfort pack
for your child little one that’s going to school everyone needs to be prepared for emergencies no matter how old backpacks always have an
assortment of pockets have zippers and containers and compartments
on the outside of the backpack load up one of the little pockets with
emergency gear your child might need at school I always like to include a granola
bar and a bottle of water
so that if something happens and they don’t make it straight Home or they forgot
something they always have something to eat put in a wet wipes and Kleenex pack because
everybody needs to have those I have a little head lamp because it’s
dark here for long periods of time and I want to
make sure my little one can come and go and still
find where they’re going without tripping in the dark I have a little chapstick a bandaid somebody’s got to take care their own
little booboos eventually be sure to include emergency contact information they need to make sure you include their
own address address and phone number especially your
littlest ones they get confused they don’t remember an
in an emergency you don’t want them saying things like I live in the White House
near the Cowboy store because that’s the kind of things that
children will say and no one knows what the heck they’re talking about and if
you can look on their contact list and their own phone & address is there
then they’re going to in be way better off make sure you
include the phone numbers have the mommy the daddy babysitter day care place your
grandparents neighbors that are your trusted neighbors
they’re allowed to be in contact with them if they come
home after school and you’re not there then they have the place they can go so
make sure you include all of that so that there’s no worries in an
emergency include a hand warmer and dry pair of socks an extra pair of gloves and you get the idea depending on
the age if your child and their specific needs or medical needs things like that tailor this to
suit your child but please be sure to include a little bit of extras and that way they know that you love
them and they know they can take care themselves learn more at please subscribe to AlaskaGranny channel

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  1. Well Jake there is a zero tolerance of weapons at school in the U.S and yes both said items are considered weapons so the answer is never put that in their bag for school.

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