Hello and welcome to my Inktober 2019 story read, where I am reading the story I created during Inktober 2019!. So… Tuck yourself in bed and let’s read the story! Red Eyes: Part One. Why did I start with her name? Okay. Antheasamelharagreroreamoriafathaphorysia is the name of the protagonist in this story. People say her stories are just as interesting as her name. Oh, did I not mention? That’s her name, but most people call her ‘Ant’ for short, but I can’t imagine why. Of all the curious trinkets she has found adventuring, her mother’s ring is her prized possession, but more on that later. Ant is a tough cookie. She’s strong-willed, confident, and has a way of making peace with anyone, even the local boys in her neighborhood. They’re all a year older than her, but they quickly learned that she was the leader of the bunch. Most of the adults call them mindless, but Ant likes to call them… loyal. She doesn’t go on a single adventure without them
Some of them even call her “The Ant Queen”. One of their favorite activities between said adventures is fishing! Ant likes to call this “thinkin’ time” (that’s what her dad calls it), but the boys don’t really understand it. They find the activity boring but the early morning bait-collecting is their favorite part, so they stick around until they get hungry and run off to their homes for lunch. However, today they decided to stick around. Maybe there was something in the air, or maybe it was the cookies Ant brought, freshly baked by her beloved grandmother. This is where the story starts to get interesting. What Ant’s loyal followers don’t know is that there’s more to this activity than just fishing. To get to the lake they must cut through The Black Forest, home to the rare Ink Sprout, which only grows in this location. This jet black plant that seeps what looks like ink. Most people think this plant ugly and avoid it, calling it bad luck that only brings death, but Ant disagrees. If she’s lucky enough to spot one, she picks it. Wherever she is she will freeze for what feels like hours to her but in reality is only a second. So short that her friends don’t even notice. What she sees varies from time to time. Once she saw a world full of shadowed creatures, other times she saw the future, but mostly it was an abstract mess that she could barely comprehend. Most call Ant a creative story teller when she tells them about the Ink Sprout. Her grandmother not only believed every word, assuring her there is much to learn about the Ink Sprout, her mother’s ring, and the twin she wore as well. Ant always asked her grandmother to tell her these secrets, but always got the same response. “The Ink Sprout will let you know when it is time.” As Ant walked through the forest she spotted the plant and swiftly picked it. Suddenly she was home. It wasn’t unusual for the Ink Sprout to take her somewhere she knew, usually it meant she was going to see the future. A lou crash caused her to swivel around looking down the hall to her grandmother’s room where a hand, black as night, fell just through the doorway. That’s when she noticed the ring, it was her grandmother. Ant came to drenched in sweat. Not knowing when the future would become reality, she ran straight home, leaving her friends behind. Anyone would react the same way Ant did if they saw something happen to their grandmother. but the two were especially close. Ant’s mother died when she was very young, so young she didn’t have a single memory of her. Only her ring. She has worn her mother’s ring ever since her finger grew into it. She remembers trying it on every day for years, hoping her finger somehow bulked up overnight. She even ate herself sick trying to gain weight just to fit into it. What made this ring so special? Ant didn’t know, but her life has changed ever since wearing it. The ring’s appearance was nothing special. Pure black that didn’t even reflect light. It was so thin that you would think it was ink drawn on her finger. Sometimes Ant would spend rainy nights listening to the radio and staring at the ring, as if in a trance. She could have sworn she even saw it change to white and even rainbow colored, but when she told her grandmother she just winked at her. Ant would frown from the lack of reason. What made the ring even more mysterious is that Grandmother seemed to keep its secrets hidden from Ant’s father. Any time he was caught eavesdropping them, Grandmother would give him a stern look and tell him “girls only” which made father think she was just trying to cheer Ant up from her mother’s passing, so he didn’t ask any questions. The rings had been in the family for generations passed down to the eldest daughter with a match for the mother, until it got to Ant. Ant rounded the street corner half way home, when something caught her eye. It was a black figure hiding behind a bush. She almost didn’t notice it because of how well it blended in the shadows, but the glow of the eyes gave it away. It’s build was similar of a fox, no wait… a dog… well… she wasn’t sure what it was and didn’t have time to investigate. She had to get home. Fast. As Ant took the last turn onto the road that lead to her house, she heard the engine of a car start followed by sirens. Her heart sunk to her stomach, that is if her stomach was located at the center of Earth itself. She just managed to collect herself to step off the road as it flew past her as if in slow motion. She stood there unable to move, to think, or even barely breathe. It felt like time had stopped. Until… she felt an embrace. Her father was husky and gave the best hugs… but even the best hugs can’t stop the tears. It wasn’t much longer that Ant’s father