Lined Tote Bag – With Outer Pockets | Whitney Sews

Lined Tote Bag – With Outer Pockets | Whitney Sews

Hi everyone! I’m Whitney and I post sewing and crafting
tutorials here on my youTube channel Whitney Sews. I get requests all the time for bags with
pockets, so today I’ll be showing how to make a lined tote bag with an outside pocket on
the front and back. Before we get into the tutorial, if you haven’t
already, make sure to hit that red subscribe button down below so you don’t miss out on
any of my future videos. Now onto the how to. Start by cutting all of your bag pieces. I will have a chart on my website showing
all the pieces and measurements you need so it’s easy to refer back to. You don’t have to use as many fabrics as I
did. I used so many because I’m working on sewing
my stash and wanted to use up a few fabrics. I will also have some other tips and info
on my website including more details on the bosel foam I used for my stabilizer and my
thoughts on it. Ok, lets start by fusing all our stabilizers
to the fabrics. You will need to add your stabilizers to the
back side of your outer bag pieces and your pocket outer pieces. The bosel foam gives your bag great structure,
but is easy to sew through so I really like using it! Now it’s time to work on the straps. Fold the strap pieces in half with the good
sides to the inside. Then fold back the top edges a half inch to
the outside. Add a clip if you need to hold everything
in place. Sew the short end to hold the folds in place. Do this for each short end of both straps. Then place your stabilizer on top and fold
the half inch edge over it. I know this probably seems a little odd right
now, but it will look great in a second. Iron from the back side of the fabric to fuse
the stabilizer down. Flip the strap right sides out and make sure
the sewn corners are poked out and look good. Tuck in that folded half inch so it is now
hidden inside and press. It should now be resembling a strap. Sew down both long sides to finish it off. Place the strap on one bag outer and pin in
place. Then use that one as a guide to line up the
strap on the second bag piece. Sew a box to attach the straps. Now onto the pockets. Lay the pocket outer right sides up. If you want to use piping then lay it down
lining up the raw edges. Then add the lining on top with the pretty
side facing down. Clip the layers together and sew along the
top edge to attach. I found it easiest to sew it first with a
regular presser foot, then switch to a zipper foot and sew again as close to the piping
as possible. Flip the lining over so you see the pretty
sides of both fabrics and top stitch along the top edge. By the way how annoying is it that this fabric
design is not printed straight?!? It wasn’t very noticeable until I started
squaring up my fabric and cutting it for this project. Anyway, place the pockets onto the bag outer
pieces and line up the bottom and sides and sew with a 1/4 inch seam allowance. I found it easiest to sew down both sides
and then along the bottom the attach to make sure the top edge of the pocket remains straight. Use a gridded ruler to mark a square on the
bottom edge of each bag piece for the outer and lining. I went with a 2 inch square, but you can use
whatever size you want. I will have links below to the rulers and
other supplies I used in this video. Carefully cut along the marked lines. Lay the outer pieces right sides together
lining up all the edges and sew down the side, bottom and other side with a half inch seam
allowance. Always backstitching at the beginning and
ending of each seam. Repeat with the two lining pieces, except
leave a 4-5 inch opening in the side of the lining to turn the bag through later. Now it’s time to box the corners. Cutting the squares out earlier makes this
easier because there is less bulk in the corner and you can see to line up the seams. Make sure your seam allowances are going in
opposite directions which is called nesting the seams. Clip to hold everything in place and sew a
half inch from the edge. Do this for the bag outer and lining. You should have two parts to your bag the
somewhat resemble actual bags. Turn the bag outer right sides out and make
sure the corners are mostly shaped how they will be when the bag is finished. Tuck the bag straps inside the pockets to
keep them out of the way. Then put that inside the lining so the right
sides are touching. Make sure the side seams are lined up and
clip around the top edge. Sew all the way around the top to attach the
two pieces. Now your bag is almost complete. Turn the bag out through the opening that
was left in the side of the lining. After everything is right sides out tuck the
seam allowances into the opening you turned through and sew a top stitch along the folded
edge to close it up. Then tuck the lining into the bag. I like to go ahead and sew a top stitch around
the top just below where the seam allowance is on the inside. This keeps the top looking nice even after
the bag has been used many times. And there you have it! A super nice tote bag with outer pockets. You can decide to only do a pocket on one
side or leave off the piping if that is more your style. I do plan on do more videos in the future
showing how to make other types of pockets, so subscribe by clicking my picture right
down there so you don’t miss those how tos and if you want to see all my other tote bag
how tos, you can find them all in a playlist linked right over here. Until next week, Happy Sewing!

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  28. I just finished this bag. It didn't go so well as I used the basal foam on both the outer and the pockets. It was so thick, it would barely even go through my machine with my walking foot. After looking closer at the video, it appears that a much thinner stabilizer was used on the pockets, which would have made this a whole lot easier! But I didn't see any other kind of stabilizer or interfacing listed in the supplies, so I used the foam. For anyone else out there wanting to make this bag (and I love the bag), don't use the bosal n r form plus to line the pockets. It will be way too thick. At least, that was my experience. I may try it again at a later date with a less bulky stabilizer and see how it goes. I used the exact same brand listed. Overall, I really enjoy your videos.

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