Live PD: Anybody Home? (Season 3) | A&E

Live PD: Anybody Home? (Season 3) | A&E

– We’re going to a call for
a suspicious activity, more or less to check the condition. Someone called in and stated
that their neighbor’s car was parked on the sidewalk, and it’s
been running for about an hour. They tried making contact with
that resident to no success. So we’re pulling up now. What’s going on?
– It’s sitting here. It’s running. It’s been there– – You know whose car this is? – Yeah. It’s the lady next door. – Do you have a
phone number for her? – No.
I just called down there. – We tried calling the landlord. He doesn’t answer the phone. Nobody in there. – Keys are in the ignition. – Yeah. – Sitting here running for– – Is this–
– –at least an hour and a half. – Is this normal or no? – No. – No? How old is she? – 60s. – She live alone?
– Yeah. – OK. – I knocked. She knocked. – Is there another access
point to this house? Is there like a
deck or anything? – No.
– No. – No? – Did she have any medical
conditions or anything that you’re aware of? – Well, not that we know of. – What it would
look like to me, I don’t know if she
was experiencing some type of sickness or illness
where she got out of the car fast and wanted to get inside. Do you know what I mean? But right now, I
just want to kind of dot the I’s and cross the
T’s before I break the door. – Yeah, but she– – You know what I mean? – Yeah. She usually parks up here. – Yeah. – Yeah. – I’m going to have rescue
come, because they have the tools to open that door
with minimal amount of damage, and then we’ll go in
and see if she’s inside. OK? – OK. So I mean, that’s our only
real option up to this point. You know what I mean? If I was to take an educated
guess, I mean, I don’t– I’d say it’s probably not good. I can’t see anything inside so– tried getting in touch with
the landlord and nothing. No. The only other window is around
the side, but you can’t– – You can’t– – You can’t– unless
you guys grab a ladder, you guys can’t get to it. – We have a ladder. – So yeah. No. I mean, we could try
to look in that way. But obviously, I don’t have
any means to that, so– [LADDER RATTLING AND SQUEAKING] – Hello. It’s the fire department. Are you in there? – Here the fire department. – Could you open the door? – Did you say he wants– – Can you open the door? The police department’s here. They want to talk to you. – You say you saw a TV
on in the other room? – Yeah, the other room. Do you want to go in? – Yeah, I don’t care. – All right. – If I’ll fit through
the window, but I’ll try. – There’s a couch. – Oh, there is? – Couch right there, yeah. Will you be able to step on it? – What’s that? – You’ll have to step
right on the couch. – All right. – Thanks, bud. – I thought I heard her voice.
– You did? – I thought so. – Oh, I definitely
did hear her, yeah. – Hey, Denise.
– Yes. – What are you doing? – What the hell’s going on? – Are you OK? Do you mind coming and opening
the front door, please? – Well, you scared us. We thought something was wrong,
because you left your car running in the driveway. – All right. On a stick. I like it. – Sorry. – No, it’s OK.
– No. I– it’s all me. It’s all my fault. – But as long as you’re OK,
that’s all we care about. We were knocking hard. Your neighbors tried calling
you on your cell phone. – I know. I was on the phone
with my brother. – I know. But if someone’s knocking, don’t
you think maybe next time you should come and see who it is? – I didn’t hear it. – Oh, it’s OK. We’re– I was rapping
on it pretty yard. – I’m in the back
bedroom, honey. – All right.
– I apologize. – All right. So I get you probably
have a lot going on, but you know,
obviously we were just concerned for your well being. You know what I mean? – Oh, I love you guys. – No problem. – I’m sorry. It’s all right.
– No. You don’t have to be sorry. We’re just glad you’re OK. Thank god your
neighbors, you know, cared about you enough
to give us a call. – Oh, I so apologize. – You know? – It’s OK. – I so apologize. – She’s good. Nothing had to be broken,
and everything worked out.

100 thoughts on “Live PD: Anybody Home? (Season 3) | A&E

  1. Love to see that video , a well being call, that worked out perfect….Thanks for posting that…one of the best vids in my Live PD binge tonite.

    Very kind officer, a person.

  2. Well so much for calling in your call stolen tomorrow!
    Now exchange numbers with your Neighboor, always a good thing!✌🏻

  3. She really couldn't hear banging or knocking on the door in her house? How sound proof does her house have to be to not hear that

  4. Cop to fireman: I mean theres no way to access the window unless you have a ladder or something
    Fireman: We have a ladder

  5. in my old neighborhood the car would have been driven away before the neighbors ever saw it sitting there running. now i live in a peaceful neighborhood like this one here, where you can leave your doors unlocked and old people can get baked and forget to shut off their car.

  6. Volunteer firefighter for 20 years.
    Paid 2 years.
    5ft. 4inxhes.
    Who ya think got to squeeze through windows for welfare checks? 99% of the time, of course during summer months. 75%, well, let's say I was heavily invested in Vicks Vapo Rub.


  8. For the people saying that the cop is dumb for asking if the fire department has a ladder, go to 2:03 and turn on closed captions (C on computer)

  9. That old lady feels so bad for taking all that time from the officers and fire department. You can tell at the end.

  10. My son's Mother and my gf of 2 yrs… Left me because i couldn't trust her. She had another man in her bed before we found out she was pregnant. I had to doubt if the child was mine. She would repeatedly talk to this other dude and tell me it was to make me mad. It caused me to not trust her and always question and accuse. I had trust issues going into our relationship that i chose to disclose in the beginning. She swore she was able and willing to be with me. She now insists that im to blame. She takes no accountability and lacks any remorse. She has undermined her appologies and claimed we were seperated when she had him over the same day we argued. As far as i knew we were not broken up. As far as im concerned for her to do this the same day means she never loved me. I've been by her side through it all. I never got over the pain or doubt. I never strayed. I love her and i feel like I've been betrayed and taken advantage of. She now ignores me after she agreed to never keep me away from our son. Im at the point of breaking down. I am in recovery with 7 months clean. I had nearly 3 yrs clean when all of this happened and i relapsed because i stopped working on my recovery and couldn't handle the reality of it all. Im writing this message in a digital bottle, for what im not sure other than possibly words of positivity or wisdom.
    Love and Light.

  11. I love Rhode island police my mom is sick and lives in providence , i live in a different state and they are amazing when they do welfare checks

  12. Geez, I hope she used toilet paper when she went to the bathroom, unless she forgot, like she forgot her car running.

  13. Can't be sure, but it seems reasonably likely she drove home intoxicated and forgot to park properly or shut off the vehicle.

  14. The car would’ve shut off when it ran out of gas. The lights were went when the battery is dead. Everything would be fine.

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    Trickle down right in front of you

    You tickle tickle tickle, all your neck hairs prickle
    As they barbecue the sentinels, and eat them right in front of you
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  16. You folks who think she's drinking,,
    She's having senior moments.I have them myself.
    Slept all night with the door wide open.
    Left the sink running.
    Check on the older folks.

  17. Might not there have been house keys on the car keys? That door would have been easier to get open than the front door.

  18. My husband and I found our landlord who's in his 70's laying at the bottom of his stairs at night drunk. It was below 0°
    Outside. We were on our way to the store. Thank God we found him.

  19. talking to fire department, with a fire truck on scene
    cop: unless you guys grab a ladder, you cant get to it
    fire department: we have a ladder

  20. Jesus could you imagine just laying down in your house and all of a sudden the fire department and the police are at your second story window lol

  21. Bro I’ve left my car on twice before when I went to the gym. Both times came out and it was still running. Why are y’all so surprised this happens 😅

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