LOL Surprise Winter Disco Event at Target! My PB and J

LOL Surprise Winter Disco Event at Target! My PB and J

my PB and J – you know what to say them
there I’m doing it alone yeah guys they’re doing a winter disco event at
Target and we are super excited to see what it’s all about yeah yeah it’s ready
to go yeah let’s go all right guys here we go
no it’s got to pack up these kids it’s freezing outside it’s only four degrees
it’s not like this warm sound like this warm it’s not like ah nice it’s nice
just nice and warm nope so we’re gonna head to the toy section
and see if they’re over there cuz I called and said they were and they said
they were participating so check it out okay will do can’t boy in a minute we’re
gonna do a little first Hi! hey let’s take it on your name you can
write bash oh here’s a wish bad wish list you want all the next up so let’s
see what you got pen there’s like over here and chapstick and glances
okay you want to go stand next to this picture here pen one give and okay so
you scan it with the app and then it’ll let us know what’s on sale oh yeah you
want one of these see there well here’s some lol’s up here
do you guys want to get one you guys could each get one oh do you want to get
a pet or do you want to get a little I’m gonna give a little a little which one
do you want do you want to get an along I’m gonna
check it off the list do you like PJ masks can we see who you got on there you got
I don’t remember her name what’s her name um doll breaker? doll breaker? something like that. let’s see what else do you
you hear some more lol stuff look at this fun the winter disco Chalet
you want this huh so big I know guys know it’s like pretend ice ah and they
see 30 rollerskates you but this is a pool in the pool in the baby
think I get this it makes real snow oh there’s a family inside guys that was
cute where’s over here that’s where I sleep
snow yeah there’s this young okay let’s go let’s go shirt yeah over here let’s
go down here here’s the lol section guys look at
crystal star she’s so pretty I have for all my list for Christmas you
do have her on your list here’s some glitter globes hair goals what’s that
ooh a puzzle that’s cool fashion crush boys glitter globes again look at pen
here’s the glamper you excited about that is that on your list you coming
back I mean here’s some furniture pieces I
think that this one is so cute with the little tykes oh I got this one yeah I
think this is just door morning there we go PJ masks well put it on your
Christmas list buddy what’d you get bashing he’s climbing up and down. where is that Santa goin you’re gonna tell
Santa what you want what are you doing Is that how you talk to santa? No I’m not talking. You wearing it as a hat Santa say you were nice or naughty
that you nice or naughty this year I’m a avocado reindeer. that’s silly. Look at those. Look they have a big candy cane. like a real tree what is that is it a narwhal I guess it
is that’s cute we’ll put it on your list. I think I got catboy. you think catboy’s in there? you’re welcome you’re welcome
there you go buddy here’s one of yours can i have one of mine is this Oh P for Penelope on my Christmas Tree. there’s a regular PJ robot So the eyes, and the mouth on the bottom
here all glow-in-the-dark guys okay mother
so so she goes first yeah she got a PJ masks collectible
figure I hope he gets I hope tomorrow could be Romeo Romeo Romeo Penelope got an lol surprise lil. And P for Penelope. And these are from the winter disco series
we got one it’s gold line the tree is that I think you won I think it will be
able to read of your dreams control hi I thought his was gonna be ultra rare. And my dreams
come true a little snowman I wanted here it is. This is the small series. I hope you got the kitten! it’s not her but I think that we need to put it into water. a little fuzzy pet I didn’t know they
were fuzzy wait it close one okay we gotta put it in water to
get all the rest I’m gonna go do that look at her colors changing a little
note on the back I really wanna I really want this little baby how adorable is
the kitten? If you like this video give it a big thumbs up and subscribe. Catch you on the flip side. Bye! little baby okay, I guess.

11 thoughts on “LOL Surprise Winter Disco Event at Target! My PB and J

  1. The LOL glasses are cool haha 😍🀩 I love the Winter Disco themed ones! How cool is the chalet house wow πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ€—πŸ€—

  2. Hi friends! Hope you guys had a great day! Omg omg Lol event! awww they had goodies for you! Awww the lady was really helpful!

  3. The glasses so fun! They even had a wish list! Super pretty key chain! awww cute photo with Lol! aww you got some lol!

  4. Santa is almost coming! Wow that lol chalet is amazing!! Omg have to put some on my list! Oh the glamper! Love also the furniture!! Yay! PJ mask Bashy so cool! Wow phones to talk to Santa! what a fun Narwhal! Yummy frosty!

  5. The event was so cool
    I didn’t know they were doing this at target
    The kids got some awesome toys
    The selfie picture was adorable 😍

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