Living out of 2 backpacks for 1 year + What have I learned

Living out of 2 backpacks for 1 year +  What have I learned

– Living out of two
backpacks one year later, what have I learned? What up, YouTube? It’s your boy Jermaine
back with another video and in this video I’m
gonna talk about something that I have been waiting
and talk about for a very long time. It has officially been
my one-year anniversary of me living out of two backpacks. I’ll show you the two
backpacks right here. The first backpack is this green one here, not very big, huh? Not very big. The other backpack is this
red North Face backpack. This is backpack number two. However, there is a third backpack. I usually keep this backpack empty and this backpack is usually packed inside of the green backpack. So let’s just talk about this. And oh yeah I cannot
forget the boosted board because the boosted
board has been with me, not the full year but almost a full year. Oh. That thing’s heavy with
that extended range battery on it. Let’s just jump right into this. Jermaine, you’ve been
living out of two backpacks for a year plus, let’s
talk about this now. About a year ago I moved out of my house in Oakland and when I moved
out of my house in Oakland, I had a pretty good rent situation. I knew that I’m going
to have to find a place in the city and looking for
a place in San Francisco is not easy. Actually it’s probably
easier to find a job than it is to find an apartment, so I was thinking about
this and I was thinking what am I going to do? At the same time I was also thinking, look, I want to travel this year, I don’t want to be stuck
in freezing San Francisco in the summer because
if you guys are not from San Francisco, it can be pretty chilly in the summer. When it’s 100 degrees in New York, it can easily be 50
degrees in San Francisco on certain days, especially
in the afternoons when the fog rolls in
and that wind picks up, yeah, it can get pretty dang chilly in San Francisco and I
was thinking about this. I was thinking about,
look, I don’t want to spend my summer here
and I don’t want to be locked into a lease and
now I can’t go anywhere so I’m just stuck here. I’m stuck here paying
crazy amounts of rent and I’m stuck paying $15 for lunch and I’m thinking, I don’t want to do this. So what am I going to do? What am I going to do? I gotta move out, I’ve
got to go somewhere. Ideally I want to stick
around for the next two months for sure,
but I don’t want to sign a years lease and I also don’t want to go through the whole Facebook Groups and you know, looking
for a roommate and you’ve got to prove yourself
and you’ve got to show how much money you make and what companies you work for. It’s just like, I don’t want to go through all that, so I said to myself, look. Let’s just do Airbnb. I’ll stick around for a
month, I’ll go to New York and then I’ll figure out
what I want to do for then. So I booked an Airbnb. Now this Airbnb I booked
was down in Daly City, this was like a hostel type style Airbnb. Showing up to that Airbnb,
and I absolutely love it because it reminded me of
backpacking through Europe like everyone there was
from another country and it was just this really awesome vibe. And it was this really
cool house and it was a really big house, too. Lots of people lived there
and I was digging it, man. I was digging this whole
living out of an Airbnb. Now I stayed at that
location for about a month and then I took a trip to New York. Now let’s talk about this
whole trip to New York. Now since I’m staying
in Airbnb, when I leave and go to New York, I’m
not paying anything here, like in San Francisco. On the other hand, if
I was renting a place in San Francisco and if I wanted to go to New York for a week,
I would still have to pay for my apartment in San
Francisco but instead, now I’m living out of
Airbnb with two backpacks. When I leave San
Francisco, I don’t have to pay for rent there. So, this works out pretty good. So I went to New York, stayed in New York, I can’t remember, maybe a week or so, two weeks and then I went down to Miami, caught a flight down to Miami, was in Miami a couple of days. Drove from Miami to Tennessee, basically I was bouncing around the country, okay. Went to Tennessee, came back to, I believe I flew to LA and stayed
in LA for like a week and then went back to SF. All this time I was staying in Airbnb’s or hostels and I was
just having a blast, man. Like I was having a good
time because I’m thinking, I don’t have to pay
rent, like, I’m thinking, crap, I don’t have to pay rent in a place that I’m not at. I don’t have to pay for a car payment and I’m not using the car, like, I’m gone and I’m gone, you know. When I come back, I’m back. This is pretty cool. So, came back to San Francisco, stayed for maybe a couple of weeks. Went to New York and stayed
for the whole summer. Now when I went to New York and stayed for the whole summer, I
was looking for an Airbnb for the whole time an that
was a little difficult to find because people
may not want to rent a room out in their house
for an entire summer and at the same time I did not exactly know if I wanted to stay in New York for the entire summer. Who knows, what if my
plans change and you know, DC, Boston, Philly, there’s
other cities around. So I stayed at this
one Airbnb in New York, it was at Washington
Heights, fricking love that Airbnb, yo, because
it was just a different neighborhood, it was a different vibe. The Airbnb was pretty cool,
it was nothing glamorous but it worked. It was a good Airbnb. From there I went to Staten Island. Staten Island was a whole other adventure. You literally have to
take the ferry 30 minutes to get to the city like every morning. A lot of people may
dread taking the ferry, but I actually kind of like taking a ferry because as soon as I get off the ferry in Manhattan, and just a short distance over to the West Side and that was where I spent the majority of my time when I was in New York. So that worked out great. I got to experience different parts of New York that I would
