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(laughing) – I might take Jake’s property. – I’m setting up my rocket. (sprays)
(screams) (screaming)
(hard rock music) – I almost! I did it!
(laughs) – Hi guys, It’s Jordan, and today we’re with my siblings. Audrey, from the channel
All Around Audrey. – Jake and – Ty – From Jake and Ty!
– Jake and Ty! – [Jordan] Aw, yeah! – And today, we’re going to be doing Last to Leave the Playground,
kids only edition! (everyone cheering) So, we are currently
at our house right now, and we are going to head
off to the playground, and see who can stay on
the playground the longest. We each get to pick three
items to take with us. So everyone, go search the house, find three item you wanna take
with you to the playground, and then we’ll start! – Okay, I already have my three items because I planned before,
ahead of this video ’cause I’m so smart. Okay, so my first item is a camping chair, ’cause I’m just gonna go sit out and camp, and never leave the playground, ’cause I’m planning on winning, so. – (gasps) Okay, well now it’s
time to go grab my items. We’re gonna show all our items together. Okay, so I’m gonna run over here. I’ve got some really good items. So, I got water, obviously. (laughs) But I also have some other things, too, and I’ll show you in a minute. This is a really close up angle. I love it. (laughing) (Audrey yelling) Okay. No, everyone if you have your item, come meet back in the living room. Now we, we’re gonna
all show them together. Okay, does everyone have their items? Come meet back into the living room. Run! – [Jake] I’m running! – Okay, let’s show our items. Audrey, what items did you get? – I, also, brought a sombrero because I know it’s gonna
be super hot outside, so this is gonna protect
my head and my face from the sun, and cool me
off, because it’s big enough. – [Jordan] Kay, what else? – And I also brought Silly String. – [Jordan] No, no, no no, no. – Last to leave the playground. – [Jordan] (laughs) Oh,
no. Okay! Who’s next? Hello, Ty. – So, I brought a blaster. It might not look like
it has any blaster ammo, but look inside. It does! – [Jordan] Wow, okay what else? – So I can get Audrey off the playground. – [Audrey] Oh, I got silly string. – And I got a whole thing
of crackers and cheese. – [Jordan] Oh, sweet.
(Audrey laughing) So you got some snacks for the ride. Okay, hold my, hold the camera. – [Audrey] I still think I’m gonna win. – My three item that I decided to get was one, some water, because it’s
a very hotly day outside, and then my second item is
a Hannah Montana blanket. – [Audrey] You better not get it germy! – Because for reasons that
I’m not gonna say right now. But you’ll see. You’ll see my idea when
we get to the playground. I’m a pure genius. Yeah. Also– – I think she’s gonna make a hammock, or like a little shade area. – Also, the very last item that
I decide to grab, was this. – [Audrey] Why? – Dun, dun, dun. (laughing)
– [Audrey] What is that? – It’s a mask. – [Audrey] Your gonna scare us. – I’m may or may not
try and scare you today. – [Audrey] Jacob, it’s your turn – All right Jake, what’s your three items. – Okay, so I got this bottle rocket and this water has to go with it, so yeah. – [Jordan] A canteen of water. It’s like a, it’s like, this is like a Army water
bottle or something. This is, (laughs) it’s so fancy. – And then I got my snacks. – What, that’s two items.
– [Ty] Hey! – That is two items. You gotta pick one or the other. – This is one, this is one. – [Audrey] No, that’s– – It has to go together. – One items has to go. – No, no!
