LOUIS VUITTON UNBOXING!MY FIRST louis Vuitton *handbag* Vlog:Ep#1

Hi guys, good afternoon Today’s first choice be here in u.s There’s the morning in a pellet bins or I don’t know about somewhere else Okay, guys, I don’t have all our videos. I’m so busy. I’m lazy anyway Okay, I on guys get up and come on video Cassie is required Okay, guys so Mayra na hoona yo e Unbox So some on you guys yeah and box cool mocking collection Ding Ding So because this one is not Expensive what I it’s really expensive for women but its collection and If you’re working you have to buy a gift for yourself Kun Papa good deal. So now I buy another collection of my purses Okay, dang. Dang it you guys It to an arcing collection This is Louis Vuitton vanilla co2 shock I saw Don’t mop, it’s a Hollywood there’s a store there Closer to a bigger spelled so Yeah, okay, Lana Okay, the lemon cooker said guys if you prick anima knocking sorry D So this is for uh a gift to myself for my birthday Because every year I have Birthday I have to go to Philippines to celebrate my birthday but this time We stay here so I have to buy something to myself This is nice here You can set up a neighbor And decide to change I have to change This No, it’s a card and This is the price this is the mistake Okay, so it’s like a gift card, so this is nice oh If you open it The body itself is pretty pretty nice It’s hard Yeah hard board You’re inside only this one empty This one has aa – that’s bag right here Okay, so This bag, yeah, it’s like ordinary dust bag Yeah, so here you go This is my collection ding ding Okay This is guys. It’s not really big one this one is the middle the medium-sized This is a bigger one like this and they have a smaller one like this. This is the middle one So so this is the strap strap here so you can Do like this And You guys if you is the inside guys is good. Nothing like anything like this So this only here And On the corner and here in the corner they have In the corner Here they have code number I cannot ask Does it show here? And have a big packet in the other side Other side is they have two packet system one big one and then there’s two If you noticed the real one In the fake ones there, you know what they’re almost like I didn’t get be big one so guys I thought there’s some tutorial about Lobaton fake or Oreo if you notice the fake one the Louis Vuitton is all over the place, right? but the origin of one you have only One here And then there’s another one grow close to the handle Sisera here, it goes through the other side And then there’s no if you see here in the bottom There’s across there’s a new Anya Yeah, of course is The same one, right? And You’ll tell your guys you can notice that Israel just the Diet yeah So, this is my collection It’s my birthday so thank you. Yeah, I bought this one for myself Okay, I don’t Yeah, I don’t go somewhere. So I’m a rather stay home So I just bought this one to myself Okay, guys, I just show you guys What I Buy for my birthday I Decided if I’m collecting different Design, oh no every time So this is fun guys, it’s not really big one so you can do here always Just do like this The pan okay guys go home. I cannot Oh Guys open a new tanning in Paris are in the lung guys okay, if you wanna check the fries You can go online Louis Vuitton dot-com and you can See the price All kind of product of Louis Vuitton But I don’t wanna mention guys the price how much I pay this one because you know right so Okay guys, thank you for watching Yeah Sometimes you have to buy something yourself Yeah I’m good. Angulo know we’re tournament guys like it impact me Cassie cassava Co my papa Muhammad? Akka me You’re in deep, and I mean seeker Otto concern me papa I don’t Park in Assam my real oh, ok guys Thank you for watching Follow me on Facebook guys. I have some videos over there so you can in watch Thank you for watching I’m going to work Alright, thank you guys subscribe my channel Bye

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