[Leathercraft] Geometric Pattern Bag making / PDF pattern / DIY bag

[Leathercraft] Geometric Pattern Bag making / PDF pattern / DIY bag

[Hahns Atelier Leathercraft] “Making a geometric pattern bucket handbag” Hello, I’m Hahns How have you been doing? I’ve been working on this project lately, and it took so much longer to finish than I expected But it was worthwhile because I tried something I’ve imagined I got this idea from origami I thought it would be fun to try origami with leather I guess many craftlovers have similar ideas I found some things to improve while working, but I hope this work will give you some inspiration to try something new with leather Well, I’ll start now Let’s go! The pattern consists of 5 Letter size papers in total I tried making the pattern with a small leather piece to see how it turns out The thinner the leather is, the sharper the ridges look, so I used Buttero, which is quite hard even when it’s thin It creates space like this I pasted the pattern on a thick paper Lining Exterior Bottom Bottom loop strap (I added handle straps in the final pattern pdf) I used Buttero leather (0.7mm thick) Cut the leather for the bottom Cut the leather three times larger than the Exteior panel adding extra 1cm in width Kenda bond I made two pieces of leather for the bottom I bonded them together and cut in circle Sandpaper : 400 grit Smooth the edge with a beveler (#1) Draw a guiding line 2.5mm inward from the edge 4mm diamond hole chisel Make a bottom loop strap Cut the leather using panel A Wrap it around the bottom and cut slightly so that it overlaps just about 1cm Skive the overlapping 1cm on both ends Then it bonds together without any bump like this I made a stitch Turn the loop inside out Scratch the part to bond Do the same on the bottom plate Bond Paste them like this Make stitching holes with a flat awl Stitch The bottom part is finished! I finished the edge with water You can skip this step because we are going to put a lining inside the bag This is going to be the body (Exterior) Leave the 1cm margin and mark on the leather according to the pattern Mark the tip of the corners Draw straight lines connecting the marks Draw the horizontal lines first Then, draw diagonal lines The video and the pattern will help if you are confused with the lines All done! Draw guiding lines for chiseling except for the side where you marked the 1cm margin Chisel I drew the awl on the leather following the lines to make grooves to fold the leather Make sure to draw the awl gently not to let the awl cut through the leather It folds nicely with the grooves Fold along the horizontal lines first. Fold inside out Draw the awl along the diagonal lines Fold outside out Finally, fold along the other diagonal lines Do you know the puff pastry(Sfogliatine Glassate)? It reminds me of that When you’ve folded every line, you can get three dimensional geometric shape Since it can shrink, it is not as high as it used to be Apply bond on the 1cm margin Bond the other side as well I sticked the ends together, creating a nice diamond shapes on the side Make stitching holes Sew 18cm Make four 18cmX1cm straps They are for preserving the creases as they are I used Dakota leather (2.5mm) I made 3mm holes 5mm inside from each ends and on the center of 4 diamonds on the exterior 6 X 7mm rivets I prepared 12 pairs of them I put only four Dakota straps inside the cylinder because I’ll put a hand strap on the other two sides Make a lining now I cut out fabric according to Lining panel I put a leather strap on the top I sewed it on the lining like this Then, I folded it in half and sewed leaving 1cm margin Bond like this and make an open seam Stitch the bottom with the body using some clippers If you’re sewing by hand, bond them to sew Apply bond around the inside of upper part of exterior Bond the upper part of the lining Put the lining inside making sure the edges align Make stitching holes with a flat awl and sew It’s a piece of cork in my left hand (in case you’re curious) Make handle strap This is Buttero (1.5mm thick) I cut it 15mm in width Length is 72cm Sunstar 380 BL stitching machine I stitched around the strap You can do it by hand I used a machine to do it fast I was anxious to share it with you because I’d already spent much time for this project 😉 Like you did on the Dakota straps, make 3mm holes 18cm apart on each end of the strap Put the rivets all the way through the lining Combine the bottom with the exterior Sew in the same way you did on the upper part I put a ring dot in the middle of the handle strap Finished! Actually, the video might not have seen the light of day Trying a new method, I’ve failed several times I put much time, energy, and money to make it work, but I’m extremely happy that I could finally make it To everyone who stayed until now, I really appreciate it

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  2. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Que fabuloso, es increíble los trabajos que realiza. Gracias y mil gracias por compartir

  3. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 this is gorgeous! I once created a wall backdrop out of large sheets of paper folded the same way. It took some time, and all the work was worth it.

