LOCKED BOX IN $3,000 PROFIT MONSTER storage unit! I bought an abandoned storage unit

LOCKED BOX IN $3,000 PROFIT MONSTER storage unit! I bought an abandoned storage unit

all the storage in this one is on sale
for 249 marked down from 390 bucks but I think it’s gonna be very interesting
sign football head baseball remember that time I told you the guy
found the märklin boat at the flea market yeah hundred bucks worth like 50
grand baby ladies and gentlemen boys and girls of all ages yes it is I your
captain speaking are you like my hair clips I got them in
the box we just went through tougher kind of wine we are here with Alex with
little momma stalker with great uncle Mike here I’m carnal grade Uncle Mike
because he thinks he’s the greatest and let’s not get him started we’re gonna
start going through this shooter if you have missed the other videos on this
alex is doing some I’m doing some on this right in here is that projectile
dispenser safe we found it we just saw what we haven’t got to it yet right well
anyway right off the bat let’s just get to it and start unboxing president
grunts safe that looks sound like a projectile thing
doesn’t this one say
I got a box assist kitchen sig sauer oh yeah
this is uh isn’t that big salad um yes sir jack goes up right
woohoo friends of the NRA all right baby look at this train you wanna dip these
stroke me that’s cool this is a whole scale train made by Hawthorne it is of
the Giants World Series that’s a good teacher inches it is fancy Uncle Michael
thanks for recognizing that train track you track it goes on removes before
flight stop I’m gonna guess balls haha get this good
one see me juggle 20 bucks involves your business go ahead here’s the box cowboy city saw me
jumping on all the matters to me that jumps on the storage in krosno Poland
that looks like gorgeous go ahead and take that on for my candy
dish I don’t know but it sounds pretty anything made it for one generally good
and krosno sounds expensive home where made in Portugal is you can’t put a
price on it’s a freezable wine bag keep gonna
cook me home where made in Portugal this effectively talked about that reduce the
whole trip hats off to you Alex Tate good job on your live last night Alex
thank you I appreciate that you gonna continue to do more this looks like a coach’s shirt Under
Armour brand-new $24.99 gloves money just add no tighten our belts on this
one shirts Nike shirt you know who might be
interested in a lot of these large shirts yes no my uh my friend Justin who
does the sports stuff always in because he likes college stuff he does a lot of
stock and stuff but oh okay he we may we his sign stuff with him cuz he’s opening
up a new store instead if we couldn’t clothes he’ll sell it and then we might
yield more money that way this bathroom closet stuff that’s where
I keep my gold in the closet damn thing why not there oh oh look at that one Dumbo No I’ll take the rest everyone to the top
too bad it’s ready huh dibs is on Thomas I like these ones on my face ready
winner but look at these ever tell you can guess what you got to say for now
you can’t just say big Nelson into the depot but that’s that’s the best flavor
it Oh before your secret let’s know that
you don’t need to tell me it’s my favorite you don’t know I’m sure
hey you can dip that one it doesn’t smell the same as the UH
as the the spring love spell is like my favorite yeah this Crematory place right these
are good right here she’s a brand new leave you I don’t I don’t have a go at
them birthday beauty toothbrushes you can’t really sell unless you know for
sure they’re still vaccines or so but they all are so they might be out data
to expires gather the outdated 18 a versa
let me take these out you know look at your pile of dibs Mike no could this is
gonna get expensive for me I can’t just keep doing that I can get expensive if I
don’t did the dip or not forgive is the question please I did that’s going to Stockton scared me happy Easter you know we all
get excited for different things that’s not my monkey how many times you
said that in your life I’m gonna go home and games and hand them out on
Thanksgiving whole box of toys I’m not I love you people see what I’ve been
putting this whole time for the background they’ve been right to be our
people the people have spoken this one’s a little green behind the
ears like you want the mic that’s all old movie when you’re green behind the
ears or things like the with me I wanna fuck so bad I think about getting a fox
you can have foxes in California sure Uncle Michael what do you know about
this king gifts up back here okay Beckett yes you can I don’t so when I collects these you
want to dig deep enough select collects these no snow globes Mike not all right
I only play Disney one baby dibs the whole war leaves Africa every time I
do it shows me the ocean you don’t need this Alex no I don’t right off the bat
we’re coming with more train stuff this one is on sale for 249 marked down from
300 holy local model he never went on there for like 12 runner buds yep
I was looking above when I was at the house let me see that again that might
know the one I seen was bold it might be it’s got a lot of German words on it you
can look it up now look around person look her upper earth can you please tell us what you are used
I used yeah most of them are used nice but not only that they’re being sold
recently like within the next place oh yeah
the trains are hot you guys have sold a lot of trained right over the years yeah
that one unit I just found a box but I think it’s gonna be very interesting
sign football and baseball Lorena’s hooks look at that words Mike
what did I tell you sign football and baseball
Babe Ruth please oh man come on baby let’s see what we got in here Oh baby yes yes that looks like it says will
Clark is the National League let me come in here little closer that her mez
neiman-marcus pocket Matt Williams this is a Giants
ball no this is your silk this well Neiman
Marcus is that is good thrower brothers what was that that’s a time they’re just
their silk that doesn’t mean they’re not bad they’re not good I just I was hoping
for they know who this one salvatore ferragamo Marklin is a very expensive
toy like I remember that time I told you the guy found the Marklin boat at the
flea market under Buckman’s worth like 50 grand the livebox baby that second last but
this is where I lose via 49ers Jim Brown we’re booing over here still a good ball
Jim Brown is cool he’s an announcer this is what I like though right here maybe
we’re gonna find lion-o inside I want to find the mark when said you know what
what’s your youth there’s more change in there is more train if this is no
probably all good box right so we’ll just decide are we gonna break the lock box open
we’re gonna wait a minute except to see what I want to say what’s in here
baseball card night what’s open I think it’s open bitch for no it wasn’t it was
just almost I got a crowbar I’m gonna use a crowbar for this wait the code
might be zero zero zero it always works for me can you point at it Uncle Mike do you
point at – no come on point at it well are you nervous cuz Liz and Alex here
cuz I got a lot of footage of you doing that that’s how I do thumbnails there we
go I think the crowbar might be too big
on Jackson studios you do with your bare hands
whoa listen that is egg me I do Pig we’re not giving you $25 today thousand
this is personal these are stocks these are personals
this is ID April 7 DC had his ID all the way back
from 21st to 18 I have
you can have the feet archaeologists I said Alex can have it all
no you already learned from yesterday whit’s we’re going to do you see whatever you think will get the most
money for elder to make a decision on that no it’s it’s as to I don’t like the
stuffiness on the bottom Jillian please be a Birkin bag there’s stuff in all the
puppies we got $1 on my new magic wands is that wrong that when you open that up
our disciplines I didn’t see like LV bags at the top and stuff mate or 41 I
got it it’s not from 1941 I know is this that established booth that’s romantic give this to Dyna girl nyan from Los Angeles for that person
wouldn’t be complete without one of those but this does show it alright he said solid of that am I see I’d love
to do a collab with Nikki crossbody does this work towards this
receipt it’s a report that’s several bucks that’s that whole
box you guys see that over there right there winded ladies and gentlemen he’s winded
Nintendo 3ds no games we got wood glue I need some superglue
to fix something at home fancy little leather bag that goes coaches am i right
am i wrong this lady is serious problem good wine know it any flow days or
something tampon everywhere well that’s the way I am cuz I don’t like when it
starts out of nowhere nothing to do what are these almost something like every
Fitbit if
Jack Daniels I did Tennessee Tennessee that’s just the regular place they said
that was the safe in here and then boom what we said it was in there there’s
gonna be more safe Oh another one Hitachi and r90 a seaplane I want to
look this one up they quit and this one I forget the price late for the tachi
there’s a much better fool walk away just here – ouch I’ll do everything you
know what you got there but I’m trying to see this one’s a nice one
this is like an impact tool Dewalt d5 one one eight zero I think I’m
giving a social security number Tachi and are 83-82 while Alex unbox that one
I’m gonna look this up you got my knife yes you did my box says
but right there date boxes does it results and kids shampoo guess it says
but wipes don’t believe me look at like that one but whales for 78570 applying that exact one but one
similar to both of these sell for like 200 bucks new on for you okay
these ones are in great shape oh yeah Oh dibs but wait that’s all look I feel
Alex giving this whole is that solder is that hard I’m sorry smugglers that’s all
let’s go in there are you gonna give all these I think
I’ll take some zip you want to dip these this ain’t going what are you gonna do
maybe we can stock up on this stuff Mike you stock up on some too we’re
gonna all stock up on this stuff we need these clothes I’m not having a baby
right yeah no those a fur baby doesn’t don’t you I’ll bandage more we should make this
biz needs a box if we take off the other stuff and save that then they said the
box honest conditioner Uncle Michael you need some of this because honestly your
hair needs it you just used up cheap stuff cities did you give it in a box babe what can
get she easy when you walk I know damn shame this is heavy
I want I want this to be trains no it’s picture frame personal photos
this is heavy I want this to be trades yeah but I like this maybe W R Hill gold
I like this because aged Oh Michael you’re piling heavier than
you look the way you on the way out Wow they put a minute in your watches
going circus where he can’t get up on time I got snow come I like hopefully Menlo Park baseball league champion uncle Michael where’s your personal box look as a baby they go to this Roku
thing with that being said we are once again done with this unboxing got to go
to his channel to see the other half so this and look it’s tickle to say we’re
safe ticklers

