good morning everybody and welcome to
Kristmas Day one I hope you guys enjoyed the intro
there’s a lot more fun to come and in store during the Christmas season so get
excited you’ll also see some new elements throughout this video and at
the end that all kind of play up the spirit of #Kristmas I love I
have been waiting for this all year long and for a while there I didn’t know if I
was going to be able to do it I just didn’t know like I like I told you guys
earlier I was kind of in a place where I was not really interested in vlogging
and I had it kind of an existential crisis about it but goodness that crisis
has passed right now I’m gonna do one of my favorite things of the holiday season
which is to make myself a coffee. so guys right here I have two mugs to show you
the Ember mug and the Ember travel mug and I think since I’ll be at
home, I take the other one to work, and I am going to make some caramel…
coffee I guess? or whatever so what is new guys I put out quite a few videos in
the last week before Kristmas started a bunch of you may have noticed that but I
had a bunch of content scheduled and… what am i doing what a salted caramel
this looks like a little liquor bottle doesn’t it
I bought this set of monin syrups and you don’t bought it online do you ever
buy something online and I was like oh this is really really small so yeah
these have lasted me like just about three drinks it was complete waste of
money but oh well a lot of you guys ask what are my favorites right now I’m
loving these I don’t know what they’re called but they’re on the website I
think they’re limited edition I also like the Cioccatino and the Parisian one
I typically go for the limited edition versions just cuz I’m I can’t ever get
the skin but they always end up offering them on sale not on sale but they always
end up sending I’m on my replenishment order so I’m
like Willie how limited-edition are you all righty so I picked up my dry
cleaning now I’m gonna go drop off a return to UPS an Amazon return and then
I’m gonna go get my lashes done! Alright y’all, I’m done getting my lashes filled! I also had them dyed which is also really nice thing you can
do at Winx you can have your lashes dyed and then have your extensions put on
as like a refill or new set or whatever and I think it just makes your
existing lashes kind of stick out more and everything looks a little bit fuller
especially if you don’t already have naturally dark lashes which most of you
do but for someone like me who is a natural blonde it is very I think I’m
going to come back for a half hour appointment next week just to get them a
little bit more full because I loved it so long last time that they don’t like
they don’t don’t lash until the time is up soon you know you’re not kind of
limited to a certain number of lash extensions now it’s time to go pick up
some lunch for the fam and I’m going to go there’s a cookbook that goes along
with they try to prejudice book and it’s written with recipes by a Martha Stewart
it’s so cool I’m picking up the Magnolia table by
Joanna Gaines and I’ve got a couple other books here that I’m gonna buy so
here is the lunch I picked up from cafe Express and then before I jump into that
I’m going to show you what I picked up this is my own book I was reading it in
the car um I got this one which I’d been wanting to read it was recommended to me
by a patient that I was talking to because we were talking about how much I
love books about world war ii and she said this was really good so this is
definitely gonna be a good read and then this one was the one she was reading and
I asked her about and yeah so it seems good I don’t know which one I want to
read first but let me know if any of y’all have read this
this is something I picked up for hp’s stalking so you can’t I can’t talk about
it right now cuz he’s over there and then I picked up this which I’m just
finishing up I just finished reading the last of the trilogy and then I’m
finishing up the last hour on the audiobook of the also astrology I read
it and listen to it every single year it’s my favorite series I will leave
that link down below but I finally stumbled upon upon this book in the
bookstore it’s been out for a while but I just never picked it up cuz I didn’t
know if it was worth it but yeah seems really cool I don’t know we’ll see I’ll
get through it probably hi come here Pooh! Pooh okay everybody it’s time to do a little
bit of a giveaway to celebrate the launch of Kristmas 2018 so get ready
because this one is gonna be really good I also wanted to share that the info for
how to enter the giveaway is gonna be down in the description box and it’s
going to be open worldwide so everybody from around the world who’s watching can
enter gotta make sure that you’re subscribed so make sure that you’re
signed in to YouTube with your Google account or whatever and make sure that
once you’re signed in that you’re subscribed that’s important because that
is going to be a requirement there’s also gonna be some stuff on my Instagram
which is @kristinabraly I’m @ @KristinaBraly everywhere so I just
wanted to say thank you and to all my loyal viewers who watch and support my
channel this is for you I really appreciate it it’s it’s been a labor of
love to get vlogmas ready for you guys and i just want to celebrate that cuz
i’m so excited. and right now I’m staring outside and the leaves are changing
which is a big deal for Houston Texas everything is turning yellow and the
leaves are falling and it finally looks like fall here on December 1st. did I
mention it’s 80 degrees outside I’m having a nun seasonably warm day today
I’m hoping it will get a little bit more festive also this vlog is I have some
travel planned for my in-laws Ruby wedding anniversary which is really
gonna be fun so yeah! it’s several hours later and I’ve been playing with her and
I just put her to bed so let’s go see what’s in the giveaway. the first thing
is going to be this CHI pretty and pink one-inch ceramic hair styling iron
and it also comes with this really cute little clutch
I think I’m not I don’t want to open it so I think you put the thing in the
clutch I’m not entirely sure yeah thermal clutch so I think you can throw