got a call from the hospital that her grandmother has passed. Ant lay in bed listening to her father on the phone and heard him exclaim “Ink!? Impossible.” Followed by “What do you mean you can’t diagnose why her skin turned black?!” and then the sound of the phone being slammed down. That night Ant’s father tried to cheer her up with her favorite meal, squid ink spaghetti, but she didn’t have an appetite. Instead she just wanted to lay in bed. More specifically, her grandmother’s bed. She walked down the hallway and opened the door to her room. Everything was left exactly how it was before. When she realized… she had never been room before. It wasn’t that she wasn’t allowed; she just… never felt the need to. The two spent most of their time in the yard together. She took one step into the room when she immediately noticed the potted Ink Sprout in the window. She had never seen anyone actually caring for one of these plants before. This one even looked slightly different than the one she saw in the forest. It almost had an enchanted glow about it. Ant also noticed grandmother’s bed was slightly askew. Maybe it was pushed during whatever commotion caused the crash she heard in the future vision. Ant straightened the bed then hopped into the covers. They smelled like grandmother which caused Ant to tear up. Ant’s father entered the room with the offer of company if she was feeling lonely. Ant shook her head, thanking him for the offer and explained that she just wanted to be alone. With a kiss on her forehead Ant’s father slipped out of the bedroom. The quiet of the night was too silent for Ant, leaving her with nothing but her thoughts of her grandmother and how much she already missed her. Ant buried her face in the pillow with a ‘crunch’. Wait… pillows don’t ‘crunch’, what was that sound? Ant shot up and surveyed the room. The Ink Sprout was casting an unsettling shadow across the room that startled her for a moment. She continued to look when
‘scratch” Ant jumped off from the bed and put her ear against the floor boards. ‘SCRAAAAAAATCH’ Her heart skipped a beat as she scrambled up from the floor and turned on the lights. Staring at the floor beneath the bed she couldn’t help but notice one of the floor boards was older and more frail looking than the others. She pushed the bed aside and began to lift it. Before Ant could even lift the board a foot from the floor, the darkness from within jump out at her. She tried to swing her arms to catch her balance, but she fell flat onto her back with a weight on her chest. Ant squinted, frantically trying to adjust to the darkness she was now surrounded by when she realized it wasn’t dark at all. Craning her neck back she realized there was a creature sitting on top of her, just inches from her nose. It’s fur was so black she couldn’t see fur, but what looked like the pattern of brush strokes. She took one look at it’s glowing red eyes and realized: this was the same creature she saw in the bushes earlier that day. The creature jumped off of Ant and down through the hole that used to be covered by the floorboard, poking its head back up as if to say “follow me!’ Ant, being an experienced adventurer, knew she was going to need a few things before she went jumping into any dark and mysterious places. She quietly snuck into her room, spotting her father asleep on the couch, and grabbed her bag with a few essentials: A flashlight (it looked dark in there), her traveler’s notebook and favorite pen for mapping (which were already full of grassy meadows to snow-topped mountains), jars for collecting samples (you never know what you’ll find), and of course… snacks (yum!). Ant returned to her grandmother’s room where the creature was waiting patiently next to the hold and jumped right in. Ant was hesitant… and then followed. She landed on her feet with a thud and looked up. The board hinged in the floor, now ceiling, was closed. The room was completely black so she took out the flashlight to reveal an art studio… no… a garden… Well, it was both. All around her were ink sprouts and drawings from floor to ceiling. The biggest piece was a shadowy figure of a dragon flying over a village between mountains. The piece spanned the length of the entire room and Ant couldn’t take her eyes off it of… until her new little friend, which she had forgotten about, let out a scratchy growl. Walking over to where the creature was, Ant noticed it was sitting upon an absolutely massive book. The cover was decorated in intricate ink details and its pages were stained with blotches of ink and fingerprints that Ant could only assume were her grandmother’s. Some pages even had an ash-like quality to them, suggesting they had been burned… Ant anxiously eyed the dragon on the wall. She fought back tears as she put her hands over the fingerprints and took a deep breath, opening the book using all of her weight. Nothing could have prepared the adventurer in Ant as she opened the cover to reveal hundreds of pages of notes on another world she didn’t even know existed. She spent the better half of the night reading up on Kni, the black fox-like creature, and what inhabited it. She studied the maps her grandmother charted, the language of Kni, and even learned about the Ink Sprout and how it had been taking her successors to this world all of these centuries… and it was all thanks to the ring. Ant finished reading the book in full (she was a fast reader) and decided it was time to enter the Kingdom of Savnac and take care of some business her grandmother was in the middle of. It was going to be dangerous, but Ant had to finish this not only for her mother, but her grandmother, great-grandmother, great-great-grand- you