Locker Stuffers – The Perfect Unique Gift for Kids

Locker Stuffers – The Perfect Unique Gift for Kids

Hi I’m Adrienne with
With Christmas right around the corner, you’re probably looking for the perfect gift for
your child. Something that will last, and will hold up after a week of playing. That’s
where I come in. Instead of the average stocking stuffer, we’ve created the locker stuffer.
The perfect, durable, reusable stuffer that kids will use for years to come. Here we have
a locker with a girl in mind. Strong and durable, just like our school locker, this
is perfect for storing clothes, jackets, boots, scarves, backpacks, accessories and more.
Open it up to see that gifts of all sizes fit inside for that extra surprise for your
daughter on Christmas morning. Just imagine the look on her face when she opens up her
locker to find treasures like this inside. Just make sure you have a camera ready for
when she sees Disney’s Frozen and My Little Pony toys. Over here we have our boys locker. Store his
uniforms, sports equipment, clothes, video games, shoes, hats, and toys in one easy place.
Then watch as he opens the door to reveal a trove of games and fun inside. We’ve got
a Nerf basketball hoop and a Nerf play gun with laser sight that comes with a target
so he can practice his shooting. Think of how excited he’ll be to have somewhere of
his own to stash his awesome gifts away from snoopy friends and siblings. The best part
about our lockers is they’re like a stocking but bigger and better and can be used all
year long. Kids can learn about organization and how to keep their room clean with just
this one locker. If you’re looking for the perfect gift that will last for years to come,
then look no further than our kid’s lockers. You’ve seen how awesome our kid’s lockers
are, and since this is the season for giving we’re giving these lockers away to some
children for Christmas. Stay tuned for our follow up video to watch the big reveal.

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  1. Need a new Christmas stocking tradition?

    Check this out, and be sure to make your kids locker order TODAY in order we can get it into Santa's gift bag in time to get it under your tree.

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