– One item has to. – No. – Okay, well we’re gonna make him pick. But anyways, we’re gonna go to the car, and head over to the playground. Let’s go guys. Come on squad. It’s time to get on the
playground everyone. As soon as we’re all on, can not leave the playground at all. So come on the playground, Audrey. – I got on my sombrero hat
because it’s already really hot. – It is so hot already,
I’m like sweaty. (laughs) Okay, here we are. This is the playground that
we’re gonna be playing on today. We’ve got a lot of different options. We’ve got a slide. We’ve got, there’s a mini
playground over there, but I don’t know how we’re gonna reach it unless we do the monkey bars, so. Yeah, but then there’s, like, all these other loop de loops everywhere. So, this is gonna be fun. – [Ty] Get off of my lawn. – Yeah, this is my property. – [Ty] No, its my property. – It’s my property. Hey,
we’re on the same team – [Ty] Oh, yeah. – Guys claim they’re all claiming squares. There’s, Ty’s claimed this then Jake– – [Jake] This bridge is mine. – The bridge is yours? – This bridge and this triangle is mine. – [Jordan] Okay, fine then. – The slide is mine. – I guess, I get this
area over here. (laughs) – This is my property. Anyone who trespasses gets
some Goofy String on ’em. Stay off my lawn. (laughing) – I might take Jake’s property. – I’m setting up my rocket. I like how we’re all trying
to be cowboys. (laughs) – This playground ain’t big
enough for the both of us. Cause I got the Hannah Montana blanket and I gonna be make it
as a little shady spot and look I’ve got a seat right here. So I can seat and just ponder. (laughs) Ta-da! I forgot my phone. (laughs) This is gonna be a long game. I literally forgot my phone. Oh no, what am I going
to do for entertainment. I literally brought
nothing for entertainment. – Me and Audrey made an
alliance. We might raid Jake. – [Jake] What? – And take his property. – Wait, What? – That’s right. We are going to take his property one by one until this
town is ours. (laughs) I think my biggest down fall,
though, was not bring water. I’m really parched. (laughs) – [Jake] I got water. – Hmm. – I got water but I’m
using it for my rocket. – [Jordan] What?
– Oh! – [Jordan] What does your rocket do? – It’s filling up with water. – [Jordan] What does that do? – Launches it, up low. – All right, we just been sitting here, and I would like to make note that it is, like, the
time before golden hour. Meaning that it’s really hot! And, so, I think we need
to start playing some game to get get people off this playground because I’m already tired and sweaty. So let’s play a game. You guys ready?
– What are you doing? I wanna make a trade. I’ll trade this for your water. – No. – That right there, there is free property. (everyone talking at once) – Get the rocket, first. – Get his water, get his water! Yeah, I got his water! – How am I gonna get over there? Get the rocket! – [Ty] I got his water. – Jake spray him. – Blast him Ty, blast him. – [Ty] I don’t want to waste a dart. – How am I gonna get over there? (Yelling) – I’m gonna fall off the playground. – Ah, I’m doing the splits. (yells) – [Ty] Meanwhile I have his water. – I’m doing the splits on the playground. – Oh, gee. Don’t fall off the playground! – I got Jake’s stuff
and I got his property. – [Jake] Stop! – [Jordan] No! – Hey!
(Jordan yells) Hey! – Sorry, Jake. They can have it. I’m back on my property. – [Jordan] Jake go grab the dart! Grab the, grab the rocket Jake. – [Jake] I got it. – [Ty] It’s my property now! – Okay, that’s it. Let’s play a playground game cause someone needs to
leave this playground. It’s way too small for the both
of us even, though its huge. (laughs) Okay, let’s play. Who wants to have a race?
(bell rings) Relay race anybody? Let’s do a relay race. Okay, the relay race is
gonna work like this. So we’re over here on this
side of the playground by this little slide, and then we’re gonna try and race across the other side of the playground. The big bonzo slide. And whoever can make it there first wins. So, Jake and I are on a team, and Audrey and Ty are on a team. – Okay. – We’ve already established this I don’t know why. We just made alliances, and
that’s how it’s gonna be. So I say Ty and I race, and
then Audrey and Jake race, and then the losers go head to head, and whoever loses that, is
kicked off the playground. So, are you ready Ty? Whoever can make it
– Wait. – to the slide first. – [Jake] Drums. – I’m just saying I got the long legs. So I can take really wide steps. – [Audrey] On your mark, get set, go!