get the idea. Ant took the tip of a nearby Ink Sprout in hand and squeezed it, causing her hand to go black and her ring became one with her flesh. Almost by instinct she placed her hand upon a nearby canvas with a landscape in black ink. Everything went black. The darkness faded, as if the blink of an eye, and Ant was now standing in front of the mountains she once saw in ink. After taking a moment to process what just happened, She was once again reminded of her task when the growl of her new Kni friend and headed inside the overgrown cave before her. She had a Queen to visit. Inside the dark cave were carvings etched into the walls of the adventures, the lore, and legend of the Kni Ant read about in her grandmother’s notes. There were discoveries, battles, celebrations and disasters. As Ant went deeper into the cave she started to see a light in the distance as well as the faint sounds of a low rumbling growl. Her new friend started to grumble to herself when Ant realize she never had asked his name now that she was able to speak some Knivish. The Kni responded with a ‘Grwaaahh’ which Ant translated as ‘Eyeder.’ Ant held out her name for an official introduction and handshake, but Eyeder only cocked his head for a moment before licking her hand and running ahead. Ant smiled and rubbed her hand. The creatures tongue was cold and left a bit of black saliva. Ant continued deep into the cave where more and more guards of the Kni lined the walls of the cave. Instead of looking her in the eye, they seemed to be focused on her hand, or rather her ring, The deeper they went the more weaons that were drawn by the guards and the more sounds that came from deep within. There was a roar so sudden and loud that it brought Ant to her knees. She hesitated, ears covered, and then looked at Eyeder who trotted ahead with confidence so she
followed. It wasn’t much longer that they approached a door so tall it faded into
the shadows of the cave ceiling. The guards crossed their spears stopping
them from entering when Eyeder suddenly and gently grabbed Ant’s hand in his
mouth and held it up to the guards. They let out a growl and the doors opened
shaking the entire cave. It was just as Ant had read in her grandmother’s notes,
the queen of Kni was infected. As if she were wild. She was chained down to her
throne as the guards struggle to control her. Eyeder ran up to
the advisor and talked for less than a minute, but neither took their eyes off
of Ant. The advisor handed a scroll to Eyeder and he took it between his teeth
with a bow. He quickly turned tail out of the cave nipping at Ant to signal her to
follow. Ant could barely keep up but saw the red glow of eiders eyes as he often
made sure he wasn’t going so fast she fell behind. Once outside, Ant dropped to
the ground gasping for breath and then started laughing hysterically when her
jaw dropped. Eyeder was now standing on two legs
shifting into a more humanoid figure. “This is going to be so much fun!” he
exclaimed wrapping his new arms around stunned Ant. Part Two. Eyeder was orphaned as
a newborn Kni, abandoned by his parents for having red glowing eyes. To a human they may look like an ornament adding to the mystery and beauty of this creature, but this color means nothing but danger and misfortune in his world. Growing up without parents was the first of many problems in Eyeders life so far. Growing up as the misfit in his world only made his curiosity of the humans stronger. For the most part, the Kni don’t particularly like to associate with the
humans. They find them disgusting. The exception being the wearer of the Rings. The Kni created just three rings to allow a small number of humans into
their world at a time. Knowing the destruction that humans were
capable of, they wouldn’t dare put their world at risk. Eyeder was raised by Ants grandmother, who found him hours after his parents
have painted him in the middle of the forest she had been exploring. She often
brought him trinkets from the human world. Ant’s old toys and various snacks
were his favorites. All human items were forbidden by the Queen but because they
refused to take him in they didn’t interfere. He had heard all about Ant
from her grandmother and couldn’t wait to meet her. Often shape-shifting, which was a rare gift thought to be cursed, into the form
of a child and pretending she was there. Until now. Eyeder squeezed Ant as hard as
he could until she was coughing and gasping for air. He let go of her
laughing from happiness but also in tears. He was happy crying. Happy he
finally had a friend his age he could explore with, but
so sad. Ant was young but still very much reminded Eyeder of her grandmother or
rather his mother who he missed just as Ant did. “Oh! Right!” Eyeder picked the
scroll above the ground that was dropped when they embraced and handed it to Ant. “Swing this into your bag, you never know when you might need it. This is a letter
from the Queen! “Well, the Queen’s advisor since the Queen
is…” Eyeder trailed off and looked at the
ground. “It’s a letter of acceptance.” he said perking up. “Usually there’s a
ceremony allowing you into our world but there’s no time! Now every Kni will know
you’re not like other dumb humans.” He may have been raised by Ants grandmother
but the general feeling towards humans by the Kni still rubbed off on him
despite the way he was treated. “The Queen was poisoned by our enemies, the Resare. And there’s only one cure, the guards of Kni don’t think it’s worth the risk
if the ring wearers are around. If you say no they’ll take your ring away! Please!” Eyeders eyes teared up. “Please don’t let them take your ring away!
