19 thoughts on “Luxury Gear Challenge

  1. Really interesting video and enjoyed very much especially the value. Now I didn't drink my on urine if you watched the whole video you would see it was a drink mix.

  2. Thanks Tom. Nice video, and I like the canister exchanger thingy. Also I appreciate the tag and kind words. I’ll try to make a luxury items video tomorrow and pass it along with three tags as well 👍 happy hiking ⛰

  3. Haha thank you for the tag! I will have to work up a video to get in on this ongoing deal. Thank you for the encouragement, I’m really glad people are enjoying my videos. It makes them fun to make. I don’t find your items to be unreasonable lol. My name is hard to pronounce from just reading it but it’s. a – hoe – new – ee. It’s the Hawaiian word for patience. Just in case you were curious. Keep the videos coming!

  4. Appreciate you doing the challenge. Really enjoyed the video and I discovered the pee bottle recently. Life changing lol. Love to hear some more of that harmonica playing!!

  5. Awesome job! Thanks for doing this!! I had no clue this challenge was going to take of like it did. So cool connecting with so many great youtubers!!!!

  6. I love the harmonica 😊
    What a wonderful luxury item!
    That tune sounded a little like Dixie Land.
    Some cannister stove company should make that little female/female fitting an inline part of their stove. It would be so easy to incorporate it into a stove. Maybe somebody already does? I’ve started buying gear but I’m brand new to backpacking and camping so haven’t used any of it yet. I bought a pocket rocket 2 but it’s still in the box 😂
    Also, I have a saw just like that I bought from REI to cut ivy off of trees in my yard. I never thought I would take it in my backpack but it’s super lightweight so maybe I will. Thanks for the idea.
    Once I get all my gear, I want to practice and maybe do the Foothills Trail. It looks really pretty.
    Hoping for an AT thru-hike in 2020 for my 60th birthday but already getting nervous that I won’t be able to get my dog ready. She has such a strong prey drive, it may not be doable. Time will tell.
    I’ve already watched lots of your videos and learned a lot and gotten some great gear ideas.
    Thanks for the videos!!

  7. Does the canister valve work by gravity or is it a one-way flow? How does one determine which can gets the gas?
    Great video!
    Thank you!

  8. Hey. That is a great little transfer gadget. I use something similar to transfer liquid propane from a big tank to the little one lb tanks for ice fishing but didn’t know they made one for camping butane mix. Thanks and keep em coming.

  9. I seen senior hiker 77 video. He did a great job. The tool to transfer fuel is awesome. I’m definitely getting one of those. The harmonica is a great luxury item. I absolutely love Silky Saws. I have the Big Boy. Really enjoyed watching your video. 👍

  10. I will be watching for you down in Florida! Joining a couple of friends to do 3 days/2 nights on the FT north of Ocala, I think.
    This is the first time I caught one of your videos—liked it enough to sub! Happy trails!

  11. Great items ! Ive been tagged as well so will be posting a video soon. Interested to see what others selected ! Greetings from Canada

  12. Hi Tom, You,re killing me Man! I started laughing when I saw the footage of the nuclear bomb explosion. Good one! I liked the video. The transfer valve works well. Thanks Tom…..Bart

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