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  3. The reason you get 5 bucks for a shirt as apposed to 20 is the same reason ALL of the storage locker guys do..go ahead SMASH the clothes and stuff them back into a box (you know, the box they were found in neatly folded?) then throw them on a table at the swapper and gripe that you can't get 20 bucks a shirt… Just suggesting you guys need to learn the 2 second thing that folds anything and keeps it all NEAT for higher sales.

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    God Bless🙏🏻

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  7. Tell Uncle Mike to check that $2 bill. If it was in a lock box by itself it could be that it was a collector piece. What was the name of the artist that did the fruit still life Mike? I'll look him up in my artists registry if you like.

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  11. 17:15 are those savings bonds? If they are they're cash if they have matured. Could be more if past maturity date. If it has a name on it though that would be sad.

  12. those boxes where the watches go around is not to show them off it is to wind the watches up,they are supposed to keep better time if they are not allowed to wind down,so if you own a few watches you cannot wear them all in a day so you need the winder.

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  18. The small tool you found in the bag with the nail guns is called a "palm nailer." it is a nail gun which can be used for smaller applications or for harder to reach areas.

  19. Uncle Mike I watch you behind the scenes working so hard I just wanted to let you know that you are appreciated. Would love to see you come out with your own channel but I understand not everybody feels comfortable in front of the camera talkin. I would also like to remind you that not everybody has to be a huge success to be appreciated. You could do your own videos for a few of us that would appreciate them and not even worry about how you are perceived just be yourself and that's all that's necessary. Not trying to impose my own opinion on you but I've watched you for so long working so hard just wanted to give you some recognition . You Are Appreciated!!

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