And be careful,
I don’t want you to… like… like your grandmother.”
Eyeder started crying. Ant reached inside her backpack and pulled out a homemade cookie her grandmother
baked the day before and handed it to Eyeder. Eyeder’s tail started to wag as he
looked up with a cookie drooling. “This smells just like the cookies Mother would
bring me back from the land of humans!” He sprung up and grabbed the cookie gulping
it down without even chewing. “They’re so good I bet they could even tame a
dragon.” He reminded the Ant of a dog she had when she was very small which made
her smile. “Come on! We have to hurry to the Pit Nep mountains! The dragon lives in
the only known location that grows the Reteled flower, the main ingredient of
the potion that can cure the Queen! The problem is…” Eyeders eyes teared up once
again. “It’s the most dangerous place in Savnac. The mountains border the land
between the Kni and Resare. There’s always some stupid war going on between
us over who owns the mountains. You never know who you’re going to run into up
there! Unfortunately, Mother, she…” Eyeder turned away, taking a few steps towards
the mountains. “Who cares! Danger or not we have to do
this for the Queen. For the ring! Let’s go.!” Eyeder took Ant’s hand and started to tread
up the hill towards the mountain in the distance. “Just ahead is the only village
we will pass where we can grab any supplies we need for the trip.
After that we’ll just need luck and that… we can’t buy.” He picked up the pace and
Ant started to feel the weight of her family on her shoulders. Is this what her grandmother died for? Could she even trust
Eyeder? Even though her grandmother’s notes held a lot of information,
she still had twice as many questions. As the two approached the village
Ant started to hear the sounds and the hustle and bustle of the city. Both more
growling and barking. Though she wasn’t fluent in Knivish, Ant could still
recognize a few words here and there as the sellers behind each stall gave their
pitch. The smells of this foreign land also started to catch her attention as
they got deeper into the commotion. Her stomach grumbled. Ant grabbed a bread
bun filled with Roloc Retaw paste and a coffee to go. She was starting to feel
the lack of sleep as the hours passed and this was just what she needed
as they browsed the market. She was also sucked into a few tourist traps which
included a few souvenirs, local fruits, and the purchase of a treasure map that Eyeder teased her for falling for. “There’s no way that treasure exists!” he insisted
between giggles. “They just target you because you’re a human.” despite his
attempts to appear clever he was also very excited to go on any adventure with
his new friend, scam or not. They left the village with a stuffed bag full of
goodies and a smile on their faces as they shared the experience of a fun
morning of shopping. As they walked towards the mountains Ant realized they
had a more serious adventure ahead of them in her smile grew to an enormous
grin. This was the adventure she had been waiting for her entire life. It felt like
every acre of land has story to tell and even though Ant wasn’t sure if Eyeder was
telling the truth, she still enjoyed his company. The farther away from the village they went, the more creatures she noticed lurking
behind the shadows. “Don’t worry.” Eyeder announced, noticing Ants
discomfort. “They won’t dare attack us as long as my eyes glow red.” He held his
head high and walked ahead as if he had a boost of confidence. Ant meant to pick
up a small sword and shield in the village but it slipped her mind. Luckily the plants of Savnac held curious shaped sticks and bark that
could easily be carved into something useful. Ant kept an eye out picking up
and examining potential weapons on the way. “Here we are.”
