LanShan 2 | Seznámení s tarptentem od 3F UL Gear (EN sub)

LanShan 2 | Seznámení s tarptentem od 3F UL Gear (EN sub)

Hello girls and guys, today we look together at the interesting Lanshan 2 tarptent produced under the 3F Ultralight Gear, or just in this green version – Flames Creed. The first thing you should know is that it can only be purchased directly from China (unless we count different pseudo eshops dealing with the takeover of goods from Aliexpress) which may in the first place cause unexpected, but in the case of this tarptent, it is not reason for fear. Tarp can be ordered separately, as well as an indoor tent or mosquito net – both separately for about $40-50. If you decide on a whole set like me, it will cost you approximately $ 85 Tarp is available in three colors – light gray, yellow and green – in two interior tent designs – three-season and winter. It is only that the three-season design is a classic indoor tent made of floor and mosquito net. While in the winter version, instead of a mosquito net, only a substance that prevents cold air from spreading into the inner tent. All colors and designs are of course compatible with each other. he total price for this tarptent in the full set, (the Tarp and the three-zone internal tent), costs about $ 100, including transport. And what will you get home for three weeks after that? Lightweight and cleverly designed package with tarp, inner tent, 9 light pins, all ropes including two spare ropes for the construction of the inner tent itself, and two heels in the case of floor damage. With regard to the possibility of damage, it is necessary to list the material from which Lanshen is produced In the case of tarp it is 15D nylon, in the case of the inner tent of the floor the value is also very low – 20D. Users of polyester plates may have found themselves inhaled, and CSLA enthusiasts have come down from chairs, but grammarians know it may be wrong, and these values ​​are not so tragic – for example, the popular Hubba NX from MSR has a 30D and their ultra-light version – Carbon Reflex even lower than Lanshan – 15D! In addition to the strength of fabrics, it also depends on the quality of the fabrics, and this is where you are pleasantly surprised by this tarptent. Seams, support in stressed places such as corners, pointing points, support posts, pin holders, or mosquito nets – everything is done in high quality. I did not really have to draw a single eye over any details. I really do not compare to similar brands of other brands, but I have passed several tarps from DD Hammocks, Jurek or Tents from MSR – the Reverend Elixir or the middle class of ultralight – Hubba NX and I would not like similar quality of processing just to the dams from MSR. Of course, how really good Lanshan is, it shows up the time and its use on trips, but the primary impression does really more than good. I certainly did not expect such a quality for the few dollars, which is obviously my surprise. Compared to your competition, you will get a high-quality ultralight tarp for one and a half to two people. Why one and a half? The interior tent is 210 cm long, which is rich in me, almost 190 cm long and big bear, but its width is really minimal – just 110 cm. This is not enough for two grown men, so I can imagine that there are a maximum of two ladies or couples with combined sleeping bags. On the contrary, for one backpacker, there are plenty of places, but not so much extra so that he has to blame that he is pulling up unnecessary burdens. However, if you decide to use only tarp, such as most of the year and me, under the tarp will come royal two backpackers of any growth. At the same time, the fear of the thin tent flooring will also disappear, and if you do not pull the tarp through the blackberries, tarp will serve you for years without damage. And when I mentioned the dimensions, then we miss another important value and that’s the height. That is, when setting the sticks, which are, by the way, necessary for the construction of this tarp, if you do not buy any of their replacement, pleasant 125cm, so even the people of higher growth will have absolutely no problem sitting or moving under the tarp or the inner tent. The big advantage is the ability to build a tarp separately in case of rainy weather and then to turn the indoor tent. And although it may sound complicated, thanks to the way the handles are made and the large space beneath the tarp, it is not a tedious task and you are done for a while. Of course it would not be an ultralight tarp if the whole set weighed a lot of pounds. The manufacturer puts the weight in the case of the whole set with all packs and ropes of 1150 grams, and although this weight is appreciated by a large number of owners across different reviews I counted 90 grams more – a total of 1240 grams. Weights of individual parts can be viewed on the screen or below in the description below the video. If you like me, you decide to use the tarp itself, then this set with a tyvek that will have a similar ground plan as the inner tent, we weigh 945 grams. And it does not even have any tarp itself. Just a fully enclosed tarptent for two backpackers with plenty of equipment space, a mat for paddles, ropes and pins together. Finally, I would mention the thorny question of the warranty period and possible post-warranty service. On the level – I strongly doubt that we would have a service center or some support from the manufacturer of this tarp and send it to a service somewhere in China seems at least smiles. On the other hand, the price of individual parts Lanshenu is so low that in the case of major damage pays to buy the piece of new For $ 50, it will cost you cheaper than sending your tent to repair. The fact that it will be possible to deliver a new piece of China faster than repairing the tent in an authorized service, not to mention. It is important to remember that we are talking about a tarptent, or double-walled tent, which is four (in CZE five) times cheaper than the tarptent from which it comes: Six Moon Designs Haven Tarp together with Net Tent. It sells together for $ 400 (in CZE $ 500), and with pins is only 150 grams lighter (which you have to purchase separately by the way). So what’s the difference of $ 300 (in CZE $ 400) you buy to buy Lansehnu? The width of the inner tent or the possibility of warranty and post-warranty repairs. Actually, I really do not think of it. Perhaps just add that if you think about Haven Tarp, it’s good to realize that you can buy at its price just 4 (in CZE 5) Lanshen. Whether it’s worth it or not, it’s already on each of you. +++ PLUS +++
– Price (4-5 times lower than original)
– Weight – complete 1240g, without inner tent 745g including pins, ropes and packaging
– Sufficiently lit interior of the tarp even in green
– Processing quality – comparable to, for example, processing of tents from the MSR
– If you use trekking sticks then use them for tarp
– 2 entrances (not only for entry but also a good ventilation) and 2 spacious hallways – – – MINUS – – –
– There are no instructions for the construction (it is advisable to check the videos on YT)
– Delivery time (3 weeks)
– The width of the inner tent
– Inner tent flooring material (suitable to buy a footprint or use in combination with a Tyvek)
– The need for trekking sticks for tent construction (or alternatively 2 folding tent rods)
– Any claim and post-warranty with respect to the origin of tarptent apparently does not exist

