LONDON HIDDEN BAR SURPRISE- London Travel Vlog! Europe Backpack Trip #4

LONDON HIDDEN BAR SURPRISE- London Travel Vlog! Europe Backpack Trip #4

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening wherever you are Daphydeez’s here and today I want to share with you I don’t know why I blanked out Today I want to share with you my
hidden bar experience in London London is a very special place there’s like good food, good pubs, good atmosphere Everyone with the British accent and you feel they’re very exotic There’s actually a great
like hidden bar culture in London and they started way back before I was born.
The whole history of hidden bar. I don’t do history but as far as I know is because some time in history drinking alcohol was actually illegal
Can you believe it? But that’s where hidden bar comes from Usually they would have like barber shops or restaurants or you know some kind
of thing as a disguised on the top and then they have the hidden door
if you say the passcode then they would lead you through the secret door, downstairs
to the basement, where they would serve you alcohol. When I went to London
I really didn’t plan much I was just going with the flow I met with a friend of
mine who I was just telling me about random things about like London and he was like what do you want to do I want to do something where
tourists would not do That was like my one requirement for him He was like well
I don’t know you could go to Brick Lane, Shoreditch I guess and I guess
you could go to like a hidden bar I was like whoa whoa! Hold up!
Did you just say hidden bar? And I was really excited because I’ve never been to a hidden bar ever At National Gallery What up people? Let’s pretend this is live! Hey guys, so we’re live in London right
now. We’re on Trafalgar Square. We’re gonna interview this lovely lady here! Right, so we’re live-streaming here in London Trafalgar square!
Right next to the National Gallery right here we’re at Charing Cross station with these travelers here.
This guy is definitely not a traveller! This guy lived in UK his whole life I think. These guys are totally FOBS right here! no video? It’s a the video
They won’t flash for sure Hey we’re in Covent Garden That’s such a cool paint job We have a matte Audi TT here today We have a Russian car here Hey guys, so we just find Shake Shack And this is all the stores so this is episode number 29 of our Europe trip! V-Log trip Right now we’re staying at Covent Garden
Just look at this! There’s Daphne enjoying the music
whereas Chris don’t know what to do with it It’s great! Today is a really gloomy day.
It’s not necessarily the best day out here but, but the music
The music makes it much better Just let it go. Let it be! Why don’t you be you And I’ll be me. Everything that’s broke Leave it to the breeze Why don’t you be you And I’ll be me And I’ll be me! It’s 3:30. We just finished the music show! It looks so cool! Only know you love her when you let her go Is there a guy’s store downstairs? Oh there is! Hello! Is that how you do vloggings? Yes Vlog! It’s vlogs not v-logs! so we’re on this tiny Street
north of Covent Garden It’s around seven o’clock well we’re down for some hot ramen! oh my gosh! you’re a terrible vlogger! Wanna say hi? I’m from Taiwan! Awesome! I’ve been to Taipei! So we just finished ramen! We’re in Shoreditch!
This is my mate Chris Daphne’s is currently in the shower Not in the shower, but in the washroom Getting ready for the club
Hopefully we can do a spin over there because they gotta do bag check. And they probably don’t have photography inside My friend Justin joined me a day later
so he wasn’t there when me and my friend from London had this conversation about hidden bar
So he had no idea what we were doing We had dinner and we bought tickets for like an EDM rave It’s like a university rave
Like end up school kind of thing, it was kind of cool cuz we’re probably the only tourist there! Anyway we need to find a place to pre-drink
Justin’s like “hey where should we go like let’s go to a bar, let’s go to a pub!”
and I was like “no I have a perfect place in mind” I remember we were finding this
place called The Breakfast Club which is actually a 90s diner
since it’s called The Breakfast Club they serve like breakfast food like Omelette and egg
Benedict and stuff like that. So I just remember I took him there
There was this great yellow door with a stamp kind of thing saying like “The Breakfast Club” so as we walked in and on the right hand side,
there was like a photo collage of everyone. They just take instant photos of
you or something and you can just stick it on the wall
and on the left side, there was like the love locks kind of things so you can buy a locket maybe write your name and lock here on those fence like thing
We went up to the counter and I was like “Hey, I’m here to see the mayor” The funny thing is the
host who was there there. The moment we walked in because it’s like 9 or 10 p.m.
The moment we walked in, he was like looking at us like, “mhm” like “what chu here for” kind of thing and he was like “Mhm, you’re here for like food or something?” I’m like “no, we’re here to see the mayor” and he’s like
“of course you are” He would actually played along and he was like
“I’m sorry but the Mayor is a little occupied at the moment” So we’ll have to sit you down
at a table here and when he when he’s free, we’ll lead you… we’ll take you to him If I am Justin I’ll be like hella because he looked at the menu
not a single alcoholic beverage Hey so we’re at Breakfast club to see the mayor! Justin has no idea what that means! It’s gonna be awesome! Justin’s just like so flipping confused! So I told Justin that we’re going here for like drinks and we party before the rave and he’s utterly disappointed I’m not here to have omelettes!
I’m not here to have egg benedicts! But yet, I’m here to actually see the Mayor I’m here for alcohol! Not for omelettes The hidden door of that place was
disguised as a 90s fridge. It was like one of those ginormous white
things, very fat looking fridge that they had in the 90s. we’re a hidden bar Future house was amazing! We’re taking the night bus N63 back home! Hey! Night out! If you’ve been to a hidden bar I would like
to know about it so please comment below
and tell me all about these hidden gem Please subscribe, like, comments And check out my travel vlog
and I will see you next week!

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  1. Fun! I am exactly the same with that travel attitude of 'Show me somewhere a tourist WOULDN'T go'
    Maybe even to a fault sometimes haha. From my experience, there are some really cool hidden bars in Spain.

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