Krisberedskap i bilen del 5 Utvärdering Get Home Bag GHB

Krisberedskap i bilen del 5 Utvärdering Get Home Bag GHB

PART 5: POST TALK hello, I’m out walking and wanted some extra weight so I have carried this the get home bag today I’m walking about 10km/6,2 mi I wanted to test this a bit more it works very well this is a cheap backpack from Biltema I was a bit skeptic that it would hold I don’t know exactly how much
the backpack weighs right now but shortly I will write it here how much does the backpack weigh? aha, okay… as I would have guessed I have completed the backpack
since I was out on the exercise well perhaps not the backpack
but things that I can add as needed that is: an axe and a saw this I learned during the exercise when there are freezing cold outside you need proper camp fire to keep warm twigs and pine cones that you might
find on the ground isn’t enough you need to be able to process larger fire wood that’s why I have an axe and a saw in the car so that I can cut wood I can also add a bigger folding bow saw if needed and also a snow shovel during the winter now it is in the end of february it is mild or rather warm for this time of year this morning it was 7°C/47°F and sunny here I am in the sun wearing a t-shirt it is very nice outside other than that I have not made
any changes to the backpack things that I used during the excercise here is a sandwich and coffee that I want this is not standard for this backpack but I had it in my car and I could fit it in the backpack it is weighing just over a kilo and
the sandwiches do not weigh much I’ll just pour a cup of coffee and then we can carry on I’ve been waiting for that okey what I have changed from the original set up is I have removed the plastic sheet it worked well to use as a shelter instead of a tarp but I will replace that with a small tent for 2 persons where you can accommodate two adults
and two children if needed if you don’t have sleeping bags and a lot of equipment we won’t need a lot of space we can fit in a two person tent I will come back regarding the tent by the way it is a Seek Outside Silvertip I didn’t get that tent only for the get home bag I’m going to use it but when not in use
it will be in this get home bag Thats it, that is the change I planned to do During the get home exercise I didn’t use everything in the backpack I didn’t use the radio I didn’t use these buffs I didn’t use the duct tape I wore the undergarment I didn’t eat all food I used cordage I used one Morakniv knife I ate two energy bars I didn’t eat the NRG-5 emergency rations I ate one portion of freeze dried food I drank coffee and chocolate I didn’t need the gloves and socks but a good thing to have, this time I wore enough I didn’t use the emergency bivvy bags the reason for them being in its original package
is these are one time use items once you have used one of these you throw
them away, I don’t think they can be reused perhaps you don’t want to either I did use the sleeping bag, and I have a wool blanket in the car that I brought along this has a comfort level of 7°C/45°F and it was freezing about -1°C/30°F that night extrem temperature on this sleeping bag is 2°C/36°F this is thin, really thin I expected it to be really cold in this but actually with the thick wool blanket the Army wool blanket on top of the sleeping bag and I wore my clothes also It worked but it was a little cold on my back but that is to be expected where the
back compress the insulation around the back and buttocks this worked above my expectation I used this, the LPE stove here is a small LPE burner it weighs 25 gram/0.9 oz or so BRS a small LPE burner works very well LPE gas from Biltema works in freezing climate, it is tested -7°C/19°F is tested but then it was a bit week let’s put this back again I apologize, but I need to take
a bite before I stave to death I used this cordage I didn’t use this small backpack but if you are more than one person or need to bring more from the car it is perfect to have I didn’t use the first aid kit this is first and formost to treat sore feet and there is some pain killers and a bandage and a magnifying glass I used cup and cutlery I didn’t need toilet paper that time I used map and compass but not all of the maps I didn’t use the rescue blankets I didn’t use the water filter I had enough water there are 2 liters of water here I didn’t use the emergency crank radio thats it down here is an orange backpack cover it is a rain cover you may use it to signal if needed, it is orange or you may leave it there here is more stuff let’s see what temperature it is I didn’t use the monocular I didn’t need cash I didn’t use the head lamp I used a small LED-light I didn’t use the utility key I used the fire steel I didn’t use the bic lighter I didn’t use these storm matches I didn’t use the batteries during this exercise there wasn’t much
that I needed from this bag either is there something that I could do
without, that I don’t want to carry? that would be the plastic sheet I believe this new tent is lighter and more appropriate the plastic sheet is still in the car but not inte the get home bag because I might want to bring the plastic sheet anyway or I need to repair the wind screen or need some extra cover above or as a floor inside the tent right now it is 15°C/59°F here really lovely how can I summarize this, well no matter what you do, packing a
get home bag, bug out bag or emergency kit whatever it is that you will
depend on in an emergency situation make sure to test it train and exercise with it it is only then that you know
what is useful in your backpack if you do not have very extensive experience practical experience using exactly these things there is a risk that you might pack the wrong things for example I thought that a knife would be sufficient but that wasn’t the case,
now I had a saw in my car but I really needed an axe on the other hand there are a lot of things in the get home bag that I didn’t
need during this exercise and the only thing I change is the
plastic sheet with an appropriate tent we will see, hopefully I will become wiser with time I will probably add and remove more things in the future But I am completely confident right now I can walk far with this back pack I have demonstrated this by today I can fit everything that I need in the backpack to spend the night outside in freezing temperatures and manage that. there is food and there is food and some clothing
for the whole family if needed With these words I end the series about emergency
preparedness in the vehicle and get home bag If you liked this video give it a thumbs up please subscribe to the channel more is on its way, see you

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  1. Mycket intressant och givande. Har samma upplägg med utrustningen i bilen för att kunna ta mig hem om det värsta händer. Fick några tips så jag kommer att uppdatera min ryggsäck.

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