22 thoughts on “LanShan 2 | Seznámení s tarptentem od 3F UL Gear (EN sub)

  1. This is the best representation of this tent so far, I shared it on my facebook group that includes many other owners of this tent, please feel free to join us.

  2. Skvělé review. Díky! Uvažoval jsem o tomto stanu, ale nakonec jsem si objednal Cloud UP 2 verze 2018 od Naturehike (taky Čína). Je sice o něco těžší, ale přišel mi takový bytelnější než LanShan. Tak uvidíme, snad nebudu litovat. Chtěl jsem se zeptat na tu skládací karimatku, která je několikrát vidět na videu. Jedná se o originál Therm-a-Rest a nebo je taky z Aliexpressu? Mohl bys, prosím, napsat, jak jsi s ní spokojený, ať už je to jakákoliv značka … ? Díky!

  3. Super video … přesně něco takovýho potřebujeme 🙂 SKvělá recenze. Nechtěl bys někdy uveřejnit nějakej článek u nás na webu?

  4. Ahoj PaKo. Super video i komentář. Btw. Lanshan mám už dlouho v Merkur. Je super vědět, že mne zaujal právem. Zdar, budo

  5. Pokud se vám video líbí, budu rád za každý komentář, palec nahoru (případně dolů) či jeho sdílení. Pokud se přihlásíte k odběru mého youtube kanálu, neunikne vám tak již žádné moje dobrodružství.

  6. vypadá velmi dobře, jenom mě chybí vodní sloupce tarpu a podlážky, z kterého obchodu jsi ho kúpil? (moc se mě líbi Nakouš)

  7. Mám ho taky, bílý, je super, za 88 doláčů, pro jistotu je dobrý zatřít švy silikonem. Další skvělý stan(plachta)za hubičku je tohle, nechá se do toho koupit i vnitřek se sítí, je to kopie MLD,, stojí taky balík a tady je video:

  8. Top recenze, díky. Škoda, že je tarp tak úzkej, chtělo by to pár čísel navíc. Jinak ptáš se v čem je ten cenovej rozdíl mezi US značkama a touhle Čínou a je to mimojiné vývoj. Okopírovat stan kterej se vyvíjel Xlet umí každej čínskej moula.

  9. A teď vážně, pokud k tomu potřebuju ještě dvě trekový hole koupit a nosit, tak to s tou hmotnosti asi zase nebude tak skvělý. Pokud musím ještě nějaký šev vylepit, tak to s tím zpracováním asi taky nebude tak skvělý. A pokud sečtu cenu s cenou trekových holí, tak se dostávám na cenu těch nejlevnějších normálních stanů. Takže zas taková hitparáda to není. "Sorry jako" 😉

  10. Ahoj, neměl jsi prosím nějaký problém se clem? Myslím, že je nějaká hranice, pod kterou se clo nemusí platit. Ale cca 100$ to už je myslím dost. Nemam zkušenost. Diky za odpověď.

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