Alright, we’re packing up and shipping out. Got to go change our clothes… since we’ve been wearing this for two days straight. And after that we’re going to start hitching again. Lets see how long… today takes… to get to Kyoto. We’re shooting for 12:30. So we’re standing… on the complete wrong side. No wonder no one was picking us up. Pfff, it all makes sense. -What a rookie mistake. [Exhale] Looks like we’re in Kyoto. We did it! And uh we’re going to wait til he leaves. So we uh. Oh,yeah. See sneaky. -Man, you couldn’t even hear him. Where we going Andrew. Right there. Of course they did. Alright he let us in. Frederick is getting interviewed. Enjoy your trip. Thank you. Looks like they got Andrew too. Eww, what is it? Was it good? Oh man, I’m tired. Andrew… what are we doing? [Deep Exhale] We’re getting pretty tired walking around with our backpacks all day. So right now we’re by the river. -Yeah, we’ve had our backpacks on all day. Luckily they are not too heavy. And we’re right here by the river. Just relaxing a little. Here in Kyoto. We’re we going now? Just woke up from a nap… I’m tired! So tired. Look at this guy just sleeping… Said he was going to get up about 30 Minutes ago butt… He’s still sleeping. Now we booked a hotel so we’re gonna go there. We need to shower, we need to recuperate. After 20 minutes of riding the metro we finally made it to our Japanese style house. There it is! Wooooaah! Oh my God! We got our Japanese style hotel tonight. Got a lot of room for activities. Where you about to go Andrew? Bath house. [Deep Exhale] So, I’m pretty relaxed now… really needed that Japanese style bath… And uh I’m feeling really good now Struggle mode over here. Yeah So Anyways I’m gonna do a little bit of work. Then after that, we’re gonna show you how to setup one these… Japanese beeeds. We got instructions here. Bottom Mattress A Sheet Comforter with Cover And a Piroo Laying out a futon First place the bottom mattress on Tommy mat. Second, spread the sheet on top of the bottom mattress. Fold the excess underneath for a tight fit. And four, lay the comforter on top of the sheet covered bottom mattress And place the piroo.

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  1. haha, last year we were sitting at the exactly same spot at the river xD Kyoto is awesome! Have fun! 😀
    Claudia and Marius

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