never get to experience if I was only just staying
in Airbnb’s in Brooklyn and only staying in Airbnb’s
in hostels in Manhattan. I would hot have
experienced all of the areas in Staten Island that I got to experience. And Staten Island is a very, very unique part of New York. I know a lot of people
think that Staten Island is like the gutters but actually, it’s a pretty cool place. It reminds me of San Francisco a lot. It’s very, very hilly,
it’s probably not a place that I would want to live long-term, but for the summer, it
was a pretty cool place to stay. I’ve got no idea what
Staten Island is like in the middle of Winter,
but I would imagine that the ferry ride would
be a little bit colder than the ferry ride in the summertime. The ferry ride in the
summertime, especially on a nice cool summer
night was incredible. It felt so good. You walk outside you see the city, you see all the lights,
what a wonderful experience. So now it’s time to leave
New York and it’s time to leave New York, now as I was flying to New York the first time, I was flying with my electric skateboard here and I had problems with TSA, I actually had to mail my skateboard
all the way to New York so on the way back I
said, look, I don’t want to do that, I’m just
going to take the train all the way back, now once again. Taking a train is not
the fastest way to get from New York to LA. You can take a flight and
get there in five hours. However, when you don’t have an apartment that you have to pay
for, when you don’t have utilities that you have
to pay for, when you don’t have a cable bill
that you don’t have to pay for, when you
don’t have an apartment that you have to pay for, you can sort of take your time and travel, across country, and have a good time because the flight was about $200 and I can fly from New York to LA in five hours. Now taking the train was
like, $220 and it took 3 1/2 days. Now I get it, a lot of
people may not be down with taking a train for
3 1/2 days but for me, that was great. Like it was an experience,
it was something that I always wanted to do. And if I had an apartment and a car and you know, a job,
there’s no way I would find the time to take the train across country. I also got to jump off the
train at multiple stops and skateboard around. Got to skateboard around Chicago. Got to skateboard around Albuquerque. So while I’m making it
back to LA, so what do I do when I make it back to LA? I look for another Airbnb to stay at. I look for another
Airbnb and I’m there for, I think I stayed in LA for about 10 days and then I made my way back up to the Bay, this time, me returning back to the Bay, I had it set in my mind
that I’m going to stay here for three months. Instead of looking for
an Airbnb, I was looking around on Craigslist and I actually found a place that I ended up
staying for three months and that place was really cool and after I checked out of that
place, went back to LA, for another week, then
came back to San Francisco and by this time, it’s this year. It’s January 2018, then what do I do? I go take a trip over to the Middle East and stay in Israel for a month. Flew back to Western Europe, traveled all the way down to
Barcelona and then returned back to the U.S. And now I find myself back in the U.S., back traveling, and it’s been a year and that has went by really, really fast. So what have I learned? What have I learned from
living out of two backpacks for more than a year? I’ve learned so many things, is quickly my spending
habits changed a lot. They changed up, now before I started this whole journey of traveling and living out of Airbnb’s and being very minimal, I wasn’t that big into shopping anyway, like I would just mainly buy stuff when I really, really need it, and now, I buy stuff like when things are broken. Now I did buy a new boosted board but that was because
my other boosted board was broken and you know I did send it back to warranty so I’ll probably get it back soon and I’ll have two boosted board so I guess that means… I guess that just means I’ll just have two boosted boards. But when it comes to things like clothing and shoes, like I will literally wear shoes until they fall apart. Or I will wear a shirt into those holes in the shirt. There is no, oh I’m just gonna go to the mall and buy a new shirt just because I like a new shirt. If I bought a new shirt,
I’m gonna throw away another shirt. If I buy a new pair of shoes, I’m gonna throw away another pair of shoes and this is how I keep everything minimal. Now I bet you’re wondering, does everything you own fit in these two bags? No, everything I own do not fit in these two bags. I live a very minimalistic lifestyle, but I don’t consider myself a minimalist I just feel like I have a lot of like random stuff. Likw, if you open this
backpack right here, the majority of it is
going to be YouTube stuff. It’s gonna be cameras,
it going to be cords, it’s gonna be all like
stuff to make youtube videos and you know that’s why I don’t call myself a minimalist because like this backpack is like a mess. Like, I mean I don’t
have a lot of stuff in my life and this is not everything I own. I do own couple other Electric skateboards that are like, you know,
all over California. I have a couple bikes that I don’t typically ride. I should probably sell them. If I haven’t ridden a bike in three months I don’t typically
need a bike anymore. If I haven’t used a
camera in three months, I don’t think I need that camera anymore. So there are a couple
things that I do have. I do store things with an app called Omni which is an amazing app. The bad thing about this app is it’s only in the Bay Area. If this app existed in New York, like I would literally
have, I would have stuff in this app in New York. If this app was in LA, I would have stuff stored in this app in LA. So when I’m in LA I could, you know, pull out the electric bike and ride it around LA and I can have an electric bike in LA and the same
