Live PD: The Best of Greenville County, SC | A&E

Live PD: The Best of Greenville County, SC | A&E

100 thoughts on “Live PD: The Best of Greenville County, SC | A&E

  1. they also classify the weight of the baggies as a narcotic. They bagges weighing 2/3. So theyre going to jail for essentially a plastic baggie, because theres no way that was gram of crystal

  2. Note: don't be lazy.. NEVER weigh up a bunch eady to go baggies… then you can't be charged with intent to distribute! Duah… tell them if they do find it, it's yours for personal use.. you don't sell.

  3. That cop saying "don't fight me, don't fight me" when detaining that guy that wasn't even fighting, was staring straight at the camera making sure they were filming him 🙄 I'm like for real 18:35

  4. Re the van. Did she think if she gave up some of it they would not ck her for the rest of it??!!??…… You bought the bag. You payed for the bag. You do the time for the bag.

  5. Weighing the baggie along with the meth is pretty shameworthy on the cops end…. everyone is just shaking their head at that. Lmao

  6. I do agree that these people are scum bags but weighing the meth In the bag and then charging her with attempt to distribute? That’s not really fair in any way shape or form

  7. OMG!!

    I got a felony possession of stolen property charge way back when I was 19 for having road signs on the walls in my apartment here in Seattle!!

    I did like a week in jail and was on probation and had to pay restitution for it and everything and these South Carolina Cops are just laughing it off with the guy?!?

    People don't get hassled for weed here though, like they do in South Carolina so I guess I shouldn't really complain lol should I?!

  8. My only issue with police weighing and charging people with drugs is that they weigh it in the bag which in itself has weight….. smh….

  9. im just wondering why is it that so many of the beater driving hicks seem to almost guaranteed have some meth is it like a cheaper alternative to cocaine or something like that

  10. Look like those 2 kids there were trying to destroy the evidence by smoking next to the gas pumps and cause an explosion …

  11. Dont feel bad for the first chick how are you gonna just walk right out of a dope house towards a cop while your holding

  12. I have to admit. The “Attemp to distribute” charge is pulled off by cops just so they have a real reason to throw them in jail and get paid. Its the honest truth. Do you think the judge would throw em in the bin if the charge was just possesion? Nahhhh man. Beleive me. Its either community service or just some harsh Discipline

  13. anybody else have a problem watching these episodes? The more you watch the more it just blends into every things the same… People are pathetic losers and there's just too many of them. After watching a few episodes it sucks the life I would of you. Sure makes me respect the job of the police officer. Dealing with rejects quite often it seems

  14. It's just such I waste of time and people's money to bust people with a little tiny bit of meth. Ive seen it now over and over and over on this show. I'm not even a meth user and I can see how stupid this is

  15. 8:27 " i Get it,, I Get it..Talking to The Police is Nerve Racking,I Get Nervous To When The Police Pull Me Over..And i'm The Police " Lmmmfao BAM Perfect Come Back..

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