  4. Oh, Hahn, this bag is extraordinary. I have seen folded bags and Origami-Inspired, it have seen nothing at all as exquisite and intricate as this. It must have taken eons to figure it all out…in leather yet!!! My hat is off to you, Master Artisan and Craftsman! Much love and admiration.

  5. Espectacular trabajo Hahns! Desde tu razonamiento y desenlace del patrón,por tu espectacular creación geométrica en cuero,por la sencillez en la que explicas tus proyectos en el vídeo… Muchísimas gracias por enseñarnos casa semana un poquito de tu increíble creatividad 👏🥇

  6. Ahhhhh Hahns! This is truly incredible! Usually when I watch your videos I think "I want to try to make that" but I don't think I want to attempt anything that could bring shame on this. Really, just great work!

  7. Wow !!! Esta creación es bellísima , FELICITACIONES , por lograrlo 👏👏👏esto denota tu gran pasión !! Y dedicación ,Maravilloso !!!admiro cada detalle , Gracias , por llevarlo a la realidad !! Y disfrutarlo tanto como tú !!! Único ✨

  8. 干净!完成度真高。封边对我来讲就是酷刑。。。。底部真心难。这纸型得调多少遍才有现在的精准度。手工魅力就在每一次完工的惊心动魄。(虽然我自己做的平平,但每次成品依旧自我陶醉!)没想到您是国人

  9. Love this project! your work is always excellent! can you tell use what you use to set the snaps and rivets and also what snaps and rivets you use? Thanks!

  10. Просто огонь!! Решение бомба !!! 👍👍👍👍лайк железно под овации 👏👏👏👏👏

  11. Je trouve que vous etes un génie dans se domaine bravos moi aussi je travaille le cuir je vous demande. de l'aid

  12. Це відео є дуже інформативним! Субтитри допомагають краще зрозуміти процес! Вийшло дуже круто, дякую!!!

  13. Dear Hahans
    Really you are a very great person and high qualified artist . And you do all these for humanity so let me say I am very appreciate to you ver very much and please allow me to become one of your much friends ☺

  14. Красавчик! Восхищаюсь твоим каналом! Спасибо за бесплатные выкройки.

  15. Oi, Hans, gostava mais das peças lisas e minimalistas que vc fazia, para mim era o que definia seu trabalho! Hi, Hans, I liked the smooth and minimalist pieces you did more, for me it was what defined your work!

  16. 와 진짜 너무 대단해요!!! 저도 가죽공예소품반만 잠시 듣고 왕초보인데 이런 장인영상이라니 정말 보는 제가 감개무량합니다 얼마나 고생하시고 고민하시고 만드셨는지 다 가늠 할수 없지만 너무 너무 대단하고 멋져요!!!
    그리고 미싱하실때 넘 웃겨요ㅠㅠㅠㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ 홧팅이여

  17. The adaptation of traditional origami to the skin has been Wonderful. Would it look if it was used instead of a liner?Awl instead🤔

  18. hi, could you please tell me what software you are using to make patterns? or could you please make an short tutorail, thank you.

  19. Absolutely Beautiful!!! Been looking forward to this since I saw your post. Another piece showing how wonderful of a craftsman you are Hahns. 👍👍💓💓💓

  20. Очень достойно сделано!
    Лучшее видео по пошиву кожаного изделия.

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