Eyeder said as they arrived at the foot of the mountain and darting into the
entrance of a small cave. “This should be a good place to stop for the night!” “BBBoooooOOoOooooOOooOoo.” “A g-g-g-ghost!” Eyeder whispered looking at Ant wide eyed. “Boo!” the ghosts eyes darted. “I
mean… I guess?!” Ant and Eyeder looked at each other both confused and relieved. “I’m
sorry. Did i disappoint you?” the ghost asked looking apologetic. “I
would introduce myself but I don’t remember my name! You can call me ghost! I was looking for my body so I could pass on to the afterlife but I can’t remember
how I died… For all I know I could be ancient!” “We’re headed up to Pit Nep. Do
you think your body is up there!?” Eyeder asked. “Loads of people die up
there every day!” “They do?!” Ghost looked both delighted and terrified. “Then why are you
going..?” Eyeder gathered nearby leaves to sleep on while Ant carved her stick and
bark into a more suitable set. Once they got comfortable they told ghost all
about the Queen, falling asleep mid story. The three headed off of the first light
in the morning enjoying some filled bread buns they picked up at the village
the day before. Everyone except Ghost.” Unable to eat because of the whole being
dead thing, Ghost watched to enjoy breakfast as
glowing drool dripped from their mouth, leaving a trail of ectoplasm behind them. This made both Ant and Eyeder uncomfortable resulting in them downing
their bread much faster than they had hoped. They continued up the mountain
while sharing stories and fun facts about their worlds. It almost felt like
fiction to each of them. They couldn’t believe a whole other world was out
there yet there they were. It felt like just minutes had passed but really they
had been walking and chatting for hours without even noticing. They were the
perfect match to keep each other company while on an adventure. Ant was starting to
get hungry for lunch and took out some of the local fruits to try. The shape and
color was unlike any edible fruit she had ever seen. She bit into it with a
‘crunch.’ It was somehow both crispy and soft at
the same time. It was sweet but not too sweet. It had a bit of a tang to it,
making her mouth water instantly. She turned to offer Eyeder a bite… but which
one was Eyeder? Why were there three Eyeder? Huh? “Ant? Are- you- ay?” Eyeder asked Ant
stopping her from falling over. “Are- you- a-” Ghost asked. Ant felt dizzy when
suddenly everything went black. Ant was shaken awake and when she opened her
eyes everything was more white than usual, as if she were looking outside of
a foggy window. She tried to sit up but hit her head on something strange and
almost soft. Rubbing her eyes she noticed she was moving and when she looked
around she saw a face. It was a ghost and she was inside them. “O… An… …s… …ake…! P… he… do… …n!” She barely
heard Eyeder explain. They came to a sudden halt. Ant thought she was going
to be returned to land but ghost wasn’t opening up. She started to get worried as
the fuzzy figure of Eyeder transformed back into his original form and started
growling and barking a ghost. “No! She’s tasty!” Ghost muffled. Ant drew
the small sword she crafted out of her bag and stabbed at the inside of Ghost. “Ow!” Ghost shouted then disappeared with a ‘POOF!’ “The Resare found us by
following Ghost drool and he offered to carry you to escape.”
Eyeder explained turning back into his humanoid form and looking back behind
them nervously. “Looks like ghost was on their side! Hurry! We have to keep moving!” Ant wiped off the ectoplasm and hastily joined Eyeder continuing up the mountain
where she caught a glimpse of the dragon as it flew around the peak of the
mountain. The higher they climbed the colder the air became. Ant was now keeping
her sword and shield in hand just in case the Resare were still on their
tails and had a sneak attack planned. She wasn’t going to be caught off guard
again. The size of the Dragons started to sink in as Ant watched it get closer
and closer as they approached the peak. It looks so small in the distance flying
around the mountain as a miniature model and seeing it upclose had
her worried. Wvery so often it would fly directly above them casting a dark
shadow that blocked the Sun entirely for a few seconds. Eyeder guided them along
as they became much more stealthy in their climb, making sure to wait until
the dragon had passed to make their next move between large rocks staying in the
shadows when they could. They knew it would be impossible to avoid the dragon
altogether as the field of Reteled flowers were at the top of the mountain
in Clear View, but the longer they avoided the attention the better. The wide comfortable path of solid rock had slowly become much more narrow full of
smaller rocks that made it easier for them to fall. At one point Ants foot
slipped causing the rock the size of her head to go tumbling noisily down the
mountainside. She started to sweat nervously which didn’t help her grasp on
the mountain. Approaching the last stretch until the peak of the mountain
they couldn’t help but notice the dragon stopped making its rounds. This could either be great news or very bad news. Maybe it was hungry and decided to fly
down to grab a quick meal or maybe was lurking in the shadows of the mountain
waiting to make them their meal. Ant laid low as Eyeder appeared over the ledge
into the field of flowers to make sure there was absolutely no sign of the
dragon. If the coast was clear they would be able to hop up grab a few flowers and
then head down the mountain. The whole kingdom would celebrate as the Queen
became herself once again. Accepting Eyeder for who he was living happily ever after. It wasn’t. Eyeder flinched and in the blink of an eye his coat changed into a
bright red in his eyes faded to a bright white letting out a roar that had her
question her safety. Ants eyes filled with tears as she watched the dragon
bite into little Eyeders neck and toss him to the side with no effort at all.