it in there when you’re traveling and even though it’s hot and you need to go
to the airport you can throw it in there and it’s not gonna melt anything it’s
all sparkly and glittery look at that how cute is that that would make a
really great gift for anybody but it’s gonna be a gift for you
the next thing is going to be this lifetime supply of travel
pixie glow tonic and rose top tonics and this adorable toiletry pouch I actually
have one of these and I use it all the time
I’m also going to be including my 5th Avenue o de parfum which is 100 mil
bottle of the new perfume release by Elizabeth Arden so as I mentioned I will
have everything in the description box for how to enter but you guys know I
always try to keep it as simple as possible I do hope that you enjoy
flogging us enough that you’ll share it with others that is definitely one of my
deepest wishes this year is to share blog miss with as many people as
possible because it’s my favorite series that I do I’ve spent three months
prepping for it and and I do it’s a labor of love I do it for you guys I
absolutely adore doing vlogmas every year and it is so hard but so rewarding
it’s so fun I love the spirit of Christmas I love everything that it it
embodies spending time with family being kind to others strength kindness to
strangers random acts of kindness being good to your friends and family and
spending time with family that’s all of it yeah I’m gonna get choked up
Christina okay that is really what it’s all about and so I just love that and I
just I’m so excited all right got some blogging this playing in the background
excited and it’s getting a little it’s 4:30 so I think it’s time for the
Christmas lights to turn on Alexa turn on Christmas lights okay I also picked
up something an order well I didn’t pick up anything I actually had it delivered
a prime now order from Amazon what is the hair doing i was like johnny bravo
because i want to be able to edit vlogmas sitting on the couch right here
so i picked up a portable solid-state hard drive i won’t leave it linked down
below cuz i’ve no idea what it’s called but I know that it’s fast it’s this big
and I’m gonna store all of my Final Cut Pro stuff on it so that I can actually
edit from my macbook right here cuz normally I edit in that lonely room
which is technically a laundry room with no laundry facilities in it right now
because we have two laundry rooms oddly enough we have one up and one up and one
down and I just turned that into my office which is why it’s so small but
yeah I have no office I have no home office
in this house it’s all bedrooms I need something sharp BRB
I’m God it’s so fun so cute look at this tiny little 1 terabyte hard drive okay
world smallest hands yeah oh my god so cool it comes with I think yeah a couple
of different USB options a normal USB and then USB see which is perfect
because that’s what hooks up to my max isn’t that amazing in your ears I will
be telling and having a good good hi good morning books yeah you love
books you want to read books all the time hi let’s get you changed I can’t promise we’ll return in having a good good my daughter you like it yeah my mind you saying mama
now are you saying mama now hey mama yeah hey Gidget can you say
Gidget yeah can you see a little ooh hey say little yeah lately with your tongue
out Lilu yeah you say Papa can say Papa yeah
can you say ball can you say ball Eddie say ball yeah
all right guys it is advent calendar time whoo-hoo let’s do this okay I
actually need to take the shrink wrap wrap off of all these things so let me
do that first okay let’s go with door number one which I’ve already spotted yes I’m gonna eat all of the chocolate
balls advent calendar number two this is by Clinique and this is day one right
here I hope you can see that thank them Oh
the chubby stick this one is a chubby stick moisturizing lip contour balm and
this color is walk by hair it gives like a super strawberry that’s cute I like it and that’s like a
perfect purse size let’s do the oh no I can’t do the balm on cuz it’s only ten
days so we’re gonna start that on the 15th I guess okay to move you to the
side balmain since you’re only ten days the first one is… is that one? that looks
like a one that’s a big one … Do Son! Eau de Toilette “vaporisateur” I used
this perpetually throughout the year you know what that smells like??? I don’t know I can’t put my finger on it
but it smells like… nope I can’t put my finger on it
nope not helpful not helpful at all –is very floral– oh! it smells like Michael Kors fragrance
from ages ago that I used to wear as a teenager…that’s what it smells like (laughs)
this right here –oh look at thees one!! alright now we’ve got one a final advent calendar to open and
that is this one– (to harper)yes ma’am? oh there’s number one right there oh you
should get you closer okay so each one was I guess this little tissue and then
inside this one is orange bitters I’ve always wanted oh that’s nice that layer
really really well with my Hermes um Bernard Gill and the ODE well that I
have I picked up the duty code well Oh de Parfum recently which I’ll link down
below is very nice winter sent to be like was wintery Christmasy scents so
that is lovely HP has informed me that he has already
hidden the bear and he did not tell me so we’re gonna go on a bear hunt the
first bear hunt of the vlogmas Christmas season some very good work ok ok ok ok I
already found it that wasn’t a very good attempt sir I
just found it like within about two seconds no we’re gonna hide it I think
pretty much on the lower level but anyway it’s the first day well we’ll
catch you some slack well good she seems like but I’ve already found it there’s a
bear and he is hanging out at the townhouse which is really cute that was
actually a good place it’s just too bad that my I was immediately drawn there
would you like to eat it here you go sir
mm-hmm all right guys that’s it for the evening that closes up blog must day one
December 1st thank you so much for watching and I’m gonna leave you here
with a mantra be yourself and own it thank you so much for watching I hope
you’ll subscribe like this video and I’ll see you Oh

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