(whistle blows) – [Jake] Go, Jordan, go! – [Audrey] Go Ty! Come on, Ty! Come on, Ty! (screaming) (laughing) – Nope, nope. I gotta try and (screams) I made it here first. I made it first! Wait, did I make it first,
or did Ty make it first? I don’t even know who won that. Okay, we’re gonna have to do
Rock, Paper, Scissors then. I think we tied. Okay, ready? Rock– – Okay.
– Oh, wait ready? – One, two, three!
– One, two, three, go! – Aw yeah! I won Rock, Paper, Scissors, meaning Ty is the loser of this round. Let’s see who can win
between Audrey and Jake. – [Jake] Yeah. – [Jordan] On your mark, get set, go! – No, Audrey, no! (Audrey laughing)
(screams) (panting)
(bell rings) – Yeah! – Audrey sprayed him
with her Goofy String, and then tackled him, and so now she made it
past to the slide first. So she won. – Hey, I used my, one of my
three items to my advantage. – Oh my goodness, Jake, no! you can’t let that happen. Okay, so now I guess it’s bro versus bro. Let’s see who’s gonna get out, and be kicked out of the playground. Oh, no! – [Audrey] Are you guys ready? – Yeah! – [Audrey] Get set, go! (whistle blows) – Oh, he’s so fast! – [Jordan] Oh, no! – [Jake] No! – [Jordan] Ty Won! – No! He was right behind me! – (mumbles) Child’s
team? The J and J, love! You’re getting kicked out
of the playground now. – [Audrey] Guess so. – On a hot day! Okay, well. – He was right behind me. – No! Well, I guess
gather all your things. We’re gonna have a
little tribute for Jake. – [Ty] Your water’s over there. – He’s leaving the playground.
Everyone gather around. Okay, this is where people leave. Okay, Jacob, your being
kicked off the playground. – Sorry
– This is my property. – You lost the relay race
so you know what happens. – Goodbye. (everyone groans) – All right, well,
Jake’s off the playground so now it down to three. – Hey, get off our property. – Getting off– (sprays)
(screams) In my arm pit. You just sprayed–
(sprays) (scream) Guys, I think we need to
do another challenge fast. Because their on an alliance, and I think their plotting to get me out. So, the next challenge playground
game that we’re gonna do is the Monkey Bar Contest. Meaning that we’re gonna see who can hang on the
monkey bars the longest. The first person to drop
off, is out of the game. So (laughs) – My hands already hurt. – Your hands already hurt? – We haven’t even played Ty. (laughing) We have to win this. We have
to win this for our team. – Not to brag, or anything, but I was the monkey bar master as an elementary school student. – [Audrey] What’s that mean? – So, we’ll see what happens. I don’t know, we’ll see. – Okay, Ty, you go first. – Are you counting? – We’re all gonna be on the same. – You have to go
– We’re all gonna be on. on the farthest. – Oh. – Listen, oh no wait. Okay, we’re all just gonna jump on. So one after another. So as soon as Audrey moves. Okay, get on Ty, get on. – I’m on. (screams) (laughing) – My sombrero! – My hands. Okay we paused. (gasps) – Tickle, tickle, tickle. (screams) – I don’t know how long I can do this. – Okay, I’m out. – [Jordan] Ty’s off. – [Audrey] Ty’s off, Ty’s off. – I’m back. (sighs) – Oh, my goodness. – My hands are all red.
– Oh, look at our hands. – There all red. – I haven’t done monkey
bars in a long time. – I just dropped out Ty. – You lost for our team. – Ty your off the playground. Oh, we got to do a farewell, let’s go! Ready, Audrey? We’re gonna sing the farewell song. ♪ Near, ♪ ♪ Far, ♪ ♪ Wherever you are ♪
♪ Wherever you are ♪ ♪ I believe that my heart
will go on (screams) ♪ – On! (sprays) – Your on my property!