Eyeder grew in size when he transformed into a dragon, but he still it wasn’t big
enough to challenge a full-grown dragon to that magnitude. Ant was afraid he was
fighting a losing battle. Grandmother. What would she have done? Has she ever
come face to face with this dragon? Wait. Her cook-
Suddenly the dragon spouted
something black in Eyesders direction. Ant held up her shield as drops landed around her with a sizzle, causing the rock to boil and char. Suddenly her shield caught on fire which made her realize if she was going to
survive she needed a plan. But first she needed shelter. She hopped up onto the ledge
and headed for a cluster of rocks when she noticed the flowers. It was Now or never. With the dragon distracted Ant ran to
the field and picked as many as she could and put them into the bottles in
her backpack for safekeeping. she turned towards the rocks when Eyeders limp body
landed in front of her causing the ground to shake. The dragon landed
shortly after with his back towards Ant as if he hadn’t noticed her. Eyeder wasn’t moving and she had to act fast if she was going to save him. Without even thinking she jumped onto the Dragons back. There was a roar and
the next thing she knew she was being taken for a ride around the mountain. Ant held on as the dragon wiggled through the air in a fit of rage trying
to buck ant off. She slowly inched her way up the Dragons neck grasping onto its
scales. As they rounded the peak of the mountain Ant got a glimpse of injured
Eyeder who had now returned to his original fox-like form except for his
eyes which remained white. This only motivated her to fight harder. She worked her way to the dragon’s head where she saw its piercing eyes glaring at her
spitting black gunk every which way. She paid close attention to the pattern of
his inhaling just before an attack and took the opportunity, With one of her
grandmother’s cookies in hand, she tossed it towards the dragon’s mouth hoping he
would accidentally catch it. Goal! The dragon closed its mouth just as the
cookie passed its fangs its eyes widened suddenly stopping in his tracks floated
in place for several seconds the dragon then softly landed on the field of
flowers next to Eyeder. Ant jumped off before the dragon could even lower his
head and scooped Eyeder up in her arms. “What is the secret
ingredient to those cookies?!” the dragon demanded, licking its lips. “I’ll do anything for the recipe!” Ant looked down at Eyeder
then back of the dragon, nodding. The dragon dropped Ant an eyeder off in
front of the cave of Kni within minutes. Ant gave the dragon her grandmother’s
cookie recipe, thanking him for the quick return then rushing to the cave with
Eyeder in her arms. Ducking under the large door as they began to open, Ant
darted towards the advisor flowers in one hand and Eyeder in other. The guards didn’t like this quick and hasty approach drawing
their weapons on her with warning. Relaxing when the advisor stepped up and took the flowers and Eyeder into a room behind the Queen’s throne. Ant waited, standing awkwardly in front of the Queen as she threw her fit. The guards were staring at her so intently she felt like she didn’t belong when
there was a sudden crash an Eyeder came rushing towards Ant, the red glow back
in his eyes and tackling her to the ground and licking her face. The adviser climbed onto the Queen’s throne and just managed to drop some of the flower
concoction into her mouth. Instantly bringing her back to her
normal self. “Thank you.” the Queen said with the bow “I am both grateful and ever so sorry about your grandmother. She was my favorite human.” The advisor walked up to Ant holding the small ink sprout just before she
grabbed the tip Eyeder took hold of her hand with a hopeful smile that Ant
returned. She grabbed the sprout and with a blink she was holding the tip of the
sprout that was in her grandmother’s room. She replaced the floorboard and
pushed the bed back to where it belonged, just as her father in turn sipping on
coffee. “Morning, Ant.” he noticed Eyeder in his fox-like form trotting over him with
a ripe Savnac fruit in his mouth doubling as a souvenir and a bribe to
win him over. Eyeder crocked his head and dropped the
fruit at his feet wagging his tail. “Aw. Can we keep him?” The end. I hope
you guys enjoyed my inktober story and with that Stay Golden and good night! [Music]

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