thing with New York, like I would have a boosted board in New York and t didn’t
have to take it on the airplane and I didn’t have to go through that airport security deal. That would be pretty sick, that would be pretty cool. Other things I’ve learned
about living out of two backpacks, you know life is about experience and staying
in different places, even in the same city, you can have a different experience. I’ll give you this example. I’ll typically like to stay in downtown San Francisco because everything I do is in downtown. So it just makes sense that I’m downtown. That way I won’t have
to get on a bus and go downtown, I won’t have
to get on a train and ride all the way to the
city and go downtown. I would just rather just be downtown. Well a couple weeks
ago I stayed at a place in Twin Peaks and Twin
Peaks is not downtown if you’re familiar with San Francisco you know where Twin Peaks is. It’s at the top of the hill. If you’re unfamiliar with San Francisco, Twin Peaks is at the top of the hill and it’s actually are really
nice neighborhood. And a lot of my vlogs I may talk about how there are a lot of homeless
people in San Francisco, however in Twin Peaks, I did not see one homeless person in Twin Peaks. Another unusual thing about Twin Peaks I noticed, definitely got to give Twin Peaks a thumbs up for this one, parking is not as difficult as most parts of the city. Like, you can actually
park without driving around and driving around in circles and looking for a parking spot. Like, there’s plenty of parking up there and it seems like it’s pretty safe to park a car there because most
parts of San Francisco you go park your car and
you look down and you see broken glass on the street and that typically means that someone got their car broken into in that same parking spot that you just parked your car in. And in Twin Peaks, I
didn’t notice any broken glass on the street. So I take it, Twin Peaks is a really, really nice area. So what are some of the benefits of this alternative lifestyle or
this new way of living? Well, I can name a ton of benefits. First off you don’t have to come up with a deposit to move into a place. For example, a lot of apartments in San Francisco, if you want to move in, you have to provide first month’s rent and last month’s rent and a security deposit. Let’s say the rent is a thousand bucks a month or let’s say it’s
1,500 bucks a month. You’ve got to come up with what $4,500 just to move in and it’s only 1,500 a month, that’s a lot of money to cough up at one time. Well, if I sign like
Airbnb; or weekly hotels you don’t need to come up with $4,500 to move in. Number two, you’re not
locked into at lease. So if you want to leave, you can stay up until the amount of time that you paid for and then you can leave. Number three, you don’t
typically have to clean. I haven’t cleaned a bathroom
in more than a year. I haven’t cleaned a kitchen
in more than a year. Now I’ve definitely washed my dishes and I’ve definitely cleaned up messes, but just doing a whole load of dishes, no, that’s something I haven’t done. Another thing I really like too, is not having to worry
about paying a utility bill or an internet bill. You guys, I know you
guys have had roommates at the end of the month, you know you put the utility bill on the refrigerator and then you write down
how much everyone owes, $22.43 and $21.17 and you know, $74.35 and $85.24, none of that, none of that, okay none of that Venmo and roommates and utility bill here, internet bill here, but
you just don’t have to worry about that because the price is already included. I know a lot of people
that live out of Airbnb’s in the Bay Area, but they typically live in one Airbnb for a month and then they move from that Airbnb
and go to another Airbnb. Sometimes people may live in an Airbnb for three months and then move to another Airbnb, stay for three months, but if you like that bounce around and go all over the country, as well as go all over the world like me, and you don’t want to pay top dollar because San Francisco is so expensive, like it’s so expensive. I don’t want to be paying top dollar here in San Francisco when I’m out traveling somewhere else, it would be really ideal for me not to pay top dollar and I’m out traveling somewhere else, that’s much cheaper than top dollar in San Francisco. So these are some of the things I’ve learned, this is pretty much my experience of living out of two backpacks for the past year. I said to myself that I would only do this for one year, I think I
want to keep doing this maybe for like two more years. Maybe I’ll stop doing this when I’m 33. So that gives me two more years to live out of a backpack. Meanwhile I can save a lot of money and I can also invest a lot of money into ETFs because I don’t own a house and you know, when you own a house you have like an investment and you have like, well, some people call it an investment, but you have this thing that you’re gonna live in in the future but in my case, and
for me since I’m living out of Airbnb’s, I just say money, invest money, buy ETFs and when I am tired of living like this, when
I want to settle down, hopefully by that time
I’ll have enough money for a down payment for a house maybe back in my hometown,
probably not in the Bay Area because it’s crazy expensive here in the Bay Area, but
anyway guys, just want to make a video talking about my whole year, past year living out of two backpacks. It’s been a fun journey and if it’s something that you want to do, go for it, if that’s something that you can do. Power to ya, it’s a lot of fun. You’ll learn so much and you’ll get to experience way more. Like this past year
I’ve experienced so much in the past year. And this year, I only want
to experience even more. Thanks a lot for watching. Like, comment, subscribe, peace out, yo.

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