(screams) – It’s all in my hair. This challenge is down
to sister versus sister. – I’m gonna win. Spray competition. – No, I don’t have a Silly String. – Oh, you didn’t pick one
as one of your three items. (sprays)
(screams) That’s horrible for you. (laughing) (light breathing) – Guys, I think Audrey fell asleep. We’ve been sitting here for a while. I think she fell asleep, which means this is
the perfect opportunity to scare her with the mask. I think she’s forgotten
that I brought this mask because I keep, I’ve kept
it, like, semi hidden. So I think she’s, hopefully,
forgotten about it. We’ll see. We’re gonna try and scare her. Wish us luck. Ah, it’s so squishy! Oh, hello. I’m gorgeous. This so sick, I can barely see. I have two little nostrils to see out of. Okay, lets go. (upbeat scary music)
(laughs) Boo! (gasps)
(screams) – I scared you!
(screams) (sprays) I scared you! I got you! – Jordan. – I pranked ya’. I bet
you forgot about my mask that I brought.
– That was mean. – No, that was a prank. (laughs) – I got you. Okay I think– – I was taking a good siesta. – I think we are ready
for another challenge. Are you ready for sister
versus sister competition. – Yeah, I’m really sweaty. – Okay, well, I think we should
do a swinging competition. That means we’re gonna have
to get off the playground but like also, technically, it’s considered part of the playground. So, I think we should
do a swing competition. Let’s go! – I’m so good on swings. – (laughs) Let’s go! Welcome to the swing set. Audrey, would you like to do a swing tour. – Yes, here’s our swing tour. This is my swing and these
are some other swings. – Oh, I love it. Good job. Okay, here’s my swing. (laughs) – Why is your swing weird? – It’s just special and I don’t know what
happened to it, honestly. Oh, wait did I just fix it? – I think you fixed it. – I fixed it! Okay, just ew, there’s bird poop
on that side, though, so, I think I’m keep it like that. And then also, I have my
plant, Jeffrey, right here. How you doing Jeffrey? Oh, good to hear.
– Yeah. – Okay, all right, well, let see how far we can jump. This I gonna be hard because I am like a scaredy
cat of jumping off the swings. I always have been,
and so I have a feeling Audrey’s gonna win but, you, know we’re
gonna try our hardest. Team Jordy for the win! – Team Aud for the win! – Sister versus sister! – I think my sombrero
is getting in the way. – This feels so good to have the wind. To have the breeze because
it’s so hot outside. golden hour is just hitting
us, but, like it’s so hot. (laughs) Okay! – Oh, I’m getting pretty high. – I’m getting pretty high. – Who’s jumping first. – I don’t know, I think
we should jump whenever. (screams) – I’m so nervous. (screams) (Audrey laughing) – I’m too nervous to jump. (screams) Okay, you got this, you got this. – I’m ready to go. – Okay. – I’ve never done this before. – You’ve never? – I think I have but haven’t got far. – Okay, ready? – Are you jumping, too? – I’m gonna jump to wherever I can. (screams) Oh, I almost did it
(screams) – I did it. (grunts)
(laughs) – Wherever your feet are. (laughing) My hair went (makes whoosh noise) – Wherever your feet are. – Okay, I was right here. – Oh!
– Wait, wait, wait. Wait wait! Okay, your one foot is farther
forward, does that count? – I don’t know. – Wait, what do you say,
Mom. You get to be the judge. – This foot’s back this foot’s forward. – You get to be the judge, Mom. What do you think? – [Mom] Redo. – What?
– No! – We have to redo!
– [Mom] Redo. – Redo! – [Mom] Round two, are you ready. (screams) (thuds)
(grunts) – Right here, okay! Uh, you ran. (laughing) You ran to me. You went
(yells) – I jumped, and I stumbled, and I didn’t want to fall on the ground, so I kept walking. – You ran over to me. – I think I won. – Fine, you get the new sombrero – That’s the prize?
(applause) (sings fanfare) – You should see her in a crown. (everyone laughing) – Oh my goodness, I won this challenge. Wow, I feel so honored to
wear the sombrero. (laughs) All right, you guys, I guess
that it for today’s video. I can’t believe I won. If you enjoyed this video,
give it a big thumbs up. Subscribe turns subscribe
button from red to gray and I’ll see y’all next time. (bell rings)
Bye. (